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Hurricane Irma Signs of Prostitute of Babylon

Hurricane Irma Signs of Prostitute of Babylon

Hurricane Irma Rolling Up Island Coasts

Puerto Rico
Landfall Florida
Near Key West

Hurricane Irma Signs of Prostitute of BabylonPath

September 15 (Day 258, Levite):  After barreling over islands in the Lesser Antilles, Hurricane Irma rolled off the coast of Puerto Rico and Hispaniola and up the coast of Cuba before crossing the straits of Florida and making landfall near Naples, Florida.  It devastated Barbuda, St. John, and St. Thomas where it made direct hits as a Category 5 hurricane.  However, as it drove up the coast of the islands of the Greater Antilles, it responded to prayer and lost its punch.  Puerto Rico was on the good (left) side of the hurricane and only received 40-knot winds gusting to 55 knots at San Juan airport, which was about 8.8 miles from the inner eyewall of the Category 5 hurricane.
St. Martin, 9-6-17, 1045 GMT
St. Martin, 9-6-17
Barbuda, 9-6-17, 0545 GMT
Barbuda, 9-6-17

As Hurricane Irma crossed the Atlantic as a Category 5 hurricane, Satan induced fear, and panic struck the residents of Florida.  Even when the National Weather Service could not accurately predict the path of the storm because it was unpredictable, the Governor appealed to residents of South Florida to evacuate.  However, there was really nowhere to run.  North, East, and West were all in the path of the storm, which was coming from the South.

People in Florida boarded their windows and evacuated in a panic.  Some evacuated directly into the new path of the storm up the West coast.  Most Floridians are Yankees and immigrants who have no understanding of hurricanes.  Of course the National Weather Service, FEMA Director, and the Governor demonstrated their fear and superstition also.  They imagined worst case and panicked.

The hurricane dug deeper on the coast of Cuba than predicted and weakened.  When it finally crossed near Key West and made landfall on Marco Island on September 10, 2017, it was actually reported by a reconnaissance aircraft as having 64-knot surface wind.2  That is just shy of a hurricane.  However, the weather service still classified it as a Category 3.

There was local flooding around Naples as expected.  After making landfall in Collier County, the storm went North through Lakeland in Polk County, where it did very little actual damage.   Maximum wind recorded by the weather service in Lakeland was at 12:15 AM on September 11 with East wind of 51 mph gusting to 67 mph.  The storm bypassed Tampa, which was on the Temporal (good) side.  It even dried up a large part of Tampa Bay before it arrived.  As the storm proceeded North, it weakened, but not without spawning some tornadoes, disrupting power, and bringing some flooding in Flagler County, around Jacksonville, and to the orange groves in Central Florida.  The wind was strong enough that power companies had to temporarily turn off power, and the Florida peninsula was left in the dark.

Hurricane Irma set records (some of which may be subject to question).  It was the strongest Atlantic hurricane outside the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean with winds of 185 mph (Andrew had 175 mph wind).  It had the lowest pressure (914 mb).  It was the longest lived at maximum strength (37 hours with winds of 185 mph).  It was the strongest storm to hit the Leeward Islands. It also had more accumulated cyclone energy (ACE of 67.5 units) in a 24-hour period.


BeastThe Greater and Lesser Antilles portray the beast rising from the sea (Rev 13:1).  Massive Hurricane Irma hit islands in the Lesser Antilles, the tail of the beast.  It rolled over the top of Puerto Rico, the tailbone of the beast.  It rolled over the top of Hispaniola, the turtle and belly of the beast.  Then it rolled up the top of Cuba, the neck of the horse (or beast).  The hurricane sitting atop Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, and Cuba symbolizes the Prostitute of Babylon riding the Beast (Rev 17:3).  The islands symbolized the Beast, and Hurricane Irma symbolized the Prostitute of Babylon.

After losing its punch, Hurricane Irma made landfall on Marco Island near Naples, Florida.  As it moved inland it weakened and gave up the ghost of Satan to symbolize the Fall of Babylon.  Mark is an Italian name, and Naples in Florida corresponds to the same relative location as Naples in Italy south of Rome.  The Roman Empire will be revived in the Tribulation as the European Union.

The land of Florida did not symbolize the Beast.  It symbolized the Right Pastor and Right Man.  Tropical Storm Irma over Florida symbolized the Prostitute of Babylon, which took over the congregation of the Church (Rev 2:20).  Irma over Florida also symbolized Job's bitter wife under the power of Satan.

An hurricane symbolizes rejection of the Grace message of the pastor by the local congregation like the rejection of the authority of the Right Man by the Right Woman.  Those who fled Hurricane Irma symbolized those who failed the test of the Four Generation Curse.  Those who were hemmed in with no where to run symbolized the stalemate between the US and North Korea.  Those who failed the test include reversionists, apostates, and apparently all elected officials in the state of Florida.

Hurricanes, 9-6-17

There were three hurricanes in the Atlantic and Caribbean Katia, Irma, and Jose.  The three in parallel symbolized Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon.  Hurricane Katia made landfall in Mexico just after the great earthquake hit Mexico on September 7, 2017.  Hurricane Irma symbolized Kim Jong Un, the Evil King and man of lawlessness of North Korea.  Irma became a monster to symbolize testing of the hydrogen bomb by North Korea.  After the test the problem was taken to the United Nations (Ecumenical Babylon). World leaders of the US, Russia, China, South Korea, and Japan (Political Babylon) were in an uproar.  Then Kim Jong Un conducted another missile launch over Japan on September 15, 2017.  On that day the path of Hurricane Jose made a loop, corresponding to a crook, criminal, reversionist, or lawlessness.

The name Irma means complete or universal.  The island of Barbuda suffered almost complete destruction such that all inhabitants had to evacuate the island.  Complete can also be taken as to fulfill.  The Right Woman completes the Right Man and is fulfilled by him.  Only the Right Man with an Edification Complex of the Soul can satisfy the Right Woman.


Hurricane Irma Landfall FL ChartThe Chart at the time of landfall on Marco Island, Florida contains a Kite, a Gurney, and a Plow.  A Kite symbolizes the blessing of the cross.  These blessings came to those who passed Crisis Testing associated with the hurricane and were delivered from the Four Generation Curse.  The Kite turned on the Sun in Leo, for a glorious king.  A Gurney is for transporting the dead and injured, corresponding to casualties of the storm which included those in a nursing home in Hollywood, Florida.  A Plow is for intensified suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow though the Kite symbolizes suffering in the storm.

The Moon was in Aries, for Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon.  The hurricane was the symbol of the Prostitute of Babylon sitting on many waters (Rev 17:1, 15), corresponding to the rebellious congregation (Rev 2:20) and to Job's wife under the power of Satan (Job 2:9).

The Mediator Planet in Aries symbolized the officials who collectively lied to the people about the storm.

Sagittarius was on the Ascendant with the Last Adam, for an enemy attack.  But also rising was the God of the Covenants in Scorpius at the point of the Plow, for final judgment, corresponding to the death of the storm and fall of Babylon (Rev 14:8; 18:2; Isa 21:9; Jer 51:8).

Three planets in Leo and Cancer also formed a Family Configuration.

  1. Morning Star in Cancer herald of alarm, corresponding to alarm from the approaching hurricane.
  2. Savior in Leo glorious royal son.
  3. Red Planet in Leo roaring lion, corresponding to President Trump roaring at Kim Jung Un.
The Family Configuration symbolizes the Four Generation Curse, corresponding to those who failed the Crisis Test of Hurricane Irma.  This was also symbolized by the eight who died in the nursing home in Hollywood, Florida due to the heat after the storm.

The Almighty God Planet was in Virgo near Midheaven, for a famous powerful woman, corresponding to the records set by Hurricane Irma.  The eye of the storm went through Lakeland in Polk County, which is Florida county #5, for a giant.


Hurricane Irma arose in conjunction with the hydrogen bomb test of Kim Jung Un.  The hurricane became a Category 5 giant that destroyed islands in the Lesser Antilles and rolled up the coasts of the Greater Antilles to symbolize the Prostitute of Babylon riding the Beast.  The Beast is Satan as the Evil King, Antichrist, and man of lawlessness, and the Prostitute of Babylon is Satan as the goddess of love.

Hurricane Irma was significantly weakened by its evil relationship with the islands before it got to Florida.  It made landfall in Florida as a minimal hurricane or giant tropical storm.  It went through Lakeland in Polk County, which is Florida County #5, for a giant.  It was previously a giant Category 5 hurricane, but it had weakened to a tropical storm.  As the storm continued North through the peninsula of Florida, it weakened and began to die out. However, it still lashed out with tornadoes, local flooding, and power outages.  Most of the power in the Florida peninsula was out as a symbol of the Judgment of Political Babylon.

Hurricane Irma was the central hurricane of three in the Atlantic and Caribbean.  The three symbolized Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon, corresponding to the world-wide judgment associated with the rise of Kim Jung Un's nuclear and missile programs.  Kim Jung Un is an Evil King under the power of Satan.  As Hurricane Irma came through, the Church waged Spiritual war against Satan, who seemed to be everywhere controlling the government, the people, and the media.

The threat of Irma required the pastor to deal with it.  God answered prayer and delivered Florida as well as the islands of the Greater Antilles by Grace.  However, there was a mess in Florida due to the evacuations brought on by the Governor, Satan, and the hornet Elect Angels.  The mass evacuations symbolized the refugees of war and demonstrated that it is impossible to evacuate Florida.  This illustrates the predicament of dealing with Kim Jung Un.  He and President Trump are in a stalemate.  They might as well shut up and go home.  If Kim Jung Un ever attacks, he will be annihilated, and if President Trump initiates an attack upon him, he will be completely odious in the eyes of the world.

Before and during Hurricane Irma Satan's attack was powerful and widespread.  God called for the hurricane, and a weather angel flew it, but Satan exploited it to induce fear and panic.  What happened in the Church Age in the spiritual realm will actually occur on the World Stage in the Tribulation when the Antichrist arrives and the Prostitute of Babylon falls (Rev 17:12; 18:2, 10).


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Released September 16, 2017

Author:  Larry Wood