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Rare Hurricane Hits Brazil

Hurricane, Brazil, 3-28-04, 0339 GMT

Rare Hurricane Hits Brazil

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March 28 (Day 88, Blessing):  A rare south Atlantic hurricane made landfall in Brazil shortly after midnight this morning.  The hurricane, packing winds estimated at 75 knots, struck the southern Atlantic coast of Brazil about 0339 GMT at about 29 S. and 49 W.  A man and a child were killed; 5 fishermen were missing after their boat sunk; and 3,000 people were left homeless.  A tree that fell on a car killed a man and seriously injured his wife.

Brazilian meteorologists insisted that the storm was an extratropical cyclone rather than a hurricane.  It is the first known hurricane strength storm in the south Atlantic since satellite tracking began in 1966.  Brazil is in the region of Judah in South American, which corresponds to military leadership.

Prosecutor Recommends Sharon Indictment

State Prosecutor Edna Arbel recommended to Attorney General Menachem Mazuz the indictment of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for allegedly receiving a bribe from David Appel in the Greek Island affair.   The Attorney General is expected to decide whether to indict Sharon within a month.  If charges are filed, Sharon will likely suspend himself.

NASA Breaks Speed Record

NASA's X-43A Scramjet set a new speed record as it soared to Mach 7 in a test yesterday off the California coast over the Pacific Ocean.  The wedge-nosed jet that looks more like a surfboard than a plane flew over 5,000 mph, which is 7 times the speed of sound.  The air-breathing engine with a little hydrogen for fuel traveled over 15 miles under its own control before it terminated its flight in the ocean per plan.  The X-43A was carried by a B-52 from Edwards Air Force Base about 3:40 PM PST.  It was boosted to 3,000 mph with a Pegasus booster before flying on its own.

This was an historic event that could pave the way for new space flight technology.  NASA hopes to fly at Mach 10 soon.


Seven tornadoes were reported in the USA.  All were in Kansas and Oklahoma.  A rare wedge-shaped tornado was reported in Edwards County, Kansas 8 miles north of Kinsley at 38 N., for dying in the wilderness, and 99 W., for almost but not quite.  There were at least 91 hail and 7 wind damage reports.  The severe weather was associated with a weather elephant.

The weather map over the USA today featured a weather elephant that stretched from the Great Lakes through Texas. An elephant symbolizes a demon Commander, such as Baal.


A rare wedge-shaped tornado was reported in Edwards County, Kansas at 38 N., for dying in the wilderness, and 99 W., for almost but not quite.  NASA set a new speed record with the wedge-nosed, X-43A scramjet in an historic flight over the Pacific.  The X-43A was carried by a B-52 from Edwards Air Force Base in California.  California in the US corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.

The first-known south-Atlantic hurricane made landfall just after midnight in Brazil.  Brazil corresponds to the region of Judah, for military leadership in South America.  Today Israel's Chief Prosecutor recommended that Ariel Sharon be indicted for taking bribes.  Ariel means female lion of God.  The female lion does the hunting.  Judah was symbolized by a lion.  Ariel Sharon is a famous military leader of Israel.  The first-known hurricane in the south Atlantic struck the land to the south, which symbolizes the Arab attack on Israel.  A hurricane represents the rejection of the grace message of the pastor-teacher by the local congregation like the rebellious female who rejects the authority of her Right Man.

Today was March 28th, for a cosmic stronghold, or storm.  And it was Day 88 for blessing.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  A wedge tornado corresponded to the flight of the wedge-nosed X-43A.  The weather angels saw the irony in the flat nose.  The hurricane that hit Brazil corresponded to the cursing of Ariel Sharon


Author:  Larry Wood