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Pastor and Wife Killed Between Rail Crossing Pillars

Pastor and Wife Killed Between Rail Crossing Pillars
Birth Charts

Pastor and Wife Killed Between Rail Crossing Pillars

January 14 (Day 14, Passover):  A pastor and his wife were killed Sunday after church at 2:20 PM EST (1920 GMT) when their SUV was hit by an Amtrak train in Whitakers, North Carolina.  The driver attempted to maneuver around the guard rails between the railroad crossing signals, which stood like pillars on both sides of East Nash Street heading toward SE Railroad Street.2  The oncoming Amtrak train 89, the Palmetto, traveling South from New York to Savannah smashed the 2003 GMC SUV.  Eugene and Dorothy Lyons were ejected and killed at the scene.  The train with its passengers was delayed for hours while the accident scene was processed.

          Crossing Pillar, Nash Street, WRAL         RR
          Crossing Pillar, Nash Street, WRAL

Eugene was the driver according to a corrected report on January 16.  A witness said he gunned the car trying to get around the guard rail.1  He was the pastor of the Messiah Baptist Church in Whitakers.  He was 64, for weakness, and his wife was 65, for going down.  They lived in Battleboro, a few miles to the South.  Eugene's friend at work, Kymari Garrett, a fellow Christian, recalled Eugene's mindset in his last conversations.  Garrett said,
We was talking Wednesday about him retiring and going into full time ministry, on the things he wanted to accomplish. This has just bothered me so bad that this happen to an awesome anointed man of faith.  I'm still in disbelief about this whole situation. The last conversation we had at work Saturday @ 4:25 was a life giving conversation that I will never forget. He told me Saturday in his (Jamaican voice) he said 'I'm just tired. I don't work for man, I work for God.

He said 'Kymorin some days I'm not going to be here but you know now everything that I've taught you to do. I'm getting old and I'm getting out of here because I've got some place to be.'  He said I like you because nobody that works with me understands me as well as you do, people think I'm crazy but as Long as God knows me that's all that matter, be safe this weekend, let's praise God Sunday and see you Tuesday morning for work.3 
Eugene's last conversations with Garrett indicate that he was tired of living and preoccupied with going away, to somewhere else that he had to go (Ps 55:6).  This indicates that before his death he was under the influence of an angel associated with death.  Before death people are often in fellowship with angels or demons.  According to Dorothy's sister, the couple were killed after they went back to the church to get something they forgot.  This is a sign of distraction, often from Satan.4 

The sudden cataclysmic death of Eugene Lyons and his wife Dorothy at the same time means they had a witness in death.  Ananias and his wife Sapphira had such a witness.  They both held a common sin of lying to the Holy Spirit and died about three hours apart.  They were buried side-by-side as a symbol of the witness of sudden death from the hand of God to those who lie to the Holy Spirit under the influence of Satan (Acts 5:1-11).  Lying in the grave, they symbolized the witness of two fallen pillars, corresponding to the meaning of the year 2018, for a pillar in the temple.


Amtrak Wreck
        ChartThe Chart at the time of collision of the Amtrak train and the SUV of Eugene and Dorothy Lyons contains a Bowl being poured out.  The Bowl is mostly on the Temporal side of the Chart with only two planets on the Spiritual side.  The Bowl being poured out is a symbol of the wrath of God, cursing, and death (Jer 7:20; Lam 2:12; Mk 14:24; 2 Tim 4:6; Rev 16:1, 2-17).

The two planets on the Spiritual side of the Chart were the Mediator Planet and the Redeemer.  The Mediator Planet was on the cusp of Pisces, for a pastor.  Eugene Lyons was a pastor.  Pisces corresponds to the region of the Levites which would include Georgia, where the Amtrak train was headed.  The Mediator Planet was between Aries, for New York, and Pisces, for Georgia.  The train was traveling from New York City to Savammah, Georgia.  The Redeemer Planet was in Aquarius, for being redeemed from Sheol.  Eugene and Dorothy Lyons were Christians and went to Heaven even though they died under questionable circumstances.

The curses that were poured out are on the right, Temporal side of the Chart where there were two groups of three planets.  All were in Sagittarius with the exception of one on the cusp of Capricornus.  The five planets in Sagittarius, including the Sun and Moon, give great power to the influence of this sign in the Chart.  Sagittarius symbolizes the cavalry and corresponds to an army and battle scene.  There were 120 passengers on the train and other people on the ground.  The angels and demons with these people were likely engaged in battle.

Scorpius, which was empty, was setting.  For example, Satan and criminality associated with Scorpius were nullified because the guilty parties were dead and could not be charged.  Their sins were paid for by the Lord Jesus Christ, and neither Satan nor the Law could touch them.

The Red Planet and Almighty God Planet were in conjunction in Libra.
  1. Red Planet - bloody judgment of the train collision
  2. Almighty God - sudden Divine Judgment as with a rod of iron striking a clay pot.

Birth Charts

                      Lyons Birth Chart
            Eugene Lyons
Dorothy Lyons Birth Chart
            Dorothy Lyons

The Birth Charts of Eugene and Dorothy Lyons have much in common.  They share the same Moon sign of Taurus which indicates that they were very likely Right Man and Right Woman.  Dorothy's Sun sign was Leo, for North Carolina, where both were born in adjoining counties.  They both had Bowls in their Charts, but since the time of birth is not known, the orientation of the Bowls and determination of blessing or cursing cannot be made.  There was also a Bowl configuration at the time of their deaths.  Both were born on the ninth, for the cursing of the Plagues of Egypt.  Both had two groups of three planets just as occurred at the time of their deaths.


Eugene Lyons was a Baptist pastor in Whitakers, North Carolina who was frustrated with his current life and wanted to do something different.  He remarked to a coworker that he was "getting out of here because I've got some place to be."   The next day on January 14, 2018 after church he was hit by an Amtrak train at a railroad crossing.  He and his wife, Dorothy, were ejected from their SUV and died at the scene..  The number 14 is for the Passover.  Eugene and his wife failed to cross over the railroad tracks ahead of the train, but they did pass over into Heaven. 

The 2003 GMC SUV of Eugene Lyons was hit by Amtrak train number 89.  The number 2003 is for the Justice of the Holy Spirit, and 89 is for an authority counterattack, which corresponds to being outside the bounds of authority.  That was the case when Eugene Lyons drove around the guard rail at the railroad crossing.  He violated the authority of the traffic laws, but that is not necessarily a death sentence.  There was more to it than that.  He was killed after he went back to the church to get something that he or his wife had been forgotten.  Forgetting can be due to distraction form Satan.  Then Eugene became frustrated and tried to go around the guard rail at the railroad crossing.  This is a sign that he was under angelic power, probably from Satan, and was being driven to his death. 

God alone determines the time, manner, and place of death.  Death glorifies God.  God demonstrated the meaning of the year
2018 in the deaths of the pastor and his wife.  The railroad crossing signals on the left and right sides of Nash Street symbolized pillars like the two bronze pillars at the entrance of Solomon's Temple.   The pillars outside Solomon's Temple were 18 cubits high, and thus the number 18 stands for a pillar in the Temple, as per the meaning of the year 2018.

Pillars can also symbolize people.  Pillars can stand or fall.  A person filled with the Holy Spirit and sanctified from the world inside the Divine Dynasphere symbolizes a standing pillar.  A person lying flat after being hit by a train symbolizes a fallen pillar, corresponding to destruction.  And a dead body lying down in the grave symbolizes a fallen pillar.  Eugene and Dorothy Lyons lived together, died together, and will be buried together.  They died a horrible death from the wrath of God when they failed to wait for the Grace of God to open the railroad crossing gate.  Baptists seldom make it to the Laver (Rebound and Sanctification) and almost never go through the Door of Grace Orientation in the Tabernacle.  They live in the world and bury their dead like the heathen. 

The deaths of Eugene and Dorothy Lyons and their subsequent burial demonstrates the wrath of God that awaits all who violate the sacred path between the two pillars that mark the way into Eternal Life and fellowship with God.   The 120 passengers on the Amtrak train who didn't go to church were forced to wait for hours and think about the fate that awaits them as unbelievers.  And the workers who picked up the pieces of the Lyons' SUV were forced to think about their own destiny with death. 

Great blessing awaits those who follow the way between the pillars into the Temple in 2018, but cataclysmic judgment from the wrath of God awaits all who reject the path of Righteousness between the pillars (Rom 1:18; Heb 10:26, 27). 


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Released January 17, 2018 - Revised Jan. 19, 2018

Author:  Larry Wood