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Tijuana Police Slingshots Match Skychart


Tijuana Police Slingshots Match Skychart

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January 23 (Day 23, Spiritual Uptrend):   Police in Tijuana, Mexico have been issued slingshots.  The police have been without guns since January 5.  Their guns were confiscated for ballistics tests after allegations of collusion with drug traffickers.  The police are now prepared to shoot marbles or ball bearings from their slingshots.  Tijuana is at 32 N., for a conspiracy, and 117 W., for the witness of lawlessness.

In the heavens, the planets have aligned into a sling.  The Ringed Planet is opposite all the other planets, which are closely packed on the other side of the chart.  This is the sign of a sling, which brings the focus of the planets on one side over against the single planet on the other side. David used a sling to knock out Goliath, the giant (1 Sa 17:40-51).  The Ringed Planet represents the God of the Covenants, which includes the Adamic, Abrahamic, and Marriage covenants as well as laws and contracts.  The planet could symbolize not only God's covenants, but also the laws of the land.

Now, the Lord controls human history from Heaven as He explained to Job through the rhetorical question.

Do you know the laws of Heaven,
Or can you define its control on the earth? (Job 38:33)
The laws of Heaven govern the locations of the planets in sky, and the configuration of the planets describes a scene, which is observed from Earth.  The events on Earth are controlled from the Heavenly Control Room.  And this has just happened with the sling in the sky and the slingshots of the Mexican police.


The sign of the sling in the sky corresponds to the meaning of the year, 2007, which stands for a category that includes the completed category from creation of heavens.  It is expected that the year will bring new enlightenment from signs in the sky.  The year was ushered in by the bright Comet McNaught, the brightest comet since 1965, for going down.  A comet is the evil sign of a reversionist.  Comet McNaught corresponded to the Democrat take over of Congress and the rising Prostitute of Babylon.  Now the sign of the sling has arisen with its focus on the Ringed Planet, the God of the Covenants.  Israel is facing a nuclear holocaust as the US President is defying the Abrahamic Covenant.

Author:  Larry Wood