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Florida Duck in the Desert, Won't Die


Florida Duck in the Desert, Won't Die

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January 28 (Day 28, Cosmic Stronghold):   After a Florida duck survived 2 days in the refrigerator after being shot, it has now survived another near-death experience.  Yesterday, during surgery for a broken wing, it quit breathing and was apparently dead, but was resuscitated with some chest presses and oxygen.  The duck made headlines after surviving two days in a refrigerator after being shot on January 15 and thought dead.   The female, ring-necked duck was taken to the Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary in Tallahassee, Florida, which specializes in treating wild birds.
Duck, 1-27-07, 2215 GMT, NOAA
After the now notorious duck survived the second near-death experience yesterday during surgery, it deserves a closer look.  What is more, the weather angels drew a picture of the duck over the Arizona-New Mexico desert yesterday.  The duck had surgery as a huge weather elephant covered Tallahassee.  But, there was more, on January 15 when the duck was shot, the planets in the heavens were lined up in the shape of a sling with all the planets on one side of the skychart except one.  What's more, the planets on one side of the chart covered the exact same signs in the Zodiac that correspond to the states on the southern border of the USA between Florida and Arizona, i.e. Florida, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona (ref. top right picture).

When the angels go to this length to get out a wild and wacky story, it deserves an explanation.  A duck represents a phallic reversionist.  The duck was female, which corresponds to the Prostitute of Babylon.  Ancient Babylon was in modern Iraq.  The picture of the duck in the desert and the duck's second near death experience occurred yesterday in the middle of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, which corresponds to the region of Gad in Asia.  Gad represents the raiding band and terrorists.  A duck flies through the air like other birds bearing the sign of the Cross.  However, the duck represents a false teacher, antichrist, like Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon.  So, the angels reported that the US Congressional delegation's flight to the region of the terrorists (Gad) in Asia was like a duck in the desert.

The duck was shot near Tallahassee, which is in Leon County #13, for the double blessing of Israel.  The image of the duck appeared over Arizona and New Mexico in the region of Gad, who represents the raiding band, or terrorists.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza, and yesterday the Palestinian Fatah and Hamas factions were engaged in fierce fighting with 29 killed in the last four days.  The fighting in Gaza is like the fighting in Iraq between the Shiites and Sunnis.  The Shiites live in the swamps (like Florida) and the Sunnis live in the desert (like Arizona-New Mexico).  The weather elephant over Florida represented Baal.  The god of Islam is equivalent to Baal, a giant. David used a sling to knock out Goliath, the giant (1 Sa 17:40-51).

In the heavens, the Ringed Planet was opposite all the other planets.  This is the sign of a sling, which brings the focus of the planets on one side over against the single planet on the other side. The Ringed Planet represents the God of the Covenants, which includes the Adamic, Abrahamic, and Marriage covenants as well as laws and contracts.  The Abrahamic Covenant is the issue between Israel and the Palestinians in the land for peace plan.  The new constitutional government in Iraq is the issue at the heart of the daily terrorist attacks.

The Ringed Planet was between the signs of Leo and Cancer.  Leo corresponds to the external gates of the military, and Cancer to security, as well as grabbing handfuls of the spoils of victory.  These are the issues in Israel with the Palestinians as well as in Iraq.


The Florida duck survived two near-death experiences in her rise to fame.  Now, with the duck's picture on the weather map, it has become obvious that the angels orchestrated all this.  The duck's rise to fame is somewhat analogous to Nancy Pelosi's.  She became the first woman Speaker of the House this year after the Democrats won the elections.  She was born March 26, 1940, where 26 is for Political Babylon and 40 is for maximum divine discipline.  It was Day 86, for the Arab persecution of the Jew.  Her dad was Jewish, but she is Roman Catholic.  Her trip to the terrorist land of Gad in Asia this weekend corresponded to the Florida duck's picture over the Arizona-New Mexico desert and second near-death experience.

A female duck symbolizes the Prostitute of Babylon.  A duck in the desert is an anachronism, but it does correlate to Pelosi's trip to the desert region of Gad in Asia this weekend.  The fighting between rival terrorist factions was the backdrop for Pelosi's trip to usurp the authority of the President of the United States.  The sling in the heavens further illustrated the backdrop of terrorist fighting in Israel, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.  Perhaps the angels would add, "Quack, quack!"

Author:  Larry Wood