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Abbas Elected Palestinian Chairman

Abbas Elected Palestinian Chairman

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January 9 (Day 9, Plagues of Egypt):  Mahmoud Abbas, 69, was elected Palestinian Authority Chairman.  Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, received 483,039 votes, for 62.32 percent of the vote.  He scored a major victory over his chief competitor,  Mustafa Barghouti, 45, who is in jail in Israel serving 5 life sentences.  Barghouti received 153,516 votes, or 19.8 percent of the vote.  The election was on January 9, for the Plagues of Egypt.

Abbas will replace Yasser Arafat, who died in November.  During his campaign, Abbas vowed to fight the Zionist enemy, to defend the actions of Palestinian terrorists, and to demand a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem.  Photos of Abbas showed a bandaged third (ring) finger on his right hand.  The third finger represents justice, and the injury reveals his inability to execute justice over the emerging terrorist state.  Abbas served as Prime Minister under Arafat.

A sign appeared in the sky over central Florida in conjunction with the Palestinian election.  An image resembling a giant locust appeared in the southwest, the direction of Gad, the raiding band, or terrorist.  The image in the sky was flanked on the left and right by two Sun dogs, which represent suffering.  A locust represents a demon Manager, but a giant represents a demon Commander, per the meaning of the year 2005.

Giant Locuts, 1-9-05, 2027 GMT Giant Locuts, 1-9-05, 2023 GMT

Storms in California and Europe

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Elephant, 1-9-05, 2230 GMT, NOAAThe snow at higher elevations and flooding at lower elevations continued in California.  Snow in the Sierra Nevada stranded motorists and trains and forced airports to shut down.  The Reno-Lake Tahoe area has received the most snow since 1916.  Flash flood warning were posted in southern California.  The weather was caused by a combination elephant and horse over California and the southeastern USA.  A whirlwind was off the west coat, and another elephant-horse combination was over Hawaii.  An elephant represents a giant, or demon Commander, such as Baal.  A horse represents war and a male phallic reversionist.

There was also flooding along the Ohio River.  Hundreds of Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky residents were forced to evacuate their homes.

A winter storm with hurricane force winds that hit northern Europe killed 13 people.  The storm with torrential rain and flooding caused damage in Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and Germany.  The weather system resembled the same elephant-horse combination that was over California.


The election of Mahmoud Abbas as Palestinian Authority Chairman is related to the Congressional certification of the election of President Bush (January 6) and the new Israeli government being formed.  The foreign policy of all three is to support Satan's policy of defying the Abrahamic Covenant in support of a Palestinian state of Islamic terrorists.  The three represent Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon.  The formation of the three governments are in lock step.

The decisive victory of Abbas indicates that he has the same evil values as Arafat except that he dresses in western suits.  The bandage on his right ring finger indicates suffering associated with justice.  He will be unable to establish the rule of law and stop terrorism.  Thus, negotiating with the Palestinians amounts to surrendering to terrorism.

The election of Abbas was heralded by a giant locust over Florida, storms in California and northern Europe, and floods in Ohio.  Over central Florida the image of a giant locust was flanked by Sun dogs, the sign of suffering.  The giant locust, which represented a demon counterattack, was in the southwest, the direction of Gad, the raiding band, or terrorists.  The California storms represent the curing of Israel, since the location of California in the US is the same as the location of Israel in Asia.  The cursing of Israel is due to the new policy of withdrawal from Gaza.  And the winter storms in northern Europe were in the region of Dan and Asher.  Europe is pro-Palestinian.  Israel was attacked along its northern border with Lebanon today.  The flooding in Ohio was in the region of Cosmic Babylon of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace, which points to the Road Map for Middle East peace.

Author:  Larry Wood