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Saddam Hussein Hanged

Saddam Hussein Hanged

December 30 (Day 364, Weakness):  Saddam Hussein, 69, was finally hanged just after 6 AM (0300 GMT, 10 PM Friday ET).  Wearing a black overcoat over a white shirt, he was executed by Iraqi authorities.  The execution was videotaped and witnessed by an Iraqi judge, Iraqi lawmakers, and families of Saddam's victims.  The life of the former Iraqi dictator (equivalent to an Evil King) ended before dawn on December 30, 2006, Day 364, where 64 is for weakness.  Saddam's death in 2006, a number for the weakness of man, for example, of an Evil King stripped of his power brought before the footstool of the conqueror.

On November 5, 2006, Saddam Hussein, former dictator of Iraq, was sentenced to death by hanging for the 1982 killings of 148 Shiites in the city of Dujail.  The sentence was handed down by a panel of five judges.  The killings at Dujail, 35 miles north of Baghdad, followed an assassination attempt on Saddam on July 8, 1982, Day 189.  Saddam Hussein was one of chief anti-Semitic leaders against Israel.  The Abrahamic Covenant guarantees cursing upon the enemies of Israel (Genesis 12:3).  Dujail is at 33 N., for the Judgment of the Holy Spirit, and 44 E., for suffering.  Saddam was 69, for running the course of this life.  He was executed 24 years after the Dujail killings, where 24 is for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.

Snakebird, 12-30-06, 1615 GMT, PSC Snakebird, 12-30-06, 1615 GMT, NOAA SPC Storm Report, 12-29-06 Roaring Lion, 12-30-06, 2215 GMT, NOAA Roaring Lion, 12-30-06, 2215 GMT, PSC

Texas Tornadoes

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Yesterday, 22 tornadoes were reported in Texas.  The first tornado was in Oglesby at 31.42 N., for and evil king and Baal, and 97.51 W., for a reduction in force (RIF) and arrogance. Oglesby is about 8 miles southwest of Crawford, Texas where President Bush was staying on his ranch.  One war veteran was killed in Goesbeck, and 12 were injured.  Dead animals were scattered around Goesbeck, and several horses were killed when a barn collapsed on them.  At one point President Bush stopped clearing brush and left for a nearby shelter in an armored car with his wife and dogs.  Although tornadoes struck in surrounding counties, none were reported in the county where Bush's ranch is located.

The Texas tornadoes were spawned by a huge weather elephant that resembled a roaring lion pouncing on a prey (top right photos).  The roaring lion represents Satan.  A rough image of Saddam Hussein hanged is in the lion's mouth as verified the next day on video.  The image on the SPC tornado graphic is also the image of Saddam Hussein hanged over Crawford, Texas (ref. animation).   In the Atlantic was a crocodile, the sign of Baal.  The next day the image of a snakebird was over Texas and the central USA (ref. top left photos).  A snakebird represents Satan and resembles a dead person hanging out to dry.

Later the snakebird changed into the image of a satyr with the arm and hand of a man, wings of an angel, and head of a goat.  The satyr symbolizes a goat-demon, which was worshipped by the Jews in Egypt (e.g. as Pan) by ritual prostitution associated with the Prostitute of Babylon (Leviticus 17:7) and as an idol worshipped in the Northern Kingdom (2 Chronicles 11:15).   However, the satyr demon also inhabited the ruins of ancient Babylon after its fall.  After the people were killed the demons were left homeless (Isaiah 13:21).  The same thing will happen after the destruction of the Gentile nations at the Second Advent (Isaiah 34:14).  Thus, after Saddam died, his satyr demon must have been left homeless.

Satyr, 12-30-06, 1945 GMT, NOAA
Saddam Tornado Animation, 12-29-06
Saddam Tornado Animation
Saddam Animation, 12-30-06
Lion's Mouth Animation


Texas tornadoes heralded the execution of Saddam Hussein.  The tornadoes struck all around Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch yesterday afternoon as the Iraqis were preparing to execute Saddam Hussein.  The weather images of a roaring lion before and a snakebird after were signs of Satan.  Bush even ran for cover in his armored car at one point.  God is not a respecter of persons.  He does not show partiality in Judgment.  He, and He alone determines the time, manner, and place of death.  Saddam died when God chose, and God can do the same to Bush or anyone else.

Saddam Hussein, 69, died December 30, 2006, Day 364, where 64 is for weakness; 69 is for running the course of this life; and 2006 is for the weakness of man, for example, of an Evil King stripped of his power brought before the footstool of the conqueror.  God sentenced Saddam Hussein to death.  Saddam Hussein opposed the Abrahamic Covenant, which gives Israel a right to the Promised Land.  Those who oppose the Abrahamic Covenant are supporting Satan, and they will be cursed (Genesis 12:3).  President Bush does not fully support the Abrahamic Covenant either because he believes some of the Promised Land should be given to the Palestinians.  Now Saddam Hussein is dead.  God used President Bush to kill him.

Author:  Larry Wood