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Wilma Landfall Florida

Hurricane Wilma, 10-24-05, 0945 GMT, NOAA

Wilma Landfall Florida

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October 24 (Day 297, Reduction in Force):  Hurricane Wilma made landfall today on Marco Island, Florida with a powerful punch.  Packing sustained winds of 90 knots (unofficial) with higher gusts, the large hurricane crossed the Everglades and damaged the east coast beaches from behind.  There was extensive flooding in the Keys and other low lying coastal areas.  The Miami airport was closed, and power was out for 3 million customers in South Florida.  Windows were knocked out of high rises, and airplanes were belly up at airports.  The large eye, 60 nautical miles wide, remained intact as the hurricane swept across the state at 17 knots.

Landfall was about 0545 AM EDT ( 0945 GMT) at 25.9 N., for Sovereignty, and 81.7 W., for a Grace counterattack.  It was October 24, for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and Day 297, for a Reduction in Force (RIF).  Florida is in the region of Zebulun and has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The image on the satellite map was a horse, the symbol of war and a male phallic reversionist.

Radar Image with 2 in Eye

Wilma Radar - 2 in Eye
Hurricane Wilma Radar, 10-24-05, 0556 EDT, NWS Hurricane Wilma Radar Animation, 10-24-05, NWS
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The National Weather Service radar image of Wilma showed a number, 2, in the eye at landfall.  The number, 2, was visible in several frames and is generally accepted as authentic.  The very large eye with the numeral, 2, in it was a very bold sign by the weather angel of Wilma.  It was an angelic calling card for only a select few doctrinal believers to understand.  An eye represents grace, while anything in an eye, such as a mote, a beam, or a 2, represents a curse.  The number, 2, stands for Divine Division, or separation; therefore, a 2 in an eye represents the curse (or punishment) of Grace separation.   This is a special curse that God puts on a believer to separate him from others.  Examples include the punishment of Job and Uriah.

Comparison to Hurricane Mitch, 1998


Both Mitch and Wilma formed in the southern Caribbean.  Tropical Depression Mitch formed about 360 nm south of Kingston, Jamaica on October 21, 1998.  Tropical Depression Wilma formed near Jamaica on October 15, 2005.  Forecasters had problems tracking both storms.  The models showed Mitch going east, but it went west into Honduras.  The models for Wilma were divergent, and forecasters were reluctant to predict landfall on the Yucatan.  Mitch became a hurricane on October 24, for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and Wilma hit Florida on October 24.  Both storms intensified rapidly over the Caribbean. On the afternoon of the 24th, the central pressure of Mitch dropped 52 mb to 924 mb.  By the 26th, its pressure was 905 mb, which tied it with Camile 1969 and made it the 5th lowest pressure in the Atlantic (or tied for fourth).  During a 12 hour period on October 19th, Wilma's pressure dropped 72 mb to 882 mb to make it the lowest pressure ever recorded for a hurricane in the Atlantic basin.  Wilma's peak winds were estimated to be 152 kt. while Mitch's were estimated to be 155 kt.  Both hurricanes went into the corner of the Yucatan to symbolize a trumpeter swan and Christ the cornerstone.  Both hurricanes came off the Yucatan and made landfall in Florida in almost exactly the same spot.

Hurricane Mitch was born during the final hours of the Wye Summit in October, 1998 and rapidly grew to be one of the five strongest Atlantic hurricanes on record.  The nine day Wye Summit represented the Nine Plagues of Egypt, and death (Exodus 12:29) from The Destroyer followed.  The estimated death toll from Hurricane Mitch was 9,086.  The name, Mitch, is short for Mitchell, which is a form of Michael.  Michael is the Archangel and the Angel of Death (Jude 9).  As Hurricane Mitch sat on Honduras for three days, it appeared to be just raining; but the rains produced floods, and the floods brought death.  The peace initiatives at the Wye Summit were followed by the deaths of thousands of Israeli's and Palestinians in the Intifada.

Hurricane Wilma, with a small 2-4 nm eye, intensified with the lowest pressure for an Atlantic hurricane on October 19th, the day Saddam Hussein's trial began.  Saddam's name is from a Persian word meaning The Destroyer.  Wilma reached the corner of the Yucatan on October 20 in conjunction with the summit of President Bush and Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.  It made landfall on Cozumel off the Yucatan to symbolize Saddam's trial as a war criminal in operation footstool (Day 294).  And Hurricane Wilma with a large, 60 nm eye hit Florida on October 24 to represent Satan's strategic attack on Israel in the aftermath of President Bush's support of a Palestinian state after the recent summit with Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Bombs Near Two Baghdad Hotels

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Bombers with two car bombs and a cement truck full of explosives tried to blow up the two Baghdad hotels housing western journalists and contractors.  One car blew a hole in a security barrier, while the other car blew up when stopped by security forces.  The cement truck tried to get through the breach formed by the first car, but got stuck and exploded short of its target.  It blew up on the road between the Sheraton and Palestine Hotels near the Palestine Hotel.  Around 10 passers-by were killed and 22 injured, but hotel occupants were not hurt.


As Hurricane Wilma crossed Florida today, the remnants of Tropical Storm Alpha were racing to meet it.  Tropical Storm Alpha was the 22nd storm of the year, where 22 is for cursing.  It made 2005 the busiest hurricane season on record.  Tropical Storm Alpha made landfall in Hispaniola yesterday.  The island is shaped like a turtle, a slow moving symbol of Baal.  Wilma had been moving very slowly over the Yucatan.  Hispaniola is also known for its high mountains, which often destroy hurricanes.  This implies the hopes of the Bush-Abbas summit will be destroyed.  The two storms also symbolized the two hotels in Baghdad that came under attack from car bombers today.  A cement truck was blown up on the road between the Sheraton and the Palestine Hotels.  The truck blew up near the Palestine Hotel.  Bush's vision is two states, Israel and Palestine, living side-by-side in peace.  Isaiah made similar prophecies, but Bush is no Isaiah.  The large image of the horse on the satellite map was a reminder of war, not peace.  The Sheraton Hotel represents Israel (and perhaps Ariel Sharon) and the Palestine Hotel represents the Palestinian state.  The bombs represent Fire Testing.

Hurricane Wilma hit Florida on October 24, where the 10th month is for the Laws of Establishment, and 24 is for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  The Palestinians will never obey the Laws of Establishment, and Satan is inciting the Palestinians against Israel.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  Wilma followed the path of Hurricane Mitch in 1998, which was associated with the Wye Summit.  Wilma was a reminder of failure of the pseudo Middle East peace process.  Furthermore, the cursing of Florida today was just another plague after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks,  the 2004 hurricane season in Florida, the Indonesian tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, and the Pakistan earthquake.  The enemies of Israel will be cursed (Genesis 12:3).

Wilma had a very small eye in the beginning and a very large eye toward the end.  The year, 2005, represents Grace or a giant, and one of the symbols of grace is an eye.  Wilma became an intense, Category 5 storm, and it became a giant storm.  Thus, Wilma was another symbol of 2005.

Author:  Larry Wood