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Lawless Tropical Storm Philippe

                Storm Philippe, UW

Lawless Tropical Storm Philippe

Lawless Tropical Storm Philippe

Tropical Storm

October 29 (Day 302, Division):  Tropical Storm Philippe formed under the horse's head of Cuba on October 28, 2017 and proceeded across the southern tip of Florida and up the East coast the next day.  After being named a tropical storm South of Cuba, it proceeded over Cuba near Havana.  As it went North toward Key West, its eye fell apart, and the center of circulation became difficult to find as it proceeded across the southern tip of Florida early on the morning of October 29, 2017.

The storm crossed Florida with minimal wind and rain.  It hooked up with a weather elephant cold front off the East coast of Florida and proceeded North.  Off the coast of Florida in the Atlantic it made a graphic display of a male sex act beginning at 1645 UTC (12:45 PM EDT).  At the time many should have been church, the weather angel apparently preached his own sermon for the reversionists.  This display was mild compared to descriptions of illicit sex in the Old Testament.


Even though weather angels have portrayed phalluses in the past, this one was different in that it was animated.  It was made by an Elect Angel and was therefore serious.  The display was obviously a sermon for all those who are preoccupied with sexual promiscuity, such as those in the news media today.

A tropical storm symbolizes a rebellious congregation that rejects the Grace message of the pastor like the Right Woman who rebels against the authority of her Right Man.  Both men and women are in the congregation.  A tropical storm on the water also symbolizes the Prostitute of Babylon, who sits on many waters (Rev 17:1, 2).  The image of the male having sex in the tropical storm symbolized one of the members of the congregation who was under the influence of Satan as the Prostitute of Babylon.  He also symbolized the wrong man copulating with the wrong woman.

Cuba is shaped like a horse's head and neck.  A horse symbolizes war and a male phallic reversionist.  The name Philippe, from philos and hippos, means horse lover.  Cuba in the Greater Antilles is also the head of the Beast rising from the sea (Rev 13:1).  Thus, Tropical Storm Philippe was associated with Cuba and Satan.  The congregation that rejects the Grace message of the pastor is in the Cosmic System under Satan, as is the woman who rejects her Right Man.  The pastor must defeat Satan to free his congregation, and the Right Man must defeat Satan to free his Right Woman.

The Millennium is symbolized by good sex with the Right Woman.
Jeremiah 31:22
How long will you wander in reversionism,
O faithless daughter?
For the LORD has created a new thing in the Earth—
A female will encompass a mighty man.

Jeremiah's congregation was unfaithful like a promiscuous woman.  In the Millennium "a female will encompass a mighty man (Lord as Right Man)."   This refers to sex and symbolizes marriage of the Lord and Israel at the Second Advent under the New Covenant to Israel.


Tropical Storm Philippe, meaning horse lover, formed South of Cuba and crossed the southern tip of Florida before moving off the East coast.  It merged with a weather elephant, symbolizing an illicit union with Baal, corresponding to the influence of the Prostitute of Babylon.  The Tropical Storm symbolized the congregation under the influence of Satan as the Prostitute of Babylon.

The portrayal of a male sex act by the storm was the symbol of promiscuity and lawlessness in the rebellious congregation.  Rather than heed the Grace message of the pastor, the congregation has been taken over by Satan.  The weather angel preached a sermon to give the gossips something to talk about.  Those who are in the Cosmic System enslaved to Satan cannot learn Bible Doctrine, and those who are not in Spiritual Rapport cannot live in sanctified matrimony.  Sex with a reversionist even in Marriage is empowered by Satan and his demons. 


1.  Howard Cohen, "Tropical Storm Philippe makes for a wet day and night in South Florida," Miami Herald, Oct. 28, 2017.

Released October 29, 2017 - Revised Oct. 30, 2017

Author:  Larry Wood