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Bush Swoops into Baghdad

Tropical Storm Alberto Swoops into Florida

Tropical Storm Alberto, 6-13-06, 1133 GMT NOAA
Alberto Eagle, 6-13-06, 1545 GMT

Bush Swoops into Baghdad

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June 13 (Day 164, Weakness):  President Bush landed in Baghdad today aboard Air Force One in an unannounced visit.  He was supposed to be at Camp David  in a teleconference with Iraq's Prime Minister.  Instead, he attended the teleconference at the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's side.  The symbolism of Bush's trip was unmistakable.  With the number one terrorist, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, dead, President Bush arrived in Baghdad as conquering king in Operation Footstool.

Tropical Storm Alberto Swoops into Florida

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The first tropical storm of the season struck Florida in the Big Bend this morning around 8:00 AM EDT (1200 GMT).  With maximum winds of only 40 knots, the fast moving Tropical Storm Alberto didn't pack much of a punch in terms of weather.  The center of circulation, since there was no eye, came ashore mostly in Taylor County with perhaps some spill over into Dixie County.  Due to the rapidly moving system, there was minimal flooding.  The image on the satellite map was an eagle swooping down and catching a prey, which appeared to be a fish.  This was a symbol of Operation Footstool, one of the meanings of the year, 2006.

To have a tropical storm hit the state on the 13th day of Hurricane Season was quite ominous, if not embarrassing.  It was like having a horse fall down coming out of the starting gate.  To make matters worse, the storm hit on the leeward side of the state at the weakest part, the Big Bend, which symbolizes the back of the knee.  Having a storm hit on the Gulf side was like a storm in a cove, or a bomb in a safe house.  But the picture of the eagle overhead on the satellite map was even more unnerving.  An eagle represents a Throne Angel, who judges the Client Nation.

Florida Tornadoes

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Four tornadoes were reported.  All were in Florida, and all were at 81 W., for a grace counterattack.  Three were at 27 N., for a horn, or tornado, and one was at 30 N., for a priest.  The tornadoes were spawned by feeder bands of Tropical Storm Alberto.


The Florida tornadoes were all at 81 W., for a grace counterattack, like Elijah being attacked by Jezebel.  The tornadoes heralded the arrival of the first Tropical Storm of the 2006 Hurricane Season.  Tropical Storm Alberto struck Florida, which has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  Zarqawi was a Palestinian in exile.  Tropical Storm Alberto came ashore in Taylor County, which is Florida county #37, for a warrior.  The wide center without an eye, also came over Dixie County, which is county #54, for salvation, or deliverance.  The combination represents deliverance from the military, or freedom through military victory.  The symbolism of a tropical storm making landfall is like an invasion.  The greatest military invasion will be the Second Advent when the Lord Jesus Christ will destroy the enemies of Israel.

Tropical Storm Alberto formed the image of an eagle swooping down and catching a prey (a fish) over Florida.  This is the symbol of Operation Footstool, which has occurred in Iraq.  President Bush swooped down in Air Force One today in Baghdad like a conquering king in Operation Footstool.  The Florida eagle was meant to symbolize the President's triumphal procession in Iraq following the defeat of the Evil King, Saddam Hussein, and the death of the chief terrorist, Zarqawi, who was like an evil king.  The eagle was over Florida because Florida has been associated with the Palestinians, and Zarqawi was a Palestinian.

Today was June 13, for the double blessing of Israel.  Those who bless Israel will be blessed (Genesis 12:3).  And it was Day 164, for weakness.  The storm hitting Florida in the Big Bend, symbolic of the back of the knee and the leeward side, was judgment on the weak side.  The windward (Atlantic) side represents the man, while the leeward side represents the woman in Marriage Culture.  The military delivers women, but terrorists kill women and children.  A storm hitting the leeward side is like a terrorist attack upon a cove, or safe house.  During the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, President Bush was in Sarasota, Florida on the leeward side.  The terrorist attacks the weak side, whereas the military attacks the strong side.  Since the man is not apart from the woman, an attack on the woman is also a curse to the man.  Thus, even though 2006 is the year of the man, the curse upon the woman (or from the woman like Jezebel) is also an attack upon the man.

Author:  Larry Wood