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London Bridge Terror Attack

London Bridge Terror Attack

London Bridge Terror Attack

June 3 (Day 154, Salvation):  A large white van with three men inside drove over pedestrians on London Bridge at 10:08 PM BST (2108 GMT).  When the van stopped after hitting a bus stop, the three men jumped out in the Borough Market area and began stabbing people in restaurants and pubs with large knives.   Initial casualties included 7 killed and 48 injured.

One policeman attacked the terrorists with his billy club, since London police do not carry guns.   He was badly slashed.  However, armed police in Armed Response Vehicles quickly arrived and killed the three terrorists in a hail of about 50 shots.  The police took precaution to kill the terrorists since they appeared to be wearing suicide bomb vests.  However, the vests were later determined to be fake.  The terrorists were killed within 8 minutes after they started their attack.

The London Bridge terrorist attack occurred on June 3, 2017, Day 154.  There were three terrorists, where the number three is for the Justice of the Holy Spirit.  God allowed the attack, and Satan as the man of lawlessness carried it out.  The year 2017 is for lawlessness.

The planets overhead formed a Wagon with a Plow through it.  The Wagon Configuration corresponded to the large white van driven by the terrorists.  The Plow symbolized those who were plowed down on the sidewalk.  The Plow is shaped like a corner.  The van came to a stop at a street corner.


London Bridge Attack ChartThe Chart at the time of the London Bridge attack contains a large Wagon and a Plow.  The Wagon symbolized the white van driven by the terrorists.  The Plow is for suffering, like being plowed under.  Pedestrians were plowed down by the terrorists, and the van came to a stop on a street corner, corresponding to a Plow.  The Plow pointed to the Redeemer in Aquarius, for being redeemed from Sheol.  Aquarius corresponds to the Thames River under the bridge.

The Sun was in Taurus, for the king's royal majesty.  Taurus corresponds to Great Britain, which is a symbol of Western Gentile culture associated with the Church (Rom 9:23, 24; Col 1:27).  Satan planned the terrorist attack to destroy Western Civilization.  The Anglo-Saxon culture of Great Britain is the symbol of Western Civilization.

The Moon was in conjunction with the Almighty God Planet in Virgo.

  1. Almighty God a powerful woman, corresponding to British Prime Minister Theresa May.
  2. Moon civil servants, who were called to meet after the attack.
The God of the Covenants in Sagittarius was on the Ascendant, for the doctrine of war, which in this case was Jihad.  The attack was based upon Islamic Jihad.

The Red Planet was in Gemini on the Descendant, for a bloody bridegroom, corresponding to those who were bloody from the attack and to the breakdown of Marriage Culture.  The bridge symbolized the husband in Marriage.  The river underneath symbolized the wife.

Midheaven was in Libra, for a glorious deliverer, corresponding to the rapid police response that ended the terrorist attack in eight minutes.

The Bottom of Heaven was in Aries, for the death of a leader.  British Prime Minister May was campaigning for re-election before the attack, which may make or break her.  The Bottom of Heaven was in conjunction with the Mediator Planet and Morning Star in Aries.

  1. Mediator a director, corresponding to the British Prime Minister.
  2. Morning Star herald of assembly, corresponding to the meeting of British government committees and Parliament to deal with the terrorist problem.
The Savior Planet was also in Aries, for a shepherd or pastor.  The terrorist attack in London was actually a Satanic attack on the Church.


The London Bridge terrorist attack occurred on June 3, 2017.  There were three terrorists in a white van.  The number 3 is for the Justice of the Holy Spirit.  The attack was Divine punishment in the First Cycle of National Cursing.  

Satan, the murderer, implemented the attack while the Elect Angel Michael stood down.   Satan used people to drive the van and stab people.  The Elect Angels protected some and left others to be struck down.  The genius of Satan was behind the attack.  The attack came with the Sun in Taurus, corresponding to Great Britain, the symbol of Western Gentile culture in the Church as opposed to Middle Eastern Islam.

London Bridge in the center of the business district is a strong symbol of London and Western culture.  The current bridge began operation in 1973, where 73 is for freedom.  The terrorist attack on the bridge with the Red Planet in Gemini also indicates an attack on Marriage Culture, which is the foundation of society.  A bridge symbolizes the husband, and a river symbolizes the wife.

Government leaders are unable to effectively deal with these attacks since they are the work of Satan.  Only the Church can fight Satan.


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Released June 4, 2017

Author:  Larry Wood