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Israel Begins Gaza Pullout

Israel Begins Gaza Pullout

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August 15 (Day 227, Horn):  Israel began the evacuation of the settlements in the Gaza Strip this morning at midnight.  The Gaza border crossing was closed, and the Israeli Army sealed off the area.  There was some rioting initially around the largest Jewish settlement in Gaza, Neveh Dekalim.  However, order was restored by 2:30 AM.  Later mortar shells landed in the settlement and in nearby Gadid, but there were no injuries.  Around 50,000 Israeli soldiers and police were  involved in the evacuation.

The evacuation of the northern West Bank settlements of Ganim and Kadim was also completed today.  Israel plans to dismantle four West Bank settlements along with 21 Gaza Strip settlements in the next three weeks.  Israel captured the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the 1967 Six Day War, which was 38 years ago, where 38 stands for dying in the wilderness.  The Gaza withdrawal began the day after the Feast of Straits, which commemorates the fall of the last Israeli Client Nation to the Romans on August 9, 70 AD.  Today was August 15, for a covering, which is God's solution.  It was Day 227 for the cursing of a horn, which gores.

Heralds of the Pullout

Storms in Northeastern US | CNN |

Thunderstorms battered the northeastern US in eastern Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey, southeastern New York, Connecticut and eastern Massachusetts yesterday.  Wind gusts of 80 mph knocked out power; lightning started fires; and heavy rain caused flooding.  The thunderstorms stretched from the northeast to Texas under a weather elephant.

The storms were in the region of Issachar, who is symbolized by a donkey and represents a deployment or, in this case, a redeployment (retreat).

Airliner Crash in Greece | CNN |

Cyprus based Helios Airways Flight 522 from Larnaca, Cyprus to Athens crashed yesterday near Athens and all 121 onboard were killed.  The plane appeared to have suffered a loss of pressure shortly after takeoff and flew on autopilot without pilot or co-pilot until it crashed about 25 miles east of Athens, Greece.  Only the tail of the plane was left intact after crashing.

A pilotless plane represents a leader who falls and brings destruction to his followers.  The leaders of Client Nation , Israel, failed and left the citizens to die in the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.  The US is on autopilot while President Bush vacations at his Texas ranch.  The tail of the plane symbolizes a debtor nation per the Head and Tail model of Moses.  The loss of pressure in the airplane represents a breach in security like a breach in the wall of a nation or city.  Greece in Europe is in the region of Zebulun, which corresponds to the Gaza Strip.

Hurricane IreneHurricane Irene, 8-15-05, 2115 GMT, NOAA

Hurricane Irene in the Atlantic off the east coast of the US, reached hurricane force today.  The storm reached its closest point to the US yesterday before turning away to the east.  The name, Irene, is Greek for peace.

The turning away of Irene heralded the withdrawal of Israel from Gaza.  Israel is withdrawing from Gaza to support the peace process, which is currently called the Road Map for peace.  A storm named peace in an anachronism.  A hurricane represents the rejection of the grace message of the pastor by the congregation like the rebellious female who rejects the authority of her Right Man


The divine viewpoint of Israel's pullout from Gaza is revealed by heralds on the World Stage.  The pilotless plane that crashed and burned in Greece represents a leadership failure that sends the people to the destruction of the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.  Loss of pressure in an airplane corresponds to a breach in the wall that provides security to a nation or city.  The northeastern US in the region of Issachar, the donkey, was hit by storms to represent the curse of the Israeli pullout.  Hurricane Irene, for peace, began to pull away from the US to represent the pullout.  Hurricane Irene was in the Atlantic, the region of Political Babylon, which corresponds to US foreign policy in the Middle East peace process.  A hurricane named peace is an anachronism and a lie just like the leaders who cry, "Peace, peace! But there is no peace" (Jeremiah 6:14).

Israel has occupied the Gaza Strip and West Bank for 38 years, which represents dying in the wilderness.  The generation that left Egypt in the Exodus died in the wilderness because the people rejected the Spiritual life.  A nation that rejects Bible Doctrine becomes a tail and not a head.  Only the tail of the Helios airliner that crashed in Greece was left intact.

Author:  Larry Wood