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Saudi Prince Visits Bush Ranch

Saudi Prince Visits Bush Ranch

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April 25 (Day 115, Witness of a Covering):  Saudi Prince Abdullah visited President Bush at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.  Prince Abdullah arrived at Waco about noon and traveled via bus to Bush's ranch at Crawford.  There was a 2-hour meeting between the Bush and Saudi delegations.  After lunch, Bush took the Prince on a tour of his 1,600 acre ranch in his pickup truck.  The angels summarized the Summit in one word as Bush reported the major event of the tour.  They saw a turkey.  The word surely echoed was, "Turkey!" because seeing a wild turkey is a rare event.

However, in symbolic language the turkey is a distinctly American bird with a reputation for being stupid.  Tame turkeys will hold their heads up and drown in a thundershower.  Of course, wild turkeys are not as dumb as their domesticated cousins, but turkey is nevertheless synonymous with stupid.  Even smart people can appear dumb at times, but when the angels call a person a turkey, it hurts double because the angels would never belittle anyone.  However, their job is to reveal the truth, which called for a turkey to enter the scene.

President Bush met with an anti-Semitic Arab who pressured him to crack down on Israel.  Bush II, the post April 4th Bush, a new personality, dutifully made it clear in his news conference that he had demanded an Israeli withdrawal.  It was obvious that the Saudi Prince is opposed to military action against Saddam Hussein.  So what did Bush get out of this meeting?  He said, bonding and a promise that the Saudis would not play the oil card.

NY Building Explosion

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An explosion of chemicals in a building in New York injured about 42 people, 12 critically.  The explosion occurred about 11:29 AM EDT in a basement where chemicals were kept under the 11-story building at 111-121 West 19th Street in the Chelsea section of Manhattan.  Some of the chemicals that exploded were 55 gallon drums of acetone.  The force of the explosion went up the elevator shaft and blew out windows and doors off their hinges.

Elephant, 4-26-02, 0045 GMT, NOAA


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Nine tornadoes were reported in the USA.  All but one of the tornadoes were in Missouri.  The first was in van Buren at 37 N., for a warrior, and 91 W., for a coup de grace.   There were at least 114 hail and 28 wind damage reports.  The severe weather was associated with the elephant that had moved over the Great Lakes today.

Today, the image of an elephant was over Texas.  The eye of the elephant was over Crawford.  The image of a snake was off the east coast.  This is the 12th day of weather elephants along this line through Texas due to the jet stream (current), which is controlled by the weather angels (Daniel 7:2; 8:8; Revelation 7:1).  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal. A snake represents Satan.


Nine tornadoes were reported in the USA.  All but one of the tornadoes were in Missouri.  The first was in van Buren at 37 N., for a warrior, and 91 W., for a coup de grace.  As President Bush met with Saudi Prince Abdullah in Texas, a chemical explosion in an 11-story building in New York was like a coup de grace.  The explosion at 111-121 West 19th Street was like the explosions of September 11th.  The number, 11, stands for a witness.  The Bush meeting with the Saudi Prince represented a witness.  The number, 19, stands for the federal judiciary.

Regardless of the human cause of the explosion, it was designed into human history as a reminder of the September 11th attack in which 15 of the 19 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia.  The New York explosion heralded the arrival of Prince Abdullah in Crawford.  The fire angels did not forget the connection.  The explosion in New York was Fire Testing.

The meeting of President Bush and Prince Abdullah was summarized by the angels with one word, "Turkey!"  As Bush gave Prince Abdullah a tour of his ranch, they saw a wild turkey, which undoubtedly evoked the response.  A turkey is the symbol of stupidity.  The peace proposal of Prince Abdullah is straight from hell.  And Bush II's catering to the Saudi is political duplicity.  Bush's personality is so stressed that he has now become a different person.  Politicians operate without values, but the Arab hatred of Israel is rooted in values.  A politician can go the way the wind blows, but an Arab will never stop being anti-Semitic.  Bush won't change Abdullah.  It was obvious that Bush got nowhere with Abdullah.

The eye of the weather elephant over Texas today was over Crawford.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  Baal is the force behind Prince Abdullah.  Off the east coast was a striking snake, the symbol of Satan.

Today was April 25th for Sovereignty.  The Bush meeting with Prince Abdullah was on a day that shouted Sovereignty, which means God does not back either of these two because they are defying the Sovereignty of God in the land for peace proposal.  The Saudi peace plan is not even smart, and anyone in the USA who backs it only proves he is a turkey.  A moral to the story is never take an evil guest into the wilderness because the angels will tell on you.  And it was Day 115, for the witness of a covering.  The building that exploded in New York was 11 stories, and the explosion was in the basement, which was covered by the building.  God did all this, and He covered the US-Saudi counterattack upon the Abrahamic Covenant.  Bush and Abdullah lost today.

Author:  Larry Wood