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Hybrid Solar Eclipse

Florida Tornadoes

Hybrid Solar Eclipse

Links: | CNN | NASA | Map | Greatest Eclipse:  At 2035/45.6 UT, Duration 42 sec., 10°34.0´S, 118°59.2´W
April 8 (Day 98, New Birth):  A hybrid eclipse of the Sun occurred over the South Pacific where it changed from an annular eclipse to a total eclipse and then back to an annular eclipse again before reaching Central America.  In Central America, it traveled over the isthmus of Panama.  It was also visible as a partial eclipse over the southern US with 50% of the Sun's diameter covered in south Florida.

Greatest eclipse was over the southeast Pacific at 2035/45.6 UT, where 35 is for rest from enemies and 45 is for victory over the stronghold.  The southeastern Pacific is the region that corresponds to Ecumenical Babylon.  Duration was 42 seconds, where 42 is for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  Today was April 8, for the new birth, and Day 98, for the glory has departed.

Solar eclipses represent the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ as well as the Right Man who lays down his life for his Right Woman (ref. 8-11-99).

Bull, 4-7-05, 2215 GMT, PSC

Florida Tornadoes

Links:  | SPC Storm Report | Ocala Star-Banner |
Three tornadoes were reported in the USA.  The tornadoes were all in Ocala, Florida at 29 N., for victory over Edom, and 82 W., for a breakpoint in history.  Four people were injured in the tornado that touched down in the Thoroughbred Acres section of Ocala.  There was also damage from straightline winds.  About 100 homes were damaged, and planes were left belly up at Ocala International Airport.  One of the planes on its back had tail number N78234, for categorical punishment (7), historical breakpoint (82), and the division of the land (34).  The tornado crossed Interstate 75, which represents Sovereignty.  Ocala is in Marion County, which is Florida County #14, for the passover.

The severe weather was associated with the image of a bull on the weather map over the eastern US that extended through Florida.  A bull has horns.  A tornado is shaped like a horn.

The image on the satellite map was a bull, which represents an Angelic Power.


The tornadoes in Ocala, Florida pointed to the curse of Israel's plans to pullout of Gaza and the upcoming summit between President Bush and Ariel Sharon in Crawford, Texas.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The tail number of an airplane in Ocala that was left belly up bore the number, 34, for the division of the land, which points to the Road map for peace.  Belly up is a symbol for death of a fish.  A tornado crossed I-75, the number for Sovereignty.  The Promised Land, including Gaza, falls under the protection of the Abrahamic Covenant from the Sovereignty of God.  God will defend the covenant with no help from anyone else.  Ocala is in Marion County #14, for the passover, which corresponds to the time Israel was freed from Egypt in order to enter the Promised Land and fulfill the Abrahamic Covenant.  Thus, the Florida tornadoes were a reminder of what God did to Egypt to free Israel on the first passover.  God remembers.

The solar eclipse was over the southeastern Pacific in the region that corresponds to Ecumenical Babylon.  The Road map for peace is identified with Ecumenical Babylon, which is associated with the Pope, who was buried today.  The name, Pacific, means peace pact.  The eclipse lasted 42 seconds, for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  Baal, the god of the Palestinians, is the enemy of marriage, children, and Israel.  The eclipse was on April 8, for the new birth.  It was Day 98, for the glory has departed.  This is an anachronism, which is a bad sign.  The glory of the pope, the head of Ecumenical Babylon, ended today with his burial.

Author:  Larry Wood