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Sharon Defeated in Knesset

Horse, 10-11-04, 1315 GMT, NOAA

Sharon Defeated in Knesset

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October 11 (Day 285, Eye or Spy):  Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, suffered a humiliating defeat to his Gaza pullout plan in the Knesset.  His plan was defeated after a speech in which he submitted the Gaza pullout plan to the Knesset at the opening of the Winter session.  In a largely symbolic vote, he was defeated 53-44 after both the Labor Pary and his own Likud Party left him hanging out to dry.  The number, 53, stands for a ship of deliverance and 44 stands for suffering.  After the meeting Sharon was busy scurrying around to form a new governing coalition to avoid a collapse of the goernment and new elections.  He is currently ruling with only 59 Knesset members.  Tropical Depression Matthew made landfall in Louisiana, the region of Simeon criminality symbolized by the number, 59.

The weather map over the USA told the story of the conflict.  A horse stretched from Texas to the Great Lakes through Minnesota.  A horse stands for war and a male phallic reversionist.  Sharon invented the Gaza retreat plan to gain the diplomatic initiative with the Bush Administration.  Israel was being blamed failure to implement the Road Map.  Minnesota is in the region of Dan, the federal judiciary, and Texas is the home state of President Bush.  The horse symbolized the evil foreign policy of President Bush toward Israel - a policy which Sharon has now adopted in violation of the Abrahamic Covenant.  The horse contained the remnants of Tropical Storm Matthew.  Over Florida was an image that resembled a moose.  The front over Florida had previously appeared as a trumpeter swan and a moose,  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The Florida Christians with doctrine opposed the evil Gaza pullout plan, and thus, played a role in the defeat of Sharon, who has now rejected the Abrahamic Covenant.  When Sharon supported the Abrahamic Covenant, he propereed; but when he rejected it, he failed.

A rainbow appeared over west Jerusalem after the Knesset vote against Sharon.  A rainbow represents the end of Judgment.  The rainbow was further evidence of the defeat of the evil foreign polcy of the Roadmap and Gaza retreat plan.


Author:  Larry Wood