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Bush Plan to Shoot the Moon

Andrew Fastow Pleads Guilty; Tanker Falls from the Sky

Bush Plan to Shoot the MoonPresident Bush, NASA Headquarters, 1-14-04, NASA

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January 14 (Day 14, Passover):  President Bush unveiled a new strategic vision for NASA for the next 16 years.  The new vision called for phasing out the aging Shuttle fleet, finishing the Space Station, building a new spaceship, and going to the Moon.  Bush outlined his vision to explore the Solar System with a modest increase of $250 million a year in NASA's budget.  The ambitious plan calls for development of a new crew transport vehicle by 2008 with the first manned mission no later than 2014.  The Space Shuttle will be phased out by 2008, and the Space Station will be completed by 2010.  The plan is to establish a base on the Moon by 2020.

Andrew Fastow Pleads Guilty

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Andrew Fastow, former Enron Chief Financial Officer, pleaded guilty to 2 counts of conspiracy in a plea agreement in exchange for a 10-year sentence without parole.  His wife Lea, 42, also pleaded guilty to one count of tax evasion in a plea agreement that would require that she receive a 5-month sentence.  Andrew Fastow, 42, was being charged with 98 counts of fraud.  He entered his guilty plea this afternoon at 2:30 PM CST in Houston, and Lea entered her plea at 4:15 PM CST.

Tanker Falls from the Sky

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A gasoline tanker semi drove off an overpass and exploded in flame on Interstate 95 in Elkridge, Maryland southwest of Baltimore.  Four people were killed yesterday in the 2:45 PM EST holocaust, and I-95 was closed through the busy afternoon rush hour.  The northbound lanes were not reopened until 3:30 AM today.
Goat, 1-14-04, 2330 GMT, PSC Goat, 1-15-04, 0030 GMT, PSC


No tornadoes or other severe weather was reported in the USA.

The images on the weather map featured weather elephants over Texas and over New Mexico and Arizona that also resembled a goat.  A weather elephant was also over the west coast.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  A goat represents an evil leader.


President Bush unveiled a new vision for NASA to go to the Moon in keeping with the meaning of the year, 2004, for the weakness of Earth in relation to the Ruler of Creation in Heaven.  He pronounced the death knell for the Shuttle and also the Space Station, although in less specific terms.  The fantasy of reaching the heavens began at the Tower of Babel, and the US trip to the Moon was just the latest attempt of mankind to reach the heavens, or "be like the Most High" (Isaiah 14:14).  Although it is awesome to see and understand the secrets of the planets, there is really very little point in going to them.  It makes a nice science fantasy, but no other significant reason has been offered for sending men there.

Bush's day of glory at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC was heralded yesterday at the same time by a gasoline tanker that fell from the sky onto I-95 below.  The holocaust was just up the road from Washington, DC.  The blocking of busy, I-95 symbolizes a strategic failure.  Today a Palestinian female suicide bomber blew up an Israeli checkpoint in the Gaza Strip.  The two signs fit together.  Florida, which will likely be the launch site for NASA's next generation crew exploration vehicle, has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  There was a weather elephant over the west coast, where California is related to Israel.

Andrew Fastow, 42, and his wife, Lea, 42, pleaded guilty in the Enron scandal in Houston court.  The number, 42, stands for, Baal, the bear, and Russia.  A weather elephant that also appeared to be part of a goat was over Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.  A goat represents an evil leader.  Andrew Fastow was the former CFO of Enron.  He is scheduled to be sentenced April 19 and will be out on bond until then.  Texas is the home of President Bush as well as Enron.  And New Mexico and Arizon are in the region of Gad, the raiding band, or terrorists.

It was January 14th, for the passover.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The President's announcement of a new strategic vision for NASA came in 2004, which represents the weakness of Earth in relation to the Ruler of Creation in Heaven.


Author:  Larry Wood