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Meaning of 2006 - Man

The Year 2006

January 1 (Day 1, Unity):   The year 2006 means man.  The number, 6, represents man, or mankind, in the sense of the human race.  Adam, the first man, was created on the sixth day.  The Hebrew <d*a* ('adam), means man, or mankind.  It also means red or ruddy (the color of man).  It refers to the first man, Adam, and the human race of men and women.  The man symbolizes the human race.  The Greek word, a[nqrwpo", (anthropos)  corresponds in meaning to the Hebrew word for man.  After he sinned, Adam had to work for a living; and, thus, the number, 6, was associated with man's labor.

In a sequence, the number, 6, is the sixth element of a category of seven.  The seven years, 2001 through 2007, represent the Cycle of Blessing for those who are positive to God and the Cycle of Cursing, or Categorical Punishment, to those who are negative.  The year, 2001, established the principle of the Love of God.  The succeeding years, 2002 through 2005, brought blessing for positive believers or severe Judgment for rejection of God's Love.  The year, 2006, is the next step in the sequence.  It is a time for recognition of man, who has a choice.  For those who have passed the tests of the previous years, the year 2006 will be some relief and an opportunity to continue to advance toward the high ground.  The year, 2007, will bring the fullness of blessing from God for winners; but for losers who have sown to the wind, it will bring Categorical Punishment.

Adam has the distinction of being the first sinner.  He, thus, became the father of sin, and all the descendants of Adam are also sinners.  God imputes to every child at birth Adam's original sin so that when the child receives human soul life at birth, it also receives Spiritual death.  Adam was ruddy, and red is the color for sin and suffering.  Adam was created different from angels to be a witness in the Appeal Trial of Satan, who was guilty of sin and had been sentenced to the Lake of Fire.  Adam stood the test for a while and remained free from sin, but he soon succumbed and sinned.  The man, polluted by sin, died Spiritually and was cut off from God, who is Righteous and can have nothing to do with sin.

The Lord met Adam and his wife in the Garden and offered them Salvation though faith in the Savior, who would come and pay for their sins.  Adam and his wife believed in the Lord and were saved.  They received a new Spiritual life, and with it, Eternal Life.  The Lord promised that the Savior would be born of woman.  Unlike the first, Adam, however, the Savior would not be a sinner.  He would be born without an earthly father and without sin.  That Savior was later born and paid for the sins of the whole world.  He was the Lord Jesus Christ, who had a human body and was called the Second Adam.  The Lord Jesus Christ bore the sins of the world in his body on the Cross.  With all sins paid for, every member of the human race is free to be saved through faith in Jesus Christ, the Savior.  Those who do not accept Salvation will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire with the devil and his demons.

So, the first Adam, was a man capable of sinning.  He sinned, and his body was polluted with sin.  The Second Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ, was born without sin.  He lived a life of sinless perfection and was uniquely qualified to bear the sins of the world.  The Lord Jesus Christ was both perfect humanity and undiminished deity in Hypostatic Union.  The sins of the world were imputed to Him on the Cross and Judged by God the Father.  Through it all the Lord Jesus Christ remained sinless even though He was identified with the sins of the world.  He was a substitute for the penalty and guilt of sins that condemned the descendants of Adam.  With sins paid for, every member of the human race is free to receive a new Spiritual Life by believing in Jesus Christ, who handled the sin problem.

After Adam and his wife accepted Salvation, the Lord established a covenant with them called the Adamic Covenant.  Under the Adamic Covenant, the man and the woman were prohibited from living in Eden.  The man would have to work for a living, and his labor would be cursed with weeds and thorns that hindered his crops.  The woman would have to suffer in childbirth to bring children into the world.

Creation of Man

Man was created on the 6th day (Genesis 1:27, 31).  The word for man is the Hebrew <d*a* ('adam), which means man, or mankind; red or ruddy (the color of man).  The Greek word, a[nqrwpo", corresponds to the Hebrew 'adam.  Man refers to the first man, Adam, and the human race of men and women.  The man symbolizes the human race.  Adam was created in the image of God with invisible essence.  He had a body, soul, and spirit.  He had a free will and was created as a witness in the Appeal Trial of Satan.  He eventually used his volition to sin and died Spiritually.  Adam chose to listen to the Prostitute of Babylon, who offered him the forbidden fruit, and he said, "Yes dear."  Thus, the first man, Adam, was identified with sin.  He became the father of sin for the human race.  So, the number, 6, stands for man, and the first man was a sinner.

The number, 6, generally refers to unregenerate mankind; man stripped of his power; man with his feet of clay (Psa 144:3-4; Psa 8:4-8; Heb 2:6-8; Job 7:17; 15:14-16).  Man in his weakness as a created being must choose God or Satan to receive additional power.  Without outside help, man is essentially weak.  However, he is recognized in the Angelic Conflict as a creature with volition.  He has a choice, a vote.  The number, 6, is for man reduced to his own species without outside strength.

The number, 6, means man in general and not the more specific designations as husband or wife, although husbands and wives are included in mankind.  And man refers to a person with human soul life, which God gives at birth - not in the womb.

There were six steps and a footstool to Solomon's throne (1 Ki 10:19-20; 2 Chron 9:18-19).  The Evil King brought before the footstool bowed as a man stripped of his power.

Zebulun was the sixth son of Leah and Jacob (Genesis 30:20).  Leah was not Jacob's Right Woman.  Six names of the Tribes of Israel were engraved per stone on the shoulder of the ephod (Ex 18:10).  Six cakes of bread per row were placed on the Table of Shewbread ( Lev 24:6).  There were six branches for lamps in Golden Lampstand plus a lamp on the central stem to represent man walking in the Light of God (Ex 25:32).  And six cities of refuge were allotted for the Levites (Numbers 35:6, 13, 15).

Second Adam - Hypostatic Union

After Adam sinned, he needed a Savior.  The Lord Jesus Christ was chosen to be the Savior.  He was conceived by the Holy Spirit without an earthly father.  He was born from a virgin and was, thus, a man, a member of the human race (Luke 2:11).  However, He was also God.  Thus, He was a unique creation, both perfect humanity and undiminished deity in Hypostatic Union (Jn 1:1-14; Rom 1:2-5; 1 Tim 3:16).  As a man, he could be identified with sin.  As God He could not.  As God He could satisfy the requirements of the Righteousness of God.  As perfect humanity He could identify with mankind.  The body of Jesus Christ was necessary to bear the sins of the world (Heb 2:14-15; 10:5, 10; Phil 2:6-7; 1 Pet 2:24).  Pointius Pilate looked at Him as He prepared to go to the Cross and exclaimed, "Behold the Man!" (John 19:5).  In sinless perfection, the Lord Jesus Christ was uniquely qualified to be a mediator between God and man (1 Timothy 2:5).

The Lord Jesus Christ in Hypostatic Union was the second Adam (Rom 5:12-21; 1 Cor 15:45).  All the descendants of Adam are Judged with his sin.  However, the Lord Jesus Christ, who was born without the sin of Adam, was Judged for the sins of all mankind (Heb 2:9).  And as a man, He was qualified to the High Priest of the Church.  A priest must be a human to represent humans before God (Heb 7:4-5, 14-28; 10:5, 10-14).


Adam chose to sin and caused the Fall.  Consequently, he was Judged in the Adamic Covenant, which required that he work for a living.  His work was cursed (Genesis 3:17-19).  The Lord did all the work of re-creation (restoration of the Earth for man) in six days, and rested on the seventh.  Thus, the number, 6, also stands for work.  Under the Mosaic Law, six days of the week were for work, but the seventh was for rest (Ex 16:26; 20:9, 11).  Hebrew slaves served for six years only (Ex 21:2).  The Sabbath rest symbolizes entrance into Grace blessing of Spiritual Maturity and Spiritual Rapport in the Church Age (Heb 4:9-11).

Cycles of Blessing or Cursing

The number, 6, is the last step in the sequence that leads to the Cycle of Blessing with the fullness of blessing from God or to Categorical Punishment.  Man is given a chance to choose.  He can obey God and suffer (Heb 10:38-39), or he can sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind (Hos 8:7; Luk 9:25).

Right Man - Right Woman

In the introductory summary of creation, Moses wrote that God created man, and "male and female, He created them" (Genesis 1:27). "Male" is the Hebrew zakar from the Arabic for penis, meaning to be sharp, and "female" is the Hebrew neqebah, which means perforata, from the Hebrew naqab, to bore through.  The words mean that God sexually designs the Right Man and Right Woman to fit each other, and that Right Man and Right Woman form a system.  The system was specified in God's Sovereign Design and cannot be broken.  Although Marriage is a system that can be broken, the Right Man - Right Woman relationship cannot be broken in this life (1 Corinthians 11:11).  Only death can end it.

In the order of creation, man and woman were not created at the same time.  Man, as represented by the number, 6, was created first (Genesis 2:7), and the woman was created later (Gen 2:22).  When God brought the woman to the man, it represented the completion of the category, or male-female system of Right Man - Right Woman.  A category is represented by the number, 7.  In the sequence, the man, 6, is given the woman, who completes (7) him.  Jacob served 7 years for Rachel; and after he was tricked by Laban, he served another 7 years for her (Genesis 29:18, 20, 27, 30).


Seraphs, the highest ranking angels, who are next to God, have six wings (Isa 6:2; Rev 4:8).  God would represent the completion of the category, and the seraphs are one step down.  The wings of angels represent rank.


Corpses are dead bodies.  The worst destruction of mankind in history was the Flood, which occurred in the 600th year of Noah (Genesis 7:6).  Noah was a man, whose work was to build an Ark and deliver the believers in the human race from the Judgment of God.


The year, 2006, stands for man, or mankind, which includes women.  However, it is the male, who symbolizes Homo sapiens.  The first man, Adam, was created on the sixth day of the restoration of the earth.  He used his volition to sin, and his original sin is passed down to his descendants throughout human history.  Thus, man's body is contaminated by sin.  However, the Second Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ, was born without an earthly father and without sin.  He was uniquely qualified to bear the sins of the world in his human body.  The Lord Jesus Christ, the God-man in Hypostatic Union paid for the sins of the world on the Cross.  Sin is no longer an issue for Salvation, and the door of Eternal Life to live with God forever is wide open.  Salvation is the free gift of God to all who want it.  Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ, the Savior, can receive Eternal Life.

After Adam sinned, the Lord established the Adamic Covenant with mankind.  Adam and his wife were kicked out of the Garden of Eden.  Adam had to work for a living, and Eve had to bear children.  The Savior, who would bear the sins of the world, was to be born from a woman.  Furthermore, Adam was given authority over his wife in Marriage, and the woman was told to obey him.

Since Adam was created on the sixth day and was forced to work for a living after the Fall, the number, 6, also represents work.  Work is the curse of the man.  Adam had to contend with weeds that hampered his agriculture.  Further, since Adam was stripped of his rulership of the world when he sinned, the number, 6, for man is also identified with man stripped of his power and his feet of clay.  This was symbolized by the six steps that led to the footstool of Solomon's throne.  An Evil King, who had been conquered and stripped of his power, faced the conquering king as a mere mortal facing death.

The number, 6, in a sequence of seven is the last step before the completion of the category.  Under the Mosaic Law six days of the week were for work, but the Sabbath was a day of rest.  The LORD re-created the Earth in 6 days and on the seventh, He rested.  For those on the right road of life, the year 2006 will be an opportunity to take the high ground under the Cycles of Blessing (Heb 10:38-39).  Those who sow to the wind, however, will take the next step to Categorical Punishment.

The number, 6, in sequence also represents the Right Man, who will be completed by his Right Woman.  Male and female are created as a system in the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  The man, represented by the number, 6, comes first in the sequence, and the completion of the category, or system by the woman is represented by the number, 7.

For those who have been called to live in this period of human history, it is a rare opportunity to utilize Bible Doctrine.  The single digit numbers will come true each year.  Each year bears special significance in the Spiritual Life and in Spiritual Warfare.  The single-digit years of a millennium have only occurred once before in the Church Age.

  1. 2001 - the unity of God
  2. 2002 - divine division
  3. 2003 - the Justice of the Holy Spirit
  4. 2004 - weakness
  5. 2005 - grace or a giant
  6. 2006 - man
  7. 2007 - categorical punishment
  8. 2008 - new birth
  9. 2009 - Plagues of Egypt
  10. 2010 - Laws of Establishment
This sequence means that God is evangelizing the world and testing believers in the Spiritual Life.  The issue is not worldly success or prosperity.  It is response to the Love of God.  Those who defy God will be judged, and those who obey him will be tested and promoted on the battlefield.

In 2001, the color for unity was white.  In 2002, the color for God's separation was orange.  In 2003, the color for the Justice of God the Holy Spirit was violet.  In 2004, the color for weakness in capacity for life was yellow.  In 2005, the color for Grace will be white/yellow.  In 2006, the color for man is red, for sin.

Author:  Larry Wood