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NASA Launch to Last Adam Planet

Atlas V on Pad 41, Florida

NASA Launch to Last Adam Planet

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January 19 (Day 19, Federal Judiciary):   NASA successfully launched the New Horizons spacecraft on a three billion mile journey to the Last Adam planet.  The probe was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station aboard a Lockheed-Martin Atlas V rocket at 19:00/00.000 GMT (2:00 PM EST).  The piano-sized spacecraft will conduct flyby studies of the planet and its main moon in 2015.   Seven science instruments onboard will investigate the planet's  surface, geology, and atmosphere.  The spacecraft will pass near Jupiter for a gravity assist and science studies in February 2007.  Mission control is at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Laurel, Md., where the spacecraft was designed and built.

The Last Adam planet, which is the last known planet in the Solar System, represents the Lord Jesus Christ as the Second Adam.  Born perfect like the first Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ remained perfect and paid for the sins of the first Adam and the entire human race.  The Last Adam planet has a rotation period of 6 days (retrograde), where 6 stands for man.  The year, 2006, represents man, who was created on the sixth day.  The Lord Jesus Christ in Hypostatic Union was perfect humanity and undiminished deity combined in one unique person.

The launch of the New Horizon's spacecraft was on January 19 at 1900/00.000 GMT from Brevard County, which is Florida county #19.  The number, 19, stands for the federal judiciary.  The first launch attempt on January 17 was scrubbed after ground winds exceeded the 33-knot limit, where 33 stands for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit, who is symbolized by the wind.  During the launch window, there were delays due to problems at the Antigua tracking station and the NASA Deep Space Network with antennas in Canberra, Australia.  The launch attempt the next day was canceled after high winds knocked out power to New Horizons spacecraft mission control in Baltimore.  Finally, after more weather delays on the 19th due to the cloud cover over Florida, the launch finally occurred at 1900 GMT.

Poe's Birthday

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For the 57th year in a row, someone has placed roses and a bottle of cognac on the grave of Edgar Allan Poe on his birthday (Jan. 19).  This year a crowd of about 25 spectators had gathered to try to discover the person's identity.  Some climbed over the walls of the locked graveyard and ran around trying to discover the mystery person.  However, the mystery person eluded them.  Poe, one of the greatest writers of history, was born Jan. 19, 1809 and died Oct. 7, 1849, Day 280, where 280 is for a cosmic stronghold.  He died in Baltimore.

The number, 57, stands for Zebulun, the sixth son of Leah and Jacob.  Florida in the USA corresponds to the location of the Tribe of Zebulun, who went down to the sea.  In his tribute to the death of his wife in Annabel Lee, Poe described a wind blowing out of a cloud by night, and the angels coming to take his dead wife to Heaven.  The weather angels blew winds at Cape Canaveral and in Baltimore from the same weather elephant to delay the launch of New Horizons.  As Poe wrote in "Annabel Lee," the angels do come to carry believers to Heaven as recorded in the spiritual, "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" (Luke 16:22).  For some believers, who are special to the angels, the angels form long lines in their funeral procession.


The launch of the New Horizon's spacecraft was on January 19 at 1900/00.000 GMT from Brevard County, which is Florida county #19.  The number, 19, stands for the federal judiciary.  The Senate is currently considering the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito for Supreme Court Justice.  The launch was delayed for two days by the winds of the weather angels associated with a weather elephant off the US east coast.  At one time a launch delay was caused by a problem with the NASA Deep Space Network with antennas in Canberra, Australia.  Canberra is in the region of New South Wales, which corresponds to Zebulun, as does Florida.  Zebulun was the sixth son of Leah and Rachel, where 6 is the number for man, including the Last Adam.  The year, 2006, stands for man.  The New Horizons spacecraft is going to the Last Adam planet.

God allowed NASA to send the probe toward the Last Adam planet in 2006.  However, to reveal His viewpoint of the mission, he delayed the launch to correspond to the anniversary of the birth of Edgar Alan Poe.  A mystery person left roses and a bottle of cognac on the grave for the 57th year in a row, where 57 is for Zebulun.  Roses symbolize a prostitute, which, in this case, correspond to the Prostitute of Babylon; and the bottle of cognac represents Baccus, the demon-god of wine.  This is demonism and the worship of the dead.

However, the Poe news story was about the spectators running around to try to expose the identify of the mystery person.  That scene corresponds to the scientists from Johns Hopkins who are sending their highly calibrated instruments to the Last Adam planet to obtain the secrets of the planet.  The planets are like works of art, which portray the Gospel.  They are the realm of the angels, not astronauts.  It matters not the depth of surface of solid nitrogen or methane, the thickness of the atmosphere, or the width of the atmospheric tail.  The scientists visiting the Last Adam planet are like the spectators seeking the dead person visiting Poe's grave.  They are like "Autumn trees without fruit, doubly dead," (Jude 12) with no respect for the living or the dead.

Author:  Larry Wood