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Hamas Head Killed

Baghdad Hotel Bombed

Hamas Head Killed

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March 22 (Day 82, Historical Breakpoint):  Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, 67, the founder and head of the Hamas terrorist organization, was killed by an Israeli missile strike this morning.  Three missiles were fired at Yassin's vehicle around 5:30 AM as he left a Gaza mosque.  Seven of Yassin's bodyguards were also killed.  Two of them were Yassin's terrorist sons.

In 1973 Yassin formed the Mujama‘ organization, which was registered by Israel as a charity in 1978.  He was arrested in 1984 along with 5 others for terrorism funded by Jordan, but he was released in 1985 in a prisoner exchange with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command (PFLP-GC).  After Hamas kidnapped and killed two Israeli soldiers in 1989 in its first attack on Israel, 300 Hamas members including Yassin were arrested.  Israel made Hamas membership a crime, and sentenced Yassin to life in prison.  In 1992, Hamas kidnapped an Israeli soldier and demanded Yassin's release.  When Rabin refused, the soldier was was killed.  Yassin was released in October 1997 in a deal with Jordan to secure the release of two Mossad agents who were held for trying to kill Hamas leader Khaled Mash'al.

Knife and Hatchet Attacks in Israel

Three Israelis were injured by a knife wielding Arab man on bus Number 10 in Jaffa.  The Arab man got away.  And three Israelis were injured by a Palestinian with a hatchet outside a Tel Aviv army base.  The 19-year old Palestinian got out of a car and began attacking people.  He was arrested.  Tel Aviv and Jaffa are at 32 N., for a conspiracy, and 34 E., for the division of the land.


No tornadoes or other severe weather was reported in the USA.

The weather map over the USA today featured a weather elephant over the Pacific northwest and California earlier.  It later moved inland over Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada.  An elephant symbolizes a demon Commander, such as Baal.


Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, 67, for giving of worldly possessions, was killed by an Israeli missile strike.  Yassin began his rise to power as the leader of the Mujama‘ charity.  He founded the Hamas terrorist organization.  He died on March 22nd, for cursing, in fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant.
And I will bless those who bless you,
And the one who curses you I will curse.
And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3, NAS)
Yassin died on Day 82, for an historical breakpoint.  Three missiles were fired at his car.  Three members of the Yassin family died.  Afterward, three Israelis were stabbed and three Israelis were injured by a hatchet in Tel Aviv.  The number, 3, represents the Justice of the Holy Spirit, which is represented by the air from whence the missiles came.  Knives are associated with Molech (or Baal) and the hatchet with Bel, the god of Babylon.  Tel Aviv is at 32 N., for a conspiracy, and 34 E., for the division of the land.  The cursing was associated with the peace process and Hamas, both of which seek to change the division of the land of Israel.

Today, Ariel Sharon survived four no-confidence votes in the Knesset.  The number, 4, represents weakness in the year, 2004.  A weather elephant over the Pacific northwest represented the spoils of victory, which pointed to Israel's killing of the Hamas head.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Sheikh Ahmed Yassin's death represented the curse of Abraham against the enemies of Israel.


Author:  Larry Wood