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New Orleans Death in the Wilderness

Two million Jews of the Exodus generation died in the wilderness.  Of the generation that God freed from Egypt, only two, Caleb and Joshua, listened to the teaching of Moses.  On August 22, the Israeli government completed the evacuation of Gaza settlers, who had lived there for 38 years.  Seven days later Hurricane Katrina struck the US Gulf coast.  The dead are now lying in the streets of New Orleans as the government continues a mass evacuation of refugees.

New Orleans Death in the Wilderness

September 3 (Day 246, Pregnancy):  After New Orleans was devastated by floodwaters, hoards of refugees along with dead bodies and trash were left behind.  Refugees stood or sat in the midst of garbage and refuse as dead bodies lay nearby.  Although the vast majority maintained some civility, others ran amuck.  Those who died along the way, including the elderly and babies as well as young hoodlums, represented those dying in the wilderness after the pattern of the Exodus generation.

In the Superdome and other places where people gathered, there were corpses of those who had recently died.  Some had been murdered.  In spite of the floodwaters, urban gangs of crackheads deprived of a fix looted and engaged in gunfights.  They shot each other.  They shot at police, at rescuers, and at night they even attacked the police headquarters, which was dubbed "Fort Apache."

After 5 days the crowd of 25,000 had trashed the Superdome.  Every helicopter that landed blew the scattered trash into the air and all over the refugees, who were sitting in their own litter.  The crowds, which were 99% Black and mostly poor, were soon bickering, complaining, and falling into a state of lawlessness. They were hot, stressed, and hungry.  Like the children of Israel in the Exodus, they blamed their leaders for no food or water.  One of the meanings of 2005 is Logistical Grace.   And, yesterday the refugees were leaving in a mass exodus of yellow school buses, rail, and airplanes for Houston, Michigan, Tennessee, Arkansas, and other parts of the country.


August 22 (cursing) (Day 234, Division of the land) - Israeli evacuation of settlers from Gaza complete (after 38 years).
August 24 (Satan's strategic attack on Israel) (Day 236) - Tropical Storm Katrina named in the Bahamas
August 25 (Sovereignty) (Day 237, warrior) - Hurricane Katrina crosses Florida
August 26 (Political Babylon) (Day 238, Dying in the wilderness) - Baby Katrina emerges off the Florida coast
August 28 (Cosmic Stronghold) (Day 240, Satan's strategic attack on Israel) - Hurricane Katrina Category 5
August 29 (Victory over Edom) (Day 241, Happiness) - Katrina landfall, spares New Orleans
August 30 (Priest) (Day 242, Baal) - New Orleans flooded from breached floodwall of 17th St. Canal
September 2 (Division) (Day 245, Victory over stronghold) - National Guard arrives, New Orleans evacuation on buses


Israeli withdrawal from Gaza - Breach in a wall
Fall of New Orleans - Fall of modern Babylon per the pattern of the fall of Babylon in the Tribulation
    Flooded streets - Judgment of the Prostitute of Babylon, who sits on many waters
    Oil production shutdown - Judgment of the Evil King
    Corpses - dying in the wilderness
    Trash - dunghill of the Fifth Cycle of Discipline


Although there are no body counts yet, many people died in New Orleans and other parts of the Gulf Coast due to Hurricane Katrina.  The dead are lying in the street and in hallways as the survivors are evacuated from New Orleans to other parts of the country.  This is the unmistakable sign of dying in the wilderness, just like the Exodus generation.

After the flooding, New Orleans was littered with trash as hoards of evacuees congregated for shelter and help.  The scattered trash was the sign of a dunghill, also called a garbage dump, ash heap, or manure pile, which occurred in the Fifth Cycle of Discipline (Lamentations 4:5; Isaiah 25:10; Luke 14:34-35).  The symbol of the dunghill was the latest sign.

On September 1, Day 244, for suffering, President Bush stood in the Oval Office flanked by former Presidents Bush and Clinton, who were named to lead a fund raising drive for the Katrina hurricane victims (photo).  These three leaders each contributed to the destruction of New Orleans.  Hurricane Andrew devastated Homestead, Florida after former President Bush supported the Middle East land for peace deal.  He snickers when people remind him of this.  President Clinton tried to preside over the most ambitious giveaway of the Promised Land on record.  And current President Bush was the first President to support Arafat's vision of a Palestinian state on the Promised Land.  The three Presidents in parallel represented Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon.  This symbolizes White House slavery to the Cosmic System.

Hurricane Katrina made landfall on Day 241.  Former President Bush was the 41st President of the US.  New Orleans was flooded on Day 242.  President Clinton was the 42nd President of the US.  On Day 243, the current President Bush, the 43rd President of the US, announced federal support for New Orleans.  All three Presidents, who are Christians, have been duped by the devil.  US foreign policy is on a collision course with God, who will not tolerate anti-Semitism.  Apostate Christians in the White House is not the answer.  Christians in the Church are the salt of the land.

No nation in history has ever survived antagonism toward Israel.  Those who curse Israel will be cursed (Genesis 12:3).  Destructive Hurricane Katrina was cursing from God.  The cursing was directly linked to US pressure on Israel to evacuate the Promised Land.  The US has forgotten the Passover and the Exodus.  Therefore, the Destroyer angel was sent to destroy New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.  The destruction and the mass exodus which followed symbolized the Exodus from Egypt.  The Exodus generation with two exceptions, Caleb and Joshua, died in the wilderness.  The corpses in the streets of New Orleans represent dying in the wilderness.

New Orleans did not fall from Hurricane Katrina, but from a breach in a floodwall of the 17th Street Canal.  A breach in a floodwall like a breach in a city wall symbolizes a security breach.  The sign of breached walls was associated with the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.  The peace process supported by the US has contributed to all this mess.

The security of the US was breached in the terrorist attack on New York City on September 11, 2001.  The fall of New Orleans represents a larger breach in the security of the US.  The only way to plug the breach is for Christians to stand in the gap.  Christians must return to the teachings of the Bible and advance to Spiritual Maturity.   The Spiritual solution is the only solution; the human solution is no solution.

Author:  Larry Wood