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Nebraska-Iowa Tornado Swarm

Paris Airport Tunnel Collapse; Gaza Tunnel; Bush Smears Himself

Nebraska-Iowa Tornado Swarm

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May 23 (Day 144, Suffering):  A swarm of tornadoes swept through Nebraska and Iowa under a giant thunderstorm that stretched from Colorado to Michigan.  The small town of Hallam, Nebraska was destroyed and a 73-year old woman was killed.  A record for the year of 84 tornadoes were reported in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, Kansas, and Wisconsin.

Paris Airport Tunnel Collapse

A section of a raised airport tunnel-like terminal structure collapsed at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport about 7 AM (0500 GMT).  Four people were killed and three injured.  The new terminal was inaugurated June 25.

Israel Discovers Gaza Tunnel

The Israeli Army found a large arms smuggling tunnel yesterday in the Brazil neighborhood of Rafah, 600 meters from the Egyptian border.  This was the second tunnel discovered by Israel in the Gaza incursion and the twelfth discovered this year.  Tunnels from Egypt are the primary route for smuggling arms for Palestinian terrorists.  Palestinian terrorists are also armed by weapons from Palestinian police.

Israeli troops have now pulled back from Rafah.  During the 6-day incursion, the Israeli Army uncovered tunnels, killed terrorists, and demolished homes used as a cover for terrorists.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is now engaged in a dictatorial move to get his cabinet to approve plans for incremental withdrawals from the Gaza Strip.  He said that he had already decided to withdraw in spite of the Likud referendum that he lost decisively and now all he is asking his Cabinet to do is approve the withdrawal methodology.

President Bush Smears Himself

President Bush, 57, fell off his mountain bike and smeared himself during the 16th mile of a 17-mile ride on his Texas ranch yesterday.  After the fall his doctor, who was with him, treated him for skins and bruises.  He skinned his chin, nose, neck, knees, and right hand.  But he was in good spirits afterward and finished his ride.  He fell on May 22, for cursing, and Day 143, for fulfillment.  President Bush is the 43rd President of the US.

The President was in Texas to attend the graduation party of his daughter, Jenna, from the University of Texas in Austin.  Jenna skipped the graduation ceremony just like her mother, Laura, who skipped her graduation ceremony in 1973.


Eighty-four tornadoes were reported in the USA.  The tornadoes were in  in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, Kansas, and Wisconsin.  Hallam, Nebraska was destroyed and one woman was killed.  There were at least 155 hail and 112 wind damage reports.

Today the image of an elephant on the weather map stretched over the Great Lakes to Texas.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Tropical Storm Agatha

Tropical Storm Agatha was named off the west coast of Mexico in the Pacific yesterday.  It is moving north-northwest with 40 knot winds.  Agatha is from the Greek agathos, which means good.  In the Bible it refers to good of intrinsic value, or divine good production.


A large tornado swarm with 84 reports, ravaged Nebraska and Iowa in the region of the Merarites, who carried the Tabernacle rigging with metal sockets and represent Fire Testing.  The Israeli Gaza operation is a type of Fire Testing as is the US fighting in Iraq, where a mosque was attacked today and a cache of weapons seized.  Tornadoes represent the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to the uncircumcised male.

To the south, the first tropical storm of the season, Agatha, formed off Mexico in the Pacific.  The eastern Pacific corresponds to Ecumenical Babylon, which opposes divine good production, or agathos, the root form of Agatha.

A section of the tunnel-like terminal at the Paris airport collapsed.  The tunnel-like section of the terminal corresponds to the Palestinian arms-smuggling tunnel that was discovered by Israel in Rafah.  The location of France in Europe corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  The Europeans were quick to condemn Israel's Gaza operation along with President Bush.  Yesterday, a section of the Paris airport tunnel-like tunnel, the pride of France, collapsed in a classic SNAFU (Situation Normal All Fouled Up).

President Bush, 57, smeared himself in a fall from his bike on his Texas ranch.  The number, 57, stands for Zebulun, which has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  Bush condemned Israel for the Gaza operation.  Those who curse Israel will be cursed (Genesis 12:3).  Bush fell on May 22, for cursing.  He was in Texas to attend the graduation party of Jenna Bush, who is 22.  Falling off a bike corresponds to falling off a horse in battle, which leaves a person down on the battlefield and vulnerable.  Jenna skipped her graduation ceremony like her mother who graduated in 1973.   A 73-year old woman was killed in the tornado in Hallam, Nebraska.  The number, 73, stands for freedom.

Bush's face, neck, right hand, neck, and knees were skinned.  The face stands for a person's appearance.  A smeared, skinned face represents disgrace.  The hand represents service.  His right hand was skinned, or judged.  The right hand is the Spiritual side and the strong hand of a right-handed person.  An injured right hand hinders one's ability to hold his sword.  The nose can represent the long proboscis, such as sticking the nose into Israel's business.  The front of the neck was skinned, which represents having the throat injured, or cut.  It can symbolize decapitation.  And the knees represent a person's ability to stand, walk, and run.  Injured knees are a sign of weakness.  Bush injured his right knee last year while running.

It was May 23, for a Spiritual uptrend in history.  And it was Day 144, for suffering.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  A large swarm of tornadoes ravaged Nebraska and Iowa, which symbolized devastation from the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to the uncircumcised male.  The first tropical storm, Agatha, popped up off Mexico in the Pacific in the region of Ecumenical Babylon.  The tunnel-like Paris airport tunnel collapse corresponded to the Israeli discovery of the large arms-smuggling tunnel in Gaza.  Bush opposed the Gaza operation and smeared himself yesterday.  He fell off his bike, which symbolizes falling off one's horse in battle and being vulnerable.


Author:  Larry Wood