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Great North Korean Train Disaster

Earth Day - Angels Plant Tree; Space Station Gyro Fails

Great North Korean Train Disaster

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April 22 (Day 113, Double Blessing):  Train cars laden with ammonium nitrate fertilizer exploded in a massive fireball at a North Korean railroad station near the Chinese border.  As many as 150 people were killed, 1,249 injured, and 1,800 houses or apartments destroyed with damage to an additional 6,350.  The massive explosion was sparked by two train cars carrying ammonium nitrate fertilizer touching a live electrical wire as the cars were being moved in the rail yard.  The explosion occurred about 1 PM (0400 GMT) at Ryongchon, which is 12 miles south of the China border.  The North Korean government cut off international telephone lines to prevent details of the crash from leaking out.

North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, had passed through the rail station as he returned from a secretive trip to China before dawn some nine hours earlier.  Kim is afraid of flying and travels by special train.  He is believed to have discussed the nuclear standoff with the US in his meetings in China.

Ryongchon is at 40 N., for maximum divine discipline, and 124 E., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  The train explosion is a sign of a strategic failure and a holocaust, or fire testing.  Kim has threatened nuclear war with the US.  The explosion of the train cars symbolized the blowing up of President Kim's strategic alliance with China.

Earth Day 2004 - Angels Plant Tree

President Bush celebrated Earth Day in Wells, Maine near his family's estate, by setting a goal of restoring or protecting three million acres of wetlands over the next five years.  The president toured a salt marsh accompanied by his mother Barbara.  Bush has raised the ire of Environmental Activists by putting people ahead of animals and trees.

Democratic Presidential candidate, John Kerry, celebrated Earth Day at the University of Houston in Houston, Texas.  Kerry criticized Houston for having smoggy skies like Los Angeles.  He attended a fundraiser tonight at the InterContinental Houston hotel.
Tree, SPC Storm Report, 4-21-04
Earth Day was celebrated in Ohio with tree planting and in California with cleanups.  Today was the 34th Anniversary of Earth Day, which began in 1970.  Wells, Maine is at 43 N., for fulfillment, and 70 W., for a pastor-teacher.  Bush is the 43rd President of the US.  The weather angels heralded Earth Day by drawing the picture of a tree over Crawford, Texas with severe weather reports on the SPC Storm Graphic.  Activism is evil, but appreciating Earth is appropriate in 2004, the year for the weakness of Earth in relation to the Ruler of Creation in Heaven.

Space Station Gyro Fails

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ISS Expedition 9 Patch, NASAHours after the new Expedition 9 crew arrived at the Space Station, another gyroscope failed.  A hard failure of the CMG-1 gyro two years ago left only three gyros operational.  After today's failure of the CMG-2 gyro there are only two operational.  At 4:18/04 PM EDT (2018/04 GMT) an alarm reporting a failure in a gyroscope was received.  The failure was isolated to a failed circuit within the gyroscope's remote power control unit.  The solution will be to replace the remote power control module (RPCM) during a space walk.  The gyros are needed to maintain the Space Station's orientation.

The failure occurred on April 22, for cursing.  The failure of the second of 4 gyros was at 4:18/04 PM EDT, where 4 is for weakness, per the meaning of the year, 2004.


One tornado was reported in the USA.  It was 6 miles northwest of Gage, Oklahoma at 36 N., for Ai, and 99 W., for almost but not quite.  There were at least 126 hail and 20 wind damage reports.

The severe weather formed the image of a tree on the SPC Storm graphic.

The weather map over the USA today featured the image of an elephant over the Pacific northwest.  An image resembling a crocodile was over the Great Lakes.  An elephant and a crocodile represent a demon Commander, such as Baal.


The tornado near Gage, Oklahoma was at 36 N., for Ai, and 99 W., for almost but not quite.  The severe weather formed the image of a tree on the SPC Storm graphic.  Trees, which were created on Day 3, represent the Trinity.  The tree centered over Crawford, Texas heralded Earth Day.  Crawford is the home of President Bush.  It was the 34th Anniversary of Earth Day, where 34 stands for the division of the land and points to the Middle East peace process.

What appears to be one of the world's worst train wrecks occurred in North Korea near the China border just hours after North Korea's President Kim passed through the station in Ryongchon.  The train explosion signifies a strategic failure of the highest magnitude.  President Kim was in China to discuss his nuclear standoff with the US.  Ryongchon is at 40 N., for maximum divine discipline, and 124 E., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.

The North Korean inferno was set off when 2 cars laden with ammonium nitrate fertilizer touched an electrical wire.  The resulting explosion killed many and destroyed or damaged thousands of houses.  The number, 2, stands for division or separation.  The two cars were separated from the main train just as President Kim had met with Chinese President Hu Jintao over North Korean nuclear strategy in defiance (separation from) the US.  The train explosion represented blowing yourself up along with your city.  North Korea's bull-headed leadership is killing its people.

The North Korean explosion occurred about 0400 GMT, where 4 corresponds to weakness and the meaning of the year, 2004.  Later in the day, the number, 4, was also associated with the power failure that knocked off gyro CMG-2 gyro in the Space Station.  It failed at 4:18/04 PM EDT (2018/04 GMT).  The CMG-2 gryo corresponds to the 2 train cars.  The Expedition 9 Mission patch features a cross, "X".  On the patch the solar wings of the Space Station are lodged in and touching the cross-hairs of the cross.  The solar wings provide electricity for the Space Station.  This symbolizes the North Korean train cars touching the live electrical wire.  An "X" is the standard symbol for a railroad crossing.  And the eagle, which represents a Throne Angel, in the patch is carrying a flaming stick.  This means the fire angels executed this Judgment.

Two train cars joined together is the sign of a marriage, or strategic alliance.  President Kim was seeking a strategic alliance with China to defy the US.  And the US is the partner with Russia in the International Space Station.  Russia is controlled by Baal.  And North Korea is a dying ember of the cold war.  Gyros are necessary to provide strategic direction, or attitude.  President Kim will self-destruct.

This was April 22, for cursing.  North Korea was cursed, and the Space Station was cursed.  It was Day 113, for the witness of double blessing.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The massive train explosion in North Korea just hours after President Kim passed through Ryongchon station represents a strategic failure of blowing your city up.  President Kim had just returned from China where he discussed the nuclear standoff with the US.  The explosion of the train cars symbolized the blowing up of President Kim's strategic alliance with China.


Author:  Larry Wood