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Polar Bear Tornadoes in Central US

Polar Bear, 3-29-07, NOAA Polar Bear, 3-29-07, NOAA

Polar Bear Tornadoes in Central USSPC Storm Report, 3-28-07

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March 29 (Day 88, Blessing):  Tornadoes that devastated parts of the central US killed 4.  The tornadoes struck along a vertical line from Texas to Nebraska.  Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska were hit along with Illinois.  There were 67 tornado reports.  A 28-year old woman was killed in Holly, Colorado.  Vance and Barbra Woodbury were killed near Elmwood, Oklahoma when their home was destroyed.  And Monte Ford, 53, was killed near Amarillo when his trailer house was struck.

The tornadoes struck along a storm front that resembled a giant polar bear on the weather map.  Overhead, the planets formed a sling.  The Moon made a transit of the Ringed Planet in Cancer at midnight.  A sling was used by David to kill the giant, Goliath (1 Sam 17:23, 40-51).  The Ringed Planet, or God of the Covenants (Saturn) symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ as God of the Covenants, which include the Adamic, Abrahamic, Marriage, and New Covenants to Israel and the Church.  Covenants could also apply to the laws of the land.  The Moon symbolizes the woman or a congregation.  It could also symbolize the assembly of Congress.  Cancer symbolizes security, including national security, and the spoils of victory.  The sling stretched from Scorpius, the scorpion, to Aries, the ram.  Scorpius symbolizes conflict with the deadly enemy, who backs the terrorists, and Aries symbolizes the region of Issachar, the donkey, and symbol of a military deployment or redeployment.

Congress Calls for Iraq Retreat

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In a war spending bill, the Senate attached an Iraq withdrawal deadline.  It ordered Bush to begin withdrawing troops within 120 days and set a nonbinding goal of ending combat operations by March 31, 2008.  The bill passed in the Senate by a vote of 51-47, where 51 is for arrogance, and 47 is for peace.


The deadly tornadoes that devastated the central US heralded the Senate passage of a bill calling for US retreat from Iraq.  The weather system that spawned the tornadoes formed the image of a giant polar bear over the US.  This was not only a bear, but a giant bear.  A bear symbolizes Baal and Russia.  A polar bear lives in the frigid north.  Baal is also the symbol of a giant.

Overhead, the planets lined up in the shape of a sling, which was used by David to kill the giant.  The Moon transited the Ringed Planet in Cancer, the crab, and symbol of security.  The Ringed Planet symbolizes the covenants, which could also apply to the law that Congress passes.  The Moon represents the woman, as well as a congregation.  It could also represent Congress.  The sling stretched from Scorpius, the deadly enemy, to Aries, the symbol of Issachar and a military deployment or redeployment.  All these signs point to the Senate passage of the bill today, which demanded retreat from Iraq.  The vote was 51-47, where 51 is for arrogance and 47 is for peace.

So, the angelic portrayal of the Senate bill to retreat from Iraq was that of a frigid, female polar bear.  This is just another symbol of the power of the Prostitute of Babylon in Congress and throughout the country.  There are only two ways to end a war, as a winner or loser.

Author:  Larry Wood