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NASA STS-121 Mission




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July 4 (Day 185, Eye):  NASA successfully launched the STS-121 Space Shuttle from Kennedy Space Center Florida at 2:37/55 PM EDT (1837/55 GMT) under partly cloudy skies.  The launch was the first in almost a year following STS-114 due to concerns over loss of External Tank foam insulation.  It was the third launch attempt after two previous scrubs due to weather.  The weather cleared today for launch in spite of a tropical wave approaching the east coast of Florida.  The launch was from the newly refurbished Firing Room 4 on July 4.  The STS-121 mission will test new procedures for return to flight as well as resupply the Space Station and deliver a third astronaut to it.

Mission Patch

The STS-121 Mission patch features a view of the Space Station in the dark sky with docked Orbiter in orbit over the Earth.  Behind the Space Station and rising upward from the Earth through the atmosphere are three golden horns that point to a pentagram.  The horns represent demon powers, and the pentagram represents a giant, demon commander.  Taken together this symbolizes Satan as "the Commander (prince-ruler) of the domain of the atmosphere" (Ephesians 2:2).  The dark sky with stars in the background completes the picture as a reminder of the Cosmic System of Satan, who said, "I will raise my throne above the stars of God" (Isaiah 14:13).  And the octagonal shape of the patch symbolizes a cosmic stronghold.

The single pentagram on the patch also points to the pentagram in the flag of North Korea.  North Korean fired five short to medium range missiles and a long-range Taepodong-2 rocket today (Eastern Time).  And today, the Palestinians fired an upgraded Qassam missile from Gaza that hit an Israeli school ground in Ashkelon.  It was the first time Palestinian missiles have reached that far into Israel.

The golden color of the horns and pentagram on the patch is about the same color as the External Tank protective foam.  A piece of the foam that cracked off during detanking after the last scrub raised concern, and NASA is doing a detailed study of all foam debris that broke loose during launch.

The white Space Station and Orbiter represents sanctification.  The attached belly-up Orbiter is a sign of a dead fish.  The Space Shuttle has been given its death decree.  By Presidential mandate it must stop flying in 2010.  NASA executed a new plan this launch to keep the vultures away from the Shuttle launch.  Vultures represent dead works.  The International Space Station is a project sponsored by Satan as "the Commander-in-Chief (ruler) of this world" (John 12:31).


Launch of STS-121 was very significant.  It was the first Shuttle launch on July 4th.  The weather miraculously cleared for launch in spite of an approaching tropical wave.  But in the Angelic Conflict, the launch was even more dramatic.  It was a big battle with Satan, who seeks to take all the credit for both the Shuttle and the Space Station.  After the last detanking, a small piece of External Tank foam insulation cracked and fell to the Mobile Launcher platform below.  The ET was number 119, where 19 is for Brevard County, which is Florida County #19 and the home of Kennedy Space Center.  The last time a piece of ET foam fell off and was found below was STS-51, ET-59, where 51 is for arrogance and 59 is for Simeon Criminality, which corresponds to Louisiana.  The ET's are manufactured in New Orleans, which was associated with the Prostitute of Babylon during Hurricane Katrina.

Launch was at 2:37/55 PM EDT, where 37 is for a warrior and 55 is for grace blessing in suffering.  Launch was on July 4 from Firing Room 4, for weakness.  It was Day 185, where 85 is for an eye, which is the symbol of grace.  Threatening missiles were fired today by North Korea and the Palestinians.  The first North Korean launch was at 2:32 PM EDT within 6 minutes of the Shuttle launch.  The flag of North Korea features a pentagram, the symbol of a giant, or demon commander.  The STS-121 mission patch with a pentagram over horns is the symbol of Satan as the Commander of the domain of the atmosphere.  However, the North Korean long-range missile failed around 40 seconds into flight.  Negotiations with North Korea over its nuclear program are being handled in six-party talks, where six corresponds to the meaning of the year, 2006, for man.  North Korea is ruled by a dictator.  The number 121 stands for Providential Preventative Suffering.  Even though North Korea fired a long-range missile, it failed.  And even though the Palestinians fired a missile at Israel, it fell in a school parking lot without injuring anyone.  Satan is the enemy of Israel.

Author:  Larry Wood