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Tropical Storm Beryl

Bush Vetoes Stem Cell Bill; Hizbullah Tunnel Warfare

Jezebel, 7-16-06, 2215 GMT, NOAA
Prostitute of Babylon
Baby                        Horse

Tropical Storm Beryl

July 19 (Day 200, Divine Division):  Tropical Storm Beryl was named at 5 PM EDT yesterday in the Atlantic off the east coast of the US.  Today the storm formed the image of a horse off the northeastern US.  The storm is predicted to turn to the northeast and miss the US mainland.   Beryl is a leek green precious stone that contains the element Beryllium.  It is a silicate mineral with a hexagonal crystalline lattice structure, which is a reminder of the meaning of the year, 2006, for man.  Tropical Storms represent the female.  In the year, 2006, they represent the suffering on the man due to the suffering of the female.

Beryl is one of the twelve foundation stones of the Heavenly Jerusalem.  It is in the position that corresponds to Ephraim, which corresponds to California in the US.  The Beryl foundation stone represents the Apostle Philip, who called Nathaniel (John 1:48), who was under a fig tree, the symbol of Israel. Philip, from phileo + hippos,  means horse lover.  In the Old Testament Beryl symbolized the Tribe of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh), who was a fruitful bough (double blessing) (ref. Native Land).  Thus, Beryl is identified with Israel.

Tropical Storm Beryl formed from a sequence of pictures in satellite photos of the weather.  First, the image of the Prostitute of Babylon was seen on July 17th associated with the G-8 Summit.  On July 18th, the image of a baby came from the Prostitute, which would normally represent Baal, the demon god of children.  And by July 19th, the baby had transformed into a horse, the symbol of war and a male phallic reversionist.

Bush Vetoes Stem Cell Bill

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President Bush, in the first veto of his presidency, vetoed the stem cell research bill.  He said it crossed a moral boundary.  The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act would allow couples who had embryos frozen for fertility treatments to donate them to researchers rather than destroy them.  The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 63-37, where 63 is for an outcast and 37 is for a warrior.  Taken together the numbers represent those cast out of the Client Nation due to the Fifth Cycle of Discipline, or the Holocaust.  The bill passed the House of Representatives in May 2005, where 5 is the number for grace or a giant, such as Baal.

President Bush's rationale was not Biblical, but Satanic.  The Bible teaches that human soul life is created by God and imputed at birth outside the womb.  To teach otherwise would make the woman, the sacred mother of life, which is the teaching of Baal, false teachers, and the doctrines of demons.

Hizbullah Tunnel Warfare

In one of the decisive days in the Israeli-Hizbullah war, Hizbullah terrorists came out of hiding in tunnels near the Israeli border and fought fiercely.  An Israeli patrol was ambushed by Hizbullah terrorists who surprised them and used tunnels effectively to counter the Israeli incursion.  Other Hizbullah terrorists attempted to breach Israel's northern border into Galilee, but they were driven back after fierce fighting.  Today's battles proved that Hizbullah was not only not beaten back, but it was positioned for offensive action against Israel.

The name Hizbullah is from the Arabic Hizbu, meaning the army, and Allah, meaning god.  It means the Army of Allah (god).  Allah is not the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but rather the god who has been called Baal.


Tropical Storm Beryl was named yesterday.  It is named for a precious stone with an hexagonal lattice, where 6 corresponds to the meaning of the year 2006, for man.  The stone was associated with the Tribe of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) in the Old Testament and with the Apostle Philip in the New Testament.  The location of the stone in Client Nation Israel and in the Heavenly Jerusalem corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia and California in the US.  California has been burning, a sign of the Holocaust, and Israel is engaged in a war with Hizbullah.  Philip means horse-lover.  A horse represents war and a male phallic reversionist.

Tropical Storm Beryl came from a sequence of satellite images of the weather.  The first image was the Prostitute of Babylon.  In the second image, a baby was born from the Prostitute.  The baby became Tropical Storm Beryl, which appeared as a horse today in the third image.  The baby born to the Prostitute was the meaning of the New Year celebration of life coming from the original Prostitute of Babylon and Tammuz, "the Quickener of the Child" in the womb.  And the horse represented the child growing up to be a warrior deliverer.

Today President Bush vetoed the stem cell research bill.  He said it crossed a moral boundary, but his thinking lined up with the religion of ancient Babylon in the worship of the Prostitute of Babylon and Tammuz, the giver of life in the womb, which is a lie.  While President Bush celebrated his first veto with babies in the White House, the horse of Beryl, baby of Baal, peered at him from offshore.  Those who give the woman the power of human soul life are under the influence of Baal, the demon god who symbolizes Satan.

Today, Hizbullah terrorists surprised the Israeli Army by counterattacking from tunnels near the Lebanon-Israeli border.  The terrorists coming out of tunnels represented the birth of the child, the child of Baal, the war child of a terrorist prostitute (Prostitute of Babylon).  At least one captured Israeli soldier is believed to be held in an underground bunker in Gaza, and Israeli jets bombed Hizbullah bunkers in Beirut today.  The underground bunker represents the womb.  The terrorists in the bunker represent the sons of Belial, or sons of the terrorist Prostitute, or sons of Baal.  The name, Hizbullah, means Army of Allah (god), where Allah is Baal.  The Army of Allah is another name for the Fallen Angels who fight the Army of the Elect Angels of the true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  This is demon warfare.

Author:  Larry Wood