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Ernesto Not Earnest

John Mark Karr

Sunset Cones, 8-28-06, 2002 GMT Tropical Storm Ernesto, 8-27-06, 2245 GMT, NOAA Tropical Storm Ernesto, 8-27-06, 1715 GMT, Navy

Tropical Storm Ernesto

August 30 (Day 242, Baal, Bear, Russia):  Tropical Storm Ernesto made landfall on the southern tip of Florida last night about midnight.  The hurricane hunter aircraft in the area at the time estimated winds at 20 knots with maximum flight level winds of 34 knots.  Ernesto had failed to live up to its billing for the third time.  The National Weather Service had predicted the storm would approach hurricane strength before Florida landfall.

Ernesto began as a Tropical Depression on August 24 and became a Tropical Storm the next day.  By August 27 it reached hurricane strength for a few hours, and the weather forecasters began their predictions of a powerful hurricane.  But within hours an upper level low pressure area sucked Ernesto up under the mountains of Hispanola, the giant turtle, and symbol of Baal.  The mountains ripped the storm to pieces as shown in the upper right picture.

Ernesto proceeded to Haiti where another doomsday scenario was predicted for widespread death from flooding.  It never happened.  One woman was washed away.

Before Ernesto could recover, it proceeded the next day to the mountains of eastern Cuba, where it killed itself for the second time.  While Ernesto was over Cuba on August 28 and everyone was celebrating the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the Sunset over central Florida revealed inverted horns, or cones, in the west.  A cone is a sign of power, or blessing, like a cornucopia.  It is the opposite of a horn, which gores.  A cone can represent the exposure of the feet of clay.  It is the sign of an upset in judgment.

On August 29, as Ernesto left Cuba, National Weather Service forecasters predicted that Ernesto would become a hurricane or almost one as it crossed over to Florida.  However, the storm ambled to Florida without getting its act together.  It hit Florida, at best, as a minimal Tropical Storm.  As the storm approached Florida, NASA, after listening to the weather forecasts, began to rollback the Space Shuttle Atlantis from the Launch Pad.  However, they saw what was happening and returned the Shuttle to the Launch Pad.

John Mark Karr

On August 16, 2006, John Mark Karr, a school teacher, who claimed to be involved in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, was arrested in Bangkok Thailand.  JonBenet was murdered the morning of December 26, 1996 at the age of 6.  Her birthday was August 16, 1990.  Karr was obsessed with JonBenet and reportedly confessed to various aspects of her murder.  Karr was extradited to the US and arrived in Colorado on August 24.  On August 28, prosecutors announced they would not charge Karr because his DNA did not match the suspected killer of JonBenet.


Tropical Storm Ernesto exemplified a pattern of not being earnest, or genuine.  It didn't live up to its billing.  The storm first puffed up as the makings of a strong hurricane.  Now, 2006, the year for man, should not be a big year for hurricanes.  As soon as it became a hurricane, Ernesto darted to the mountains of Hispaniola.  Mountains symbolize the female, and mountains are also destructive to hurricanes.  Ernesto weakened under the cover of the mountains.  The doomsday scenario did not materialize.

Then Ernesto went straight to the mountains of Cuba and died again.  It was over Cuba on August 28 and 29 for the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's landfall in Louisiana.  Louisiana represents Simeon criminality, and the Cuban revolution was in 1959, where 59 is for Simeon.  On August 28, Day 240, Denver, Colorado prosecutors decided not to charge John Mark Karr in the death of JonBenet Ramsey.  That was a link to criminality.  Ernesto began as a tropical depression on August 24, the day Karr arrived in Colorado after being extradited from Thailand.  Colorado represents the region of the summits (mountains), and the location of Thailand in Asia corresponds to the location of Florida in the US.  The time Ernesto spent over Cuba spared Florida.

Now John Mark Karr was the son of a woman evangelist, who almost killed the boy in a fire purification ritual to cast the demons out him.  Women evangelists who engage in this form of demonism probably have the spirit of antichrist (1 John 4:1-4).  The spirit of antichrist is Satan or one of his demons who oppose the teachings of Christ.  Veiled threats and inciting fear through doomsday scenarios are characteristic of antichrists.  Antichrists are puffed up with hype, hot air, arrogant ambition, and veiled threats.  The terrorist leaders have the spirit of antichrist.

The Sunset of August 28 over Central Florida revealed the cones, inverted horns, of the top left photograph.  This represented the reversal of judgment, the exposure of the feet of clay.  The exposure of feet of clay is God's business, not man's.  Antichrists were exposed all around on August 28 and during the course of Tropical Storm Ernesto.  Ernesto exposed those who are not earnest, or genuine, as, for example, Titus was when he went to the Corinthians (2 Corinthians 8:16-17).  Such people are not good ground for Spiritual growth.  They are stragglers in the Christian life whom the devil takes over.  Ernesto itself was exposed as not living up to its billing.  Antichrists don't live up to their claims.

Tropical Storm Ernesto crossed Florida on August 30, Day 242, for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  The tragedy of JonBenet Ramsey was due to Baal.  The Islamic terrorists worship Baal.  Baal is the enemy of children, Marriage, and Israel.

Author:  Larry Wood