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Resuscitated Hurricane Harvey Texas Landfall

Hurricane Harvey
Resuscitated Hurricane Harvey Texas Landfall

Resuscitated Hurricane Harvey Texas LandfallHurricane Harvey Landfall

August 26 (Day 238, Witness):  Hurricane Harvey arose from death to strike Texas.  It made landfall north of Corpus Christi between Port Aransas and Rockport.  The eye reached the coast at 8:14 PM CDT (0114 GMT) on August 25, 2017, Day 237.  According to buoy measurements in the eye wall, Harvey was a strong Category I hurricane with winds of 80-90 knots.  It came in at low tide which helped.  Nevertheless, there was damage to weaker structures on the coast and inland there were uprooted trees.  Giant oak trees fell on houses in Victoria after the ground was saturated.

Due to major evacuations, the only idiots running around in the hurricane were newscasters.  After making landfall Harvey maintained its eye well inland.  It stalled the next day, August 26, before reaching as far North as San Antonio.  It is predicted to drift around and rain for a day or two.

Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Harvey

On August 26 Harvey appeared as a horse, or donkey, like the one standing in water in Rockport along Highway 188 on August 26 as shown in the Houston Chronicle.2  A donkey in water is worse than a horse as a sign of promiscuity and lawlessness (Ezek 23:20).  The infrared weather image also contained a couple of other strange signs.  There was a black silhouette of a man over Louisiana.  That could mean the man of lawlessness, since Louisiana symbolizes Simeon criminality.  There was also a silhouette of an angel with a back face, corresponding to the Angel of Death.  This was Day 238, for dying in the wilderness.
Buoy PTAT2
At the time of landfall buoy PTAT2 in the path of the hurricane recorded wind of 64 knots gusting to 87 knots.  The peak wind recorded by the buoy was 83 knots gusting to 95 knots.  Other buoys recorded lower readings.  These readings are consistent with the roof tiles that were lost on only some houses.


Tropical Storm Harvey crossed Aruba on August 19.  After crossing Aruba, the storm disintegrated.  After drifting across the Yucatan into the Gulf of Mexico, it suddenly resuscitated and became a Tropical Storm again on August 24.  It was resuscitated three days after the Solar Eclipse, which symbolized death, burial, and resurrection.  Christ arose on the third day.  On August 24, the day of Harvey's resuscitation, Aruba news reported that forensic investigators had determined that bone fragments found in Aruba were from a European (Caucasian), and they were excited that it might be the remains of Natalee Holloway.


Hurricane Harvey Landfall ChartThe Chart at the time of landfall of Hurricane Harvey contained a Kite, a Grand Cross, and a Coffin.  A Kite symbolizes the blessing of the cross, corresponding to prosperity on the Texas coast.  A Grand Cross is the most intensive sign of suffering in a chart, and a Coffin is for burying the dead.  The initial death toll from Harvey was one.

The Redeemer Planet was on the Ascendant in Aquarius, for being redeemed from the sea, corresponding to what happened to Harvey.  Capricornus was rising.  The region of Capricornus corresponds to Texas.

The Sun and Savior Planet were on the Descendant in Leo as part of a Royal Family configuration.

Midheaven was in Scorpius in conjunction with the God of the Covenants, for final judgment.  The Bottom of Heaven was in Taurus, for the death of royalty.

The Morning Star was in Cancer for suffering due to a safety breach, corresponding to the arrival of Hurricane Harvey.  This was also a sign of the security breach of thousands of aliens crossing the border in Texas.  The aliens, who do not share our culture, were brought by Satan to destroy this country just as he did at the Tower of Babel.  In this Texas contributed greatly to the destruction of Client Nation USA.  The donkey standing in water is also a sign of the Prostitute of Babylon (Rev 17:1, 15) and man of lawlessness (2 Thess 2:3), corresponding to the God of the Covenants in Scorpius in Midheaven, for the final destruction of the lawless ones.


Hurricane Harvey was resuscitated on August 24 and rapidly intensified to a strong hurricane.  It disintegrated after crossing Aruba, where Natalee Holloway died in 2005.  On August 24 when the initial forensic analysis results revealed that bone fragments found in Aruba belonged to a European (Caucasian), the storm resuscitated.  It arose three days after the Solar Eclipse, which symbolizes death, burial, and resurrection.  It arose with a vengeance and struck Texas with strong winds and heavy rain.

It stalled the next day, August 26, 2017, Day 238, where the numbers mean:  26 Political Babylon, 17 lawlessness, and 238 dying in the wilderness.  It is predicted to be stalled over Texas also on Day 239, for the Sin Leading to Death.

The infrared image of Harvey appeared to show the man of lawlessness and the Angel of Death.  The Chart at landfall contained a Coffin, for burying the dead.  The death toll from the hurricane was not high (only one initially).  However, the hurricane was associated with the death of Natalee Holloway.  Texas is in the region of Capricornus, for Gentile lawlessness.  The storm stalled over Texas, producing heavy rain, the symbol of lawlessness.  So, Hurricane Harvey, which stalled over Texas, has become a graphic symbol of the year 2017, for lawlessness.


1.   Nicole Pelletiere, "Natalee Holloway's father 'shocked' over human remains found in Aruba," ABC News, Aug 25, 2017.
2.  Photo: Godofredo A. Vasquez, "Donkey," Houston Chronicle, Aug. 26, 2017.

Released August 26, 2017 - Revised Aug. 27, 2017

Author:  Larry Wood