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Oil Spill Pollutes Delaware River

Ukraine Parliament Rejects Election

Turkey, 11-27-04,0415 GMT, NOAA Map, Perseus

Oil Spill Pollutes Delaware River

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November 27 (Day 332, Conspiracy):  A listing oil tanker spilled about 30,000 gallons of crude oil into the Delaware River last night about 9:00 PM EST.  The Cyprus-flagged vessel, Athos 1, began listing about 8 degrees to the port (left) and spilling oil as it was being towed by two tugboats into the CITGO facility in Paulsboro, New Jersey.  The spill later covered 20 miles downstream, and the river was closed to traffic.  Dead birds and fish are accumulating.  The Athos 1 was built in 1983, where 83 is for a high priest.  The tanker was carrying oil from Venezuela.

Athos is a Doric Greek form of ethos, which means custom, habit, or an accustomed place, haunt, or abode.  However, Athos is also the name of a mountain island in the Aegean Sea at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 40 E., for maximum divine discipline.  Mt. Athos is known as the Holy Mountain.  In Greek mythology, it was the name of a Thracian giant, a demon god.  In the 5th Century AD, monasteries were built on the mountain.  Today, there are 20 monasteries on the mountain in probably the largest concentration of monasteries in the world.  At the top of the hierarchical list of Mt. Athos monasteries is the Holy Monastery of Megisti Lavra.  One of the most famous monasteries in Kiev, Ukraine, the Pechersk Lavra Monastery, was founded by a monk from Mt Athos and named after the Mt. Athos Megisti Lavra monastery.

Paulsboro, New Jersey is just south of Philadelphia (see map above).  The location of Philadelphia on the Delaware River corresponds to the location of Kiev, Ukraine on the Dnipro (Dnieper) River.  The Pechersk Lavra Monastery (Cave Quarter Monastery) is located along the river.  A river symbolizes a female, and pollution represents fornication, often associated with the Prostitute of Babylon (Jeremiah 3:1-9).

The weather angels placed the image of a turkey over the central US.  The head of the turkey was pecking in Texas, the home state of President Bush, and the tail stretched through Philadelphia and Paulsboro.  The turkey arrived a day after Thanksgiving.  A turkey, which represents a stupid bird, has been associated with President Bush's foreign policy (4-25-02 | 6-17-02 ).  The spill occurred on November 26, for Political Babylon, which has also been associated with US foreign policy.

Ukraine Parliament Rejects Election

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Ukraine's parliament rejected the results of the Presidential election and called for a new election.  The non-binding parliamentary resolution was approved by 255 of the 429 legislators present, where 255 is for grace blessing in suffering, and 429 is for victory over Edom (29).  Ukraine's election commission previously declared Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych the winner over the opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko by three percentage points.

Yanukovych is a former Communist with close ties to Russia.  Russian President Putin supports him, but US President Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell have called the election fraudulent.  Other supporters of the validity of the election in addition to Russian President Putin include some former US Congressmen and a delegation from Israel with no ties to the government. The European Union also believes the election to be fraudulent and supports Yushchenko.  The fear in the west is that a Yanukovych victory will mark a return block of Russia and Ukraine like the former Soviet Union.


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One tornado were reported in the US.  It was in Groves, Texas at 29 N., for victory over Edom, and 93 W., for guilt.

A weather elephant was over the eastern USA, and weather elephants were over Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and Colorado.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


The only tornado was in Texas, the home state of President Bush.  And a turkey on the weather map was pecking at Texas.  A turkey has been associated with President Bush's foreign policy.  The US is now objecting to the Ukraine election.  This is internationalism, which is from the Cosmic System.  The US has no authority in Ukraine.

The nasty oil spill on the Delaware River south of Philadelphia correlates to the election fiasco in Kiev, Ukraine.  Russia, which is under the power of Baal, is supporting the former Communist, Yanukovych, while the US and Europe are crying fraud and supporting Yushchenko.  Russia represents the Baal counterattack upon the democratic election in Ukraine.  The polluted Delaware River is a sign of the Prostitute of Babylon, who worships Baal.  Philadelphia is where Bush was first nominated for President.  The Prostitute of Babylon tried to hijack the last US election.  That's why the powerful hurricanes hit Florida.

The almost evenly split tie vote in the Ukraine is the sign of a Marriage Culture problem.  Women in politics correspond to Jezebel, the ultimate symbol of the Prostitute of Babylon.  Oranges were passed out in the Ukrainian parliament to represent support for opposition candidate, Yushchenko.  Oranges represent the female.  The US protesting the Ukraine election is like a woman protesting her husband or the Prostitute of Babylon protesting election results.  Incidentally, according to the Bible, God picks national leaders from His Sovereign Design.

The weather elephant over Nevada brought snow that stranded thousands of holiday travelers in Reno.  Reno is a city of prostitution and gambling, which represent the influence of the Prostitute of Babylon.


Author:  Larry Wood