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Sharon Government Gets Majority

Sharon Government Gets Majority

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January 5 (Day 5, Giant):   The new Israeli government of Ariel Sharon secured a stable majority today with the pledge of United Torah Judaism (UTJ) to join.  With United Torah Judaism's 5 Knesset seats, the new government will have 66 seats, which includes Likud's 40 seats and Labor's 21 seats.  The decision of UTJ, however, was conditional for three months based upon whether Sharon keeps his promise to grant NIS 290 million to Haredi educational institutes.

UTJ's decision to join the Sharon government came on January 5, for a giant per the meaning of 2005.  The decision of the ultra-orthodox UTJ to join for 3 months means the new government will be characterized by Ecumenical Babylon (UTJ), Political Babylon (Labor), and Cosmic Babylon (Likud).  The new government is being formed for the sole purpose of withdrawing from Gaza in defiance of the Abrahamic Covenant.

Elephant, 1-5-05, 1745 GMT, NOAA


A large weather elephant stretched from Texas to the Great Lakes.  An elephant represents a giant, or demon Commander, such as Baal.


The decision of United Torah Judaism with its 5 votes to join the new government of Ariel Sharon came on January 5, where 5 stands for a giant, per the meaning of 2005.   The new government will be a coalition of three groups, which represent Ecumenical Babylon (UTJ), Political Babylon (Labor), and Cosmic Babylon (Likud).  Thus, Israel's new government will be a slave to the Cosmic System.

A giant weather elephant that stretched from Texas to the Great Lakes represented a giant, such as Baal, as well as the adultery of Reuben.  President Bush is from Texas.  The Great Lakes are in the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace.  Sharon is forming the new government in Israel to withdraw from Gaza in an attempt to comply with the evil Road Map for peace.  The formation of the new Israeli government has come while 150,000 people are being buried in Indonesia and southeast Asia after the Judgment of a  tsunami, which foreshadowed Israel's attempt to pull out of Gaza.  The tsunami occurred on December 26, Day 361 when there were 61 seats in the new Israeli government.  The number, 61, stands for income tax, which was the source of the money which led to the formation of the new Israeli government when UTJ joined.

Author:  Larry Wood