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Don't Fence Me In

Cultural Values at War

Turkey, SPC Storm Report, 6-16-02

Don't Fence Me In

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June 17 (Day 168, Serving in Edom):  As Israel began to build a 215-mile fence around the West Bank yesterday, cultural division based upon fundamental human values brought a new mix of opponents and supporters.  Strong opponents of the new fence were First Lady, Laura Bush, Palestinian Chairman, Yasser Arafat, the US pro-Arab State Department, and Israel's ultra right equivalent of supporters of the Abrahamic Covenant.  Supporters of the fence included former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Israeli Defense Minister, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer.  The White House spokesman, Scott McClellan, said it was an Israeli security decision.

Within the supporters and opponents were members of the left and right wings.  The supporters and opponents gave different reasons for their positions.  Laura Bush expressed the values of Texas culture.  Texans think they are sovereign and without boundaries.  Arafat doesn't want to be boxed in because he wants all of Israel.  And the Israeli ultra-right don't want the wall because they recognize their right to the entire land.  Ben-Eliezer wants the wall because he wants two separate states, which is legalism.  Benjamin Netanyahu wants the wall for Israeli security, which is defensive legalism.

The fence divides the pie into two parts, which is precisely what President Bush is supporting in his vision.  However, two things side-by-side are the sign of a witness.

Elephants, 6-18-02, 0115 GMT, PSC


One tornado was reported in the USA.  It was in Richmond, Massachusetts at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia, and 73 W., for freedom.  There were at least 30 hail and 19 wind damage reports.  The image on the SPC Storm graphic formed a turkey.

Today, the image of weather elephants were over the Pacific northwest, Florida, and off the east coast of the USA.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


A tornado in Richmond, Massachusetts was at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia, and 73 W., for freedom.  The image on the SPC Storm graphic formed a turkey, which is noted for being a dumb bird.  The turkey is an American bird that symbolizes the fool who lacks understanding.  The turkey was also the description of the Bush-Saudi peace plan which was given by the angels when Saudi Prince Abdullah visited Crawford, Texas.  President Bush is madly working on a speech for June 20th to outline more of his turkey foreign policy.  A weather elephant was over Florida today.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The Palestinians are the centerpiece of the turkey foreign policy.

There were sharp divisions and caustic remarks today drawn from cultural values relative to the fence Israel is building around the West Bank.  Laura Bush even waded into the arguments against the fence.  Regardless of the reasons she gave, her real reasons stemmed from her Texas roots.  The Texans and the Palestinians have a lot in common.  Both are inherently lawless like the wild west; yet both are very parochial.  You have to be born in Texas to be accepted.  Both think they are sovereign, or at least, have sovereign boundaries.  Both have a love affair with the land.  Yet, they hate fences.

Today was June 17th, for lawlessness.  And it was Day 168, for serving in Edom.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The weather angels support believers and emphasize various issues on the Stage of Life.  The angels control animals, who have symbolic meaning from Bible Doctrine.  The turkey is not mentioned, per se, in the Bible, but the turkey symbolizes the fool, which is frequently mentioned.  To be called a turkey by the angels is not very complimentary.  People who don't know God are foolish.  They don't know that God loves them and has a superior design for their lives.

Knowing God's design for life begins with Salvation.  The Lord Jesus Christ paid for the sins of the world on the cross, so that sinful mankind can be reconciled to God.  God will accept anyone who accepts the payment of Jesus Christ on the Cross on their behalf.  Faith in Jesus Christ is the way of Salvation.

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved" (Acts 16:31).  "Everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life" (John 3:16b).

Author:  Larry Wood