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Schizophrenic Dog Attacks in Florida and New Jersey

Schizophrenic Dog Attacks in Florida and New Jersey
Lunar Eclipse Chart

Schizophrenic Dog Attacks in Florida and New Jersey

February 11 (Day 42, Baal):  A dog attacked a girls' basketball team on a school bus in Camden, New Jersey at 9 AM EST (1400 GMT) on the day of the Lunar Eclipse.  The dog followed the coach in the door of the bus, and two girls were bitten in the panic and confusion that followed.  The girls were taken to the hospital, and the dog was trapped on the bus.  In Titusville, Florida three hours later I was attacked by a pair of dogs and bitten while out jogging.  In both cases the dogs were possessed by Satan.

There are similarities between the dog attacks in New Jersey and Florida.  The dog followed the coach into the bus in New Jersey as the girls' basketball team was preparing to go to a tournament consolation game.  In Florida the two black dogs followed the owner out the front door, recognized me as their enemy, and attacked.  The owner, who can't control his dogs, is the father of a house of girls.

The girls on the basketball team were traumatized and crying.  The coach had to call a timeout early in the game to help them focus, but they won the game 43-35.  The number 43 is for fulfillment.  The coach won his 100th victory, where 100 is for maximum Divine Good production.  The number 35 is for rest from enemies.

NJ Dog Attack ChartThe dog attacks in New Jersey and Florida occurred on the day of a penumbral Lunar Eclipse as Comet 45P was closest to Earth.  At the time of the New Jersey dog attack three planets in a Family Configuration were rising in Pisces.  The Red Planet was on the Ascendant.  The Sun was in Capricornus, for the glory of the world or light of the Gentiles, and the Moon was in Leo, for a politician.

  1. Morning Star herald of assembly (for the ball game or Church service).  Satan attacks before the assembly.
  2. Red Planet Bloody prophet, injured team member.  Two players were bit.
  3. Mediator pastor, teacher.
The dog attack upon the Family corresponds to the attack upon the team or congregation.  This is like the wolf (false teacher) who attacks the flock (Jn 10:12, 13).  The dog attack upon the shepherd, or pastor, symbolizes Satan's attack upon the good shepherd who is expected to lay down his life for the sheep (Jn 10:11).  Dogs (Gentile reversionists) surrounded Jesus Christ on the cross (Ps 22:16).

Lunar Eclipse Chart

Lunar Eclipse ChartThe dog attacks in the US occurred the morning after the penumbral Lunar Eclipse.  Maximum eclipse was in Africa in Bamako, Mali on February 11, Day 42, but was visible the night before on the East Coast of the US.  The eclipse featured an overturned Castle and a Plow.  The Plow symbolized intensified suffering in the Castle, corresponding to the house of Jezebel or some other house, such as Woodrow Wilson High School (basketball team).   The house of Jezebel was judged by Jehu under the Four Generation Curse.

The Sun was in Capricornus, for the glory of the world, and the Moon was in Cancer, for security over a group.  There were 650 whales dying on the beach in New Zealand.  The long line of beached whales symbolized the attack on US borders by illegal immigrants.  It also symbolized an amphibious assault.  Also Congressional town hall meetings in the US were being disrupted by lawless protesters demanding socialized medicine (Obama Care).  These reversionists were demanding the government pay their medical expenses for dying the Sin Leading to Death.


The dog attack upon the girl's basketball team at Woodrow Wilson High School in Camden, NJ was an attack from Satan.  The attack symbolized a false teacher as a wolf attacking the flock.  The dogs that attacked me in Florida were possessed by Satan.  My angel stood down and let Satan attack, but he also quickly drove the dogs away and prevented further injury.  My case was an attack upon the pastor of Providential Preventative Suffering.  I was not badly injured.  Like the girls in New Jersey, I was able to collect my poise and prepare my lesson for Sunday.

The dog attacks illustrate false teachers under the influence of Satan.  The dogs were schizophrenic.  Schizophrenia is not a psychological problem, but a spiritual problem caused by Satan.

The dog attacks were on February 11, 2017, Day 42, where 11 is for a witness, 2017 is for lawlessness, and 42 is for Baal.  It was the day of the Lunar Eclipse and closest approach to Earth of Comet 45P.  A Lunar Eclipse symbolizes the death of the woman in the Garden in sin.  It also symbolizes Eclipse Testing of the Right Woman.  A comet symbolizes a reversionist and a false teacher (Jude 1:12, 13).  Both are under the influence of Satan, like the dogs.

The two dogs that attacked the jogger in Florida corresponded to the two Russian Su-24 aircraft that buzzed the USS Porter in the Black Sea the day before.  Florida in Zebulun corresponds to air and sea defense.

The dog attack on the school bus in New Jersey corresponded to an Iraqi F-16 attack that killed ISIS senior commanders in Anbar province in Iraq the same day.  The dog symbolized the F-16.

The significance of Woodrow Wilson, who was from New Jersey, should not be missed.  He was the opposite of Theodore Roosevelt.3  Wilson, a liberal Democrat, led the nation into World War I, the League of Nations, and women's suffrage.  Satan ruled through him, and an Elect Angel, probably Michael, struck him down with his sword with a massive stroke.

The conflict between Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson is being played out today between President Trump and former President Obama.


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Released February 13, 2017 - Revised Feb. 14, 2017

Author:  Larry Wood