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Historic Hurricane Dean Hits the Yucatan

Hurricane Dean, 8-20-07, 2045 GMT, NOAA, NASA

Historic Hurricane Dean Hits the Yucatan

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August 21 (Day 233, Purification of Holy Spirit):  Hurricane Dean secured a place in history when it slammed into the Yucatan Peninsula as a Category 5 hurricane with 145-knot (166 mph) winds and a pressure of 906 mb.  It became the ninth strongest Atlantic hurricane on record.  It had the third lowest pressure at landfall behind the Labor Day, 1935 hurricane in the Florida Keys and Hurricane Gilbert in 1988 in Cancun.  And it was the first Category 5 hurricane to make landfall in the Atlantic since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Landfall was on the east coast of the Yucatan near the cruise ship port of Costa Maya about 0330 CDT (0830 UTC) on August 21, Day 233, for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit.  The path was over a sparsely populated area just north of Chetumal, which is on the Mexican side of the border with Belize.  The area is no stranger to killer hurricanes with historic significance.

Hurricane Dean, Chantal Landfall
Tropical Storm Chantal made landfall on August 20, 2001 at 7:15 PM CDT (0015 GMT) at precisely the same spot as Hurricane Dean in 2007.  That is within 8 hr. 15 min. in the 7th year later, counting from one (equivalent to 6 years later).  Although it wasn't known at the time, Chantal along with Hurricane Erin were harbingers of the September 11, 2001 attack on the US.  Today, the seventh year after Chantal marks the completion of a category, or Categorical Punishment, which is one of the meanings of the year, 2007.  This is the seventh year the US has been at war (counting 2001 as one).  Chantal is French for a stony place, and the corner of the Yucatan symbolizes Jesus Christ, the cornerstone.  He became the cornerstone because He paid for the sins of the world during the suffering of the Cross.  Tropical Storm Chantal may not have symbolized much punishment.  It only foretold the terrorist attack on the US.  But Hurricane Dean packed a significant blow.  It symbolized the terrible suffering of the Cross as well as a major military invasion.  The Second Advent will be the greatest military invasion.

The tropical storm history of the area of the Yucatan around Chetumal and Belize City includes other significant events.

  1. In 1864, a 5 foot tide inundated Belize City - This was a prediction of final major battles of the US War Between the States
  2. 1931 Hurricane (winds reached 132 mph) destroyed Chetumal and Belize City and killed 2,500. The number 31 is for an Evil King, which marks the rise of Adolph Hitler to power in 1933.
  3. 1934 Central American Hurricane - landfall Belize City June 5, Day 156 - killed 1,000 - 3,000.  The number, 34, is for the division of the land, which is the meaning of the area with British in Belize and Spanish in Mexico and Guatemala. The number, 156, is for soldiers dropping like dung in the open field - ref. WW II.
  4. 1942 Hurricane - Category 2, 100 knots, hit Belize.  Number, 42, is for Baal, and 1942 was the beginning of peak of WW II.  Attack on Pearl Harbor was Dec. 7, 1941, which was Dec. 8, Day 342 Japanese time.  US declared war on Japan  Dec. 8, Day 342.
  5. 1955 Hurricane Janet destroyed Chetumal and Corozal and killed 160.  The Chetumal anemometer broke at 150 mph. The Hurricane Hunter aircraft was lost and never found.
  6. 1969 - Hurricane Francelia killed 100 people after landfall in Belize.  US troop levels in Vietnam War peaked in 1969.
  7. 1974 - Hurricane Carmen made landfall Sept. 2 near Chetumal as a Category 4.  Predicted rise of PLO and recognition by UN on Oct 14.
Tropical Storm Dean, 8-15-07, 1815 GMT, Navy Baby Dean, 8-15-07, 1500 GMT, Navy

Tropical Storm Dean

Dean was named as a Tropical Storm at 11:00 AM EDT on August 14, 2007.  It formed in the eastern Atlantic, and appeared the next day as a baby being born with umbilical cord attached.

Hurricane Dean

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Dean became the first hurricane of the 2007 season at 5:00 AM EDT on August 16, 2007.  The next day it hit the Eastern Caribbean islands of St. Lucia, Martinique and Dominica.  With 100 mph winds, the hurricane tore the roof off the children's ward of Victoria Hospital in Castries, St. Lucia; however, patients had already been evacuated.  A 62-year old man was killed on St. Lucia as he tried to rescue a cow from a river.  The number, 62, stands for the end and represents the destruction of dead works.  In Dominica, a woman and her 7-year old son were killed by a mudslide.  And in Trinidad, a 41-year-old mother of 14, died when the family boat struck her in the chest as she tried to help her husband secure it.
Hurricane Dean Jamaica, 8-19-07, 2315 GMT, NOAA
Dean Bypasses Jamaica

Jamaica lay directly in the path of Hurricane Dean, which was packing 125-knot winds.  A direct hit would totally devastate the island.  The poor people had no where to go, so they prayed as they had done when Hurricane Ivan approached.  Ivan made a last minute jog and spared the island.  The same thing happened on August 19, Day 231, where 19 is for the federal judiciary, and 231 is for an evil king (31).  The capital of Jamaica is Kingston.  Hurricane Dean wobbled slightly to the south, and only the extreme southern point of Jamaica touched the eyewall.  However, the storm surge did undermine the homes that had been built on the sand.

Hurricane Dean, 8-21-07, 0015 GMT, PSU Hurricane Dean, 8-21-07, 1015 GMT, PSU

Yucatan Landfall

Hurricane Dean grew to Category 5 strength with 145-knot (166 mph) winds and a pressure of 906 mb as it made landfall on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.  Landfall was near the cruise ship port of Costa Maya where the concrete pier for the cruise ships was half demolished.  However, initial reports are that there were no deaths from the Yucatan landfall.

The satellite pictures at landfall revealed the image of a hyena in the Atlantic, a crocodile over the northern USA, and a phallus over the central US.  A hyena is known for laughing and symbolizes Ishmael mocking Isaac.  It also eats carrion and along with vultures symbolizes devouring the corpses of the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.

"Is My inheritance like a vulture-hyena to Me?
Are vultures against her on every side?
Go, gather all the beasts of the field,
Bring them to devour! (Jeremiah 12:9)
A crocodile is a symbol of Baal, and a phallus represents a Phallic Reversionist.

The three symbols corresponded to the Canada Summit of the North American leaders of Canada, the USA, and Mexico.  The US was in the middle as represented by Political Babylon and the Atlantic.  Canada on the north represents the wilderness of legalism, and Mexico on the south represents the wilderness of lawlessness.  The crocodile in the north was associated with Canada.  And Hurricane Dean was striking Mexico in the south.  Hurricane Dean struck the Yucatan during the Canada Summit.

Second Landfall

After crossing the Yucatan, Hurricane Dean managed to strengthen to 80 knots as it crossed Mexico's Gulf oil fields.  Around  11:30 AM CDT (1630 GMT) on August 22, Day 234, it made a second landfall in eastern Mexico near Tecolutla, about 40 miles south-southeast of Tuxpan.  The number, 22, is for cursing, and 234 is for the division of the land.


Hurricane Dean will have its place in history.  It made landfall at precisely the same spot as Tropical Storm Chantal in 2001, and thus, symbolizes the meaning of the year 2007, for the completion of a category, which includes Categorical Punishment.  Tropical Storm Chantal was a harbinger of the September 11, 2001 Islamic terrorist attack on the US.  At the time of landfall of Hurricane Dean on the Yucatan, the image of an hyena watched from the Atlantic.  The hyena represented the Arab enemy, just as Arafat wore a spotted headdress.  And the hyena represents the US friendship with the Arab hyenas.  Counting from 2001, the US is in its seventh year of war with Arab terrorists.  And that is the meaning of the landfall of Hurricane Dean on the Yucatan, which was like an invading army.  Hurricanes striking the corner of the Yucatan have predicted major wars of history as well as the rise of the PLO.

The corner of the Yucatan represents Jesus Christ, the cornerstone, who brings together both Jews and Gentiles by means of the payment for sins on the Cross.  Jews and Arabs who reject Jesus Christ as Savior have no Salvation.  There will be no peace between them, and they will forever struggle over the division of the land.  The location of landfall of Dean on the Mexico-Belize border symbolizes the division of the land.  The region has a long history of conflict between the Spanish of Mexico and the British of Belize.  Spain occupies the same location in Europe as Israel in Asia.  However, Spain became anti-Semitic during the time of conquest of Mexico and Central America.  And Belize did not receive its independence from Great Britain until 1981, for the grace counterattack of Jezebel.

Hurricane Dean struck the Yucatan during the Summit of the three leaders of North America in Canada.  There is no basis for such as summit under the laws of nationalism.  The Summit was the work of Satan, just like the United Nations.  God cursed the Summit with Hurricane Dean.  He threatened Jamaica on August 19, Day 231, where 19 is for the federal judiciary, and 231 is for an Evil King.  And He sent Hurricane Dean into Mexico on August 21, Day 233, at 3:30 AM CDT, where 33 is for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit.  Then Hurricane Dean made a second landfall in eastern Mexico on August 22, Day 234, where 22 is for cursing and 234 is for the division of the land, which again points to the Arab enemies of Israel in the so-called peace process.

Author:  Larry Wood