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Hurricane Rita Louisiana Landfall

Hurricane Rita Landfall, 9-24-05, 0742 GMT, NOAA Hurricane Rita, Horse, Eagle, 9-24-05, 0115 GMT PSC

Hurricane Rita Louisiana Landfall

September 24 (Day 267, Giving):  Powerful Hurricane Rita made landfall in Louisiana by the Texas state line about 2:30 AM CDT (0630 GMT)  this morning.  The storm hit the coast with winds of 105 knots according to the National Weather Service.  Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Lake Charles were hard hit as the storm moved north along the Louisiana-Texas state line.  Louisiana coastal communities were covered by a 15-foot storm surge.

The powerful storm, which had reached Category 5 strength over the Gulf of Mexico, weakened prior to landfall.  It made a right turn toward Louisiana after the evacuation of 2.5 million residents from the Houston/Galveston area.  There was gridlock for 100 miles along Interstate 45, where a bus burned yesterday and killed 24 elderly evacuees of a nursing home from the Houston suburb of Bellaire.  After a wheel of the bus caught fire, the bus was engulfed in flames when oxygen tanks carried by the evacuees exploded.  The I-45 traffic was halted to symbolize a strategic failure.  The name of Hurricane Rita corresponds to the name of St. Rita's nursing home in New Orleans where 34 occupants died after Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Rita made landfall about 29.7 N., for victory over Edom, and 93.6 W., for guilt.  It was September 24, where the 9th month is for the Plagues of Egypt and 24 is for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  It was Day 267, for giving of worldly possessions.  The people of Texas, who had given of their possessions to help the victims of New Orleans, were themselves cursed by Hurricane Rita, which sent both Texans and Louisianans running in fear.

President Bush received a 1-hour briefing on the hurricane at a bunker of the U.S. Northern Command headquarters in Colorado Springs.  He and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff were briefed by scores of military leaders.  Convoys of supplies were prepositioned in places like the Houston Astrodome.  And hours after the New Orleans Ninth Ward was again flooded by a breach in a levee in the same place as before, US military helicopters began working to close the breach.

On the weather map, Hurricane Rita appeared as a horse, the symbol of war and a male phallic reversionist.  Tropical Storm Philippe appeared as a large eagle eating the prey over the Atlantic, the region of Political Babylon.  The name, Philippe, is Greek for horse lover.  The previous FEMA director was head of the Colorado Arabian Horse association.  The eagle eating the prey represented eating the carrion after destruction.  In other words, Rita was sent to consume the spoils of Katrina.

Israeli-Hamas Clash | Ha'aretz |

After Palestinian Hamas terrorists launched a barrage of Qassam rockets on the Jewish community of Sderot from the Gaza Strip, Israel renewed military attacks on Hamas.  Hamas leaders were again targeted by Israeli aircraft, and munitions warehouses were targeted.  The Israeli Army massed on the Gaza border, although it doesn't appear that an invasion is likely.


Hurricane Rita struck Louisiana and went north along the Texas state line.  As blunt as it may seem, this symbolized the cursing of Texas from Louisiana.  Port Arthur and Lake Charles were flooded as well as part of Galveston.  This represented  the Prostitute of Babylon, who sits on many waters.  The Prostitute is symbolized by Jezebel, the pawn of Satan in Babylon.  The Church at Thyatira was punished for tolerating Jezebel.
'But I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bond-servants astray, so that they practice prostitution and eat things sacrificed to idols.  (Revelation 2:20)
After the Prostitute of Babylon was judged in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, Texans were quick to offer help.  Texans subsequently suffered Hurricane Rita, which came in from Louisiana to symbolize the relationship with Louisiana.  Hurricane Rita hit on Day 267, for giving of worldly possessions.  But aren't Christians supposed to help the poor and needy?  Yes, but a right thing must be done in a right way.  Those who come to the aid of the Prostitute of Babylon will be punished like the Church at Thyatira.  The Prostitute of Babylon is Satan's messenger.  Hurricane Rita struck on September 24, for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.

Yesterday, the tire of an evacuation bus caught fire and 24 elderly evacuees were killed on I-45 near Dallas.  This represented a strategic failure.  And it was a reminder that Hurricane Rita was named for the ghosts of the 34 elderly patients who died in  St. Rita's nursing home in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.  The burning bus represents Fire Testing, and the number, 34, is for the division of the land, which points to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.  Palestinian Hamas terrorists from Gaza attacked Israel with a barrage of rockets yesterday.  President Bush had a briefing on Hurricane Rita in Colorado, which is the region of the summits, another symbol of the Middle East peace summits.

Twice this week airplanes made emergency landings with nose landing gear problems.  One was in Florida and the other was in California.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza, and California in the US corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  The nose landing gear represents the Right Man and the rear landing gears represent the Right Woman in Marriage Culture.  Problems with nose landing gears represent leadership failures.  The Prostitute of Babylon as symbolized by Jezebel reduces men to wimps like the evil King, Ahab.  The Katrina and Rita crises were colossal leadership failures.  The Evil King and the Prostitute of Babylon combine to destroy a nation.

God sends the Plagues of Egypt to Judge evil nations and break loose Satan's control.  Rita struck in the ninth month, where nine is for the Plagues of Egypt.  After the divine Judgment of Hurricane Katrina, the California National Guard encountered houses haunted with demons in New Orleans.  And the Elect Angels left their calling cards.  Two Bibles in different locations in New Orleans were left open to Revelation 10 and 11 where the angelic herald of the Second Advent appears with one foot on the land and one foot on the sea to represent the Lord Jesus Christ who will conquer both (Ref. Soldiers Spooked Video).

And I gave her a period of time in order to change her mind (Rebound); however, she does not want to change her mind (Rebound) out from her prostitution. (Revelation 2:21)
A New Orleans levee was breached for the second time in 26 days during Hurricane Rita, and the Ninth Ward again flooded.  The breach represents a security failure and points to a security breach in Client Nation USA associated with Simeon criminality.  Simeon criminality points to Palestinian criminality in Gaza, which Israel recently turned over to the Palestinians with the full blessing of the Bush Administration evil foreign policy of Political Babylon.  Tropical Storm Philippe was in the Atlantic, the region of Political Babylon.  Philippe appeared as an eagle eating its prey.  This is the symbol of eating the spoils of victory like the plague of the locusts in Egypt which ate the spoils from the hail storm.  Only Christians can stand in the gap to plug the breach in the wall of the Client Nation.

Author:  Larry Wood