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Saddam Trial Resumes

Stone Cut Out Without Hands Falls; Tropical Storm Epsilon

Saddam Trial Resumes

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November 28 (Day 332, Conspiracy):  The trial of former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, resumed in Baghdad after being delayed on its opening day of October 19.  A videotaped deposition was presented from a deceased former Iraqi regarding killings in the Shiite town of Dujail.  Saddam and seven other alleged co-conspirators are accused in the killing of over 140 civilians in Dujail in 1982 after a failed assassination attempt.  The trial was soon adjourned to December 5 after the defendants complained about deaths of some of their lawyers.  Saddam complained about having to walk up four flights of stairs to the courtroom.
Stone Falls from US Supreme Court Building
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A block of stone fell from the facade of the US Supreme Court Building in Washington,, DC at 9:30 AM EST.  It broke to pieces on the steps four stories below near visitors, but no one was injured.  The stone that fell from the Supreme Court Building corresponds to the "stone cut out without hands" that toppled the image that Daniel saw in Babylon (Daniel 2:34, 45).  When Baghdad was conquered by the US, the statue of Saddam Hussein in the town square was toppled.


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There were 28 tornados reported in the US.  Most of the tornadoes were in Kansas.  Others were in Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, and Texas.  There was a fatality on Interstate 40 west of Plumerville, Arkansas where a tornado hit a lumberyard and scattered lumber across the highway between mile markers 110 and 111.  The lumber blocked the highway and caused cars to overturn.  The number, 111, stands for the witness of truth, or doctrine.  The first tornado in Kansas was at 38 N., for dying in the wilderness, and 97 W., for a reduction in force (RIF).

Tropical Storm Epsilon

Tropical Storm Epsilon was named in the Atlantic on November 29, 2005, Day 333, for a hurricane.  Epsilon is the 26th named tropical storm in 2005, which sets a new record over the 21 in 1933.  The number, 26, stands for Political Babylon, which corresponds to the new Israeli Political Party of Ariel Sharon.  The three major parties in Israel symbolize Cosmic (Labor), Political (Kadima), and Ecumenical Babylon (Likud).  This means Israel has been enslaved to the Cosmic System.  A hurricane symbolizes rejection of the grace message of the Pastor by the congregation just as the Right Woman who rebels against the authority of her Right Man.


The resumption of the trial of Saddam Hussein was symbolized by a stone that fell from the facade of the US Supreme Court Building.  The stone symbolized the "stone cut out without hands" that smashed the feet of clay of the image from Nebuchadnezzar's dream that Daniel saw.  The image that Daniel saw predicted the fall of the Evil King Nebuchadnezzar and subsequent world kingdoms.  Ancient Babylon was located in Iraq.  Saddam, whose name means Destroyer, saw himself as the modern version of Nebuchadnezzar.   Saddam is from a Persian word that means crush or destroy, and, thus, means The Destroyer.  Saddam was the chief military rival of Israel.  However, the trial of Saddam symbolizes operation footstool where Saddam will be smashed to pieces like the stone that fell from the Supreme Court Building.

Saddam complained about having to walk up four flights of stairs to the courtroom.  The number, 4, is for weakness.  Walking up to the courtroom represents operation footstool, which is the civilian trial that follows military victory.  The stairs that Saddam walked correspond to the steps where the stone fell in front of the US Supreme Court building.

Saddam's trial resumed on November 28, for a Cosmic Stronghold.  It was Day 332, for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit upon a conspiracy (32).  The trial was adjourned until December 5, for a giant, one of the meanings of the year, 2005.

A tornado blocked Interstate 40 in Arkansas between mile markers 110 and 111.  The blocked Interstate highway represents a strategic failure.  The lumber, or stumbling blocks, caused cars to overturn, and one person was killed.  Saddam and his fellow defendants with their complaints temporarily blocked their trial from continuing.

Author:  Larry Wood