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Jerusalem Bus Bombing

Afghan Arms Explosion; Israeli-Hizbullah Prisoner Swap

Jerusalem Bus Bombing

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January 29 (Day 29, Victory Over Edom):  A Palestinian terrorist blew up an Israeli Bus in Jerusalem that killed 10 and injured about 50.  Egged Bus 19 was blown up by Ali Yusuf Jaara, 24, a Palestinian policeman from Bethlehem who was also in the  Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades.  At the time of the bombing about 9 AM, US Deputy ASS (Assistant Secretary of State) David Satterfield and US envoy John Wolf were meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz.  They were discussing easing conditions for the Palestinian population in an attempt to revive the Road Map for peace.

Satterfield's Record

Satterfield's last visit to Israel was December 13, 2003, the day Saddam Hussein was captured.  The Palestinians fired at least 21 mortar rounds at the Gush Katif settlement block in the next 24 hours.  Satterfield's visit to the previous Palestinian Prime Minister in May, 2003 was accompanied by the bombing of an Israeli bus in Jerusalem by Hamas.  His previous visit to Israel in November, 2002 was heralded by a Palestinian terrorist attack on Kibbutz Metzer.  Satterfield means the field of a satyr, a demon depicted as half-man/half-goat (Isaiah 13:21; 34:14; Leviticus 17:7; 2 Chronicles 11:15).

Afghan Arms Explosion Kills US Soldiers

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An explosion of an arms cache in Afghanistan killed 8 US soldiers and injured 3 and an Afghan interpreter.  The cause of the explosion at 3:00 PM in Ghazni, 60 miles southwest of the capital, Kabul, is under investigation.

Israeli-Hizbullah Prisoner Exchange

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In a prisoner swap between Israel and the Lebanese Hizbullah, an Israeli businessman and the bodies of 3 Israeli soldiers were returned to Israel.  In return Israel released 401 Palestinian prisoners and 29 Arab detainees.  In addition, Israel returned the bodies of 59 Lebanese fighters.

The three Israeli soldiers had died in October 2000 in the ambush at Shaba Farm on the Lebanon-Israeli border.  The Israeli businessman was Elhanan Tennenbaum, who is also a reserve Colonel in the Israeli Army.  He was taken captive by Hizbullah also in October 2000 (39 months ago) while on a business trip.  The circumstances of Tennenbaum's business trip are more than a little confusing.

The name Elhanan is the Hebrew El (God) + chanan (gracious), meaning God is gracious.  God's policy toward mankind is Love, which is expressed in Grace.  The Lord rules from the Throne of Grace (Hebrews 4:16).  The prayers for Elhanan were obviously answered.

Arkansas Death Row Cells Open

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The cells of 26 death-row inmates opened for three minutes yesterday after a guard pressed the wrong button in Arkansas' highest security Varner Supermax Unit.  The inmates stayed in their cells, but the guard was fired.


No tornadoes or other severe weather was reported in the USA.

The images on the weather map featured a weather elephant over the Pacific northwest.  Another stretched from Mexico through Texas, Florida, and the Gulf coast.   An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


A Palestinian terrorist, age 24, killed 10 Israelis in Jerusalem when he blew up Israeli bus #19, for the federal judiciary.  The number, 24, stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  At the time, US Deputy ASS (Assistant Secretary of State) David Satterfield and US envoy John Wolf were meeting with the Israeli Defense Minister.  Satterfield's record is abysmal.  His trips to Israel back to November, 2002 have been marked by bombings and violence.  At the time of today's terrorist bombing, he was trying to get Israel to relax security over the Palestinians.  That was totally asinine as history has again demonstrated.  Satterfield, as his name implies, was on the World Stage to represent a satyr goat demon, who opposes Israel.

A weather elephant was over the Pacific northwest in the region of Benjamin, the wolf who ate the spoils of victory.  The US envoy with Satterfield was John Wolf.

The Palestinian terrorist bombing came on the day Israel released 401 Palestinian prisoners.  As history has revealed, Arafat never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.  A Palestinian terrorist blew up an Israeli bus before the prisoner swap.  Objectivity has departed from government leaders.  The 401 Palestinian prisoners represent weakness per the meaning of the year, 2004.  The Israeli businessman and the three soldiers whose bodies were returned, all went missing in October, 2000, which is 39 months ago.  The year, 2000, stood for the crossing of the Jordan, and 39 is for the sin unto death.

The doors that opened on 26 death row cells in Arkansas heralded the prisoner release in Israel.  The SNAFU (Situation Normal All Fouled Up) in Arkansas represented letting the worst criminals go free.  On January 26th Florida teenage murderer, Lionel Tate, was released after serving 3 years.  Admittedly, Lionel does appear to be a changed person, since he was taken away from his mother and forced to obey strict authority, but this was a pitiful excuse for justice.  In all this the number, 26, stands for Political Babylon, which replaced authority and justice.  These cases in the US heralded the release of the Palestinian criminals in Israel, which was also a political deal in which there was no justice.  Murderers and terrorists should be executed.  If not, what's a government for?  The name, Lionel, is a French pet form of Leon, but it is also lion + el (God) = lion of God, which is the same as Ariel.  Lionel went free in Florida, which has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  This heralded Ariel Sharon's release of 401 Palestinian criminals and terrorists.

US soldiers were killed when an arms cache blew up in Afghanistan.  This was Fire Testing just as the Israeli bus explosion was.  Both were cursing due to violation of the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 12:3).  Both Israel and the US were cursed.

It was January 29th, for victory over Edom.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The Israeli bus bombing and the arms cache explosion in Afghanistan both were Fire Testing and cursing associated with the Abrahamic Covenant.


Author:  Larry Wood