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NASA STS-114 Return to Flight

ET Debris | Launch

External Tank Debris

ET Damage, STS-114, NASA

ET Debris

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July 27 (Day 208, New Birth):  Post Launch analysis of photos revealed a piece of form insulation debris that fell from the External Tank 5 seconds after SRB separation.  A few chips were also visible on some of the Orbiter's thermal protection tiles, but the damage appeared minimal and no cause for concern.  The piece of foam insulation that fell from the ET, however, was a cause for concern.  Even though it missed the Orbiter, the anvil-shaped piece of foam about 37 inches long could require NASA to make some changes before the next mission.  The piece of foam came from a part of the External Tank which NASA had previously decided not to redesign.


The External Tank continues to have problems.  It was launched on July 26, for Political Babylon.  The three parts of the Shuttle under attack from the Cosmic System include:  (1) SRB's (like legs) - Ecumenical Babylon, (2) ET (belly) - Political Babylon; and (3) Orbiter (head) - Cosmic Babylon.  Foam insulation from the ET doomed Columbia, and NASA had made every effort to fix the problem.  Now, two years later, foam insulation of the ET continues to be a problem.  The problem is associated with Political Babylon, which is operation outside authority in the Cosmic System.

The ET debris was shaped like an anvil, which is the base for pounding hardened pieces of metal into line.  Anvils are associated with judgment.  Anvil clouds bring lightning, and anvil-shaped hairdos of females symbolize arrogance.  The ET debris came from the bottom portion of the ET, where hydrogen is stored.  Hydrogen symbolizes the male.



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July 26 (Day 207, Categorical Punishment):  The STS-114 Space Shuttle was successfully launched from Kennedy Space Center Florida at 10:39 AM EDT (1439 GMT) under partly cloudy skies.  The launch marked NASA's return to flight for the first time since the doomed Columbia STS-107 Mission in 2003.  The Discovery orbiter with 7 astronauts will take supplies to the International Space Station and test a number of new improvements for space flight.  New cameras provided many new details of launch.
ECO Sensors, NASA
The countdown was very smooth with no major problems.  The previous problem with hydrogen Engine Cutoff Sensor #2 did not recur.  About 2 1/2 seconds into flight a bird (apparently a buzzard) was impaled by the External Tank.  A piece of falling debris and some tile damage were also visible from launch pictures.

Hitting the buzzard was the latest in a long line of bizarre incidents associated the the External Tank.  A buzzard represents dead works.  Foam insulation from the External Tank doomed Columbia and killed its seven astronauts.  On May 26, 2005, Day 146, NASA rolled back the Shuttle from the launch pad to replace the ET with a newly designed one.  On that day tornadoes struck New Orleans, the home of the ET factory.  On July 5, Tropical Storm Cindy made landfall south of New Orleans.  Hurricane Dennis made landfall in Florida July 10 on the day the first launch countdown for STS-114 began.  Dennis had gone through Cuba, which became communist in 1959, where 59 is for Simeon criminality in the region of Louisiana and New Orleans.

Mission Patch

The STS-114 Mission patch features the bottom of an orbiter flying over the Earth, which, along with the atmosphere, appears as an eye.  A ring surrounds the picture.  The picture symbolizes a sperm fertilizing an ovum.  Since the fertilized ovum is inside a ring, it symbolizes fornication.  Note, STS-114 was previously rolled back from the launch pad on Day 146, where 46 is for pregnancy.  The stars on the bottom of the orbiter symbolize pitted tiles from debris impact.


Launch of STS-114 return to flight was so significant that President Bush sent his congratulations, and First Lady, Laura Bush along with Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, attended the launch.  The launch was on July 26, for Political Babylon, which characterizes US foreign policy, especially with Israel.  Launch was at 10:39 AM EDT, where 39 is for the sin unto death.  It was Day 207, for Categorical Punishment, which was associated with STS-107 in which 7 astronauts died.  The STS-107 disaster was associated with the Prostitute of Babylon in the Angelic Conflict.  The STS-114 mission featured a woman commander, who sat in the left front seat.  The left is the temporal side for male authority in marriage.  This is another symbol of the breakdown of Marriage Culture associated with the Prostitute of Babylon.

The number, 114, stands for the witness of 4, for weakness.  There are four hydrogen Engine Cutoff Sensors in the bottom of the External Tank.  The sensors are arranged in two groups of two, which symbolizes witnesses and the Flood.  A problem with one of the four hydrogen Engine Cutoff Sensors caused the scrub of the first launch attempt.  The problem was never isolated.  Hydrogen is the fuel for the Orbiter.  Hydrogen represents the male and Oxygen the female.  This morning four Boy Scout leaders were electrocuted.  Four bombs carried by four terrorists were exploded in London on July 7 just three days before the first launch countdown began for STS-114.  Four bombs were again carried by four terrorists in a second bombing attempt on July 21.  The last launch countdown for STS-114 began two days later.  The number, 4, represents the weakness of earthly (material) creation under the authority of the Heavens.

The Mission Patch of STS-114 with its woman commander features a sperm fertilizing an ovum inside a ring.  It represents pregnancy from fornication, or adultery.  This is a picture of the Satanic attack on Marriage Culture from the Prostitute of Babylon.  It violates the spaceship model of Marriage (ref. Marriage Grace).  The bottom of the orbiter on the patch was pitted from debris.  This happened during launch, as it usually does.  However, this time high definition photography and laser measuring equipment will be used to analyze it.

Author:  Larry Wood