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Bull Moose Tornadoes Strike Hattiesburg

Bull Moose, 1-21-17, UW
Inauguration of Donald Trump
Women's March on Washington

Bull Moose Tornadoes Strike Hattiesburg

January 21 (Day 21, Providential Preventative Suffering):  Tornadoes that came from a weather system shaped like a bull moose devastated parts of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Four people were killed.  Homes were swept away and businesses damaged.  The first tornado struck northwest of Purvis at 3:38 AM CST (0938 GMT).  Then tornadoes proceeded Northeast across Hattiesburg through Petal.  Tornadoes continued across the state line into Alabama where four were injured near Toxey.

A tornado symbolizes the breakdown of Marriage Culture from the uncircumcised male i.e. the lawless male.  There was heavy rainfall associated with the tornadoes, corresponding to promiscuous females.  Mississippi is in the region of Levi and Pisces, corresponding to law enforcement, which is the establish answer to lawlessness.

The bull moose is a non herd-bound animal that lives in the forest and fights for the right to mate his selected female moose.  The moose is the largest member of the deer family.  It has a large rack of antlers, which are a symbol of power.

The Progressive Party, called the Bull Moose Party, was formed by Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 because he was dissatisfied with the policies of the Republican Party.  It was called the Bull Moose Party because Roosevelt said he felt as fit as a bull moose.  The Progressive Party did not last, however, and it ended in 1916.  Thus, it has parallels to what has happened one hundred years later from 2012-2016.  Roosevelt was a man with a backbone like Donald Trump.

Women's March on Washington

Women descended on Washington, DC and even met in pockets around the world to protest Donald Trump.  They wore pink, especially pink hats.  One of their many complaints was that Donald doesn't love them.  They have an agenda, and Trump doesn't fit that agenda.  Before the inauguration they decided to gather the day after and make a big scene to protest.  So, they weren't protesting his inauguration speech.  They were protesting him.

The message proclaimed by the weather angels appears to be that the women who marched on Washington see Donald Trump as a bull moose.  Women don't usually understand authority, and that's why marriages fail.  They understand love but not authority.  They think the President of the US should have love not authority.

Pink is a color for lust.  A person falls into lust from the Old Sin Nature when he or she fails to understand or believe the truth.  Reaction to the truth drops the soul into slavery to the OSN.  So, the women rejected Trump's strong establishment message.  They rejected his authority as the highest authority in the land.  If they don't respect the President, they won't respect any man.  They have no use for authority.

By organizing the women to protest the inauguration of President Trump, Satan was empowering the Prostitute of Babylon to attack both the Divine Institutions of Nationalism and Marriage.  The sea of women who showed up to protest in Washington was so great they couldn't even march.  These women are all full of the devil, and wherever they go they will take the devil with them and be frustrated.  They will take the devil with them and destroy their families, marriages, schools, businesses, churches, and work to destroy their country.


The tornadoes around Hattiesburg, Mississippi were devastating.  They symbolized the cursing of the nation due to the breakdown of Marriage Culture from the uncircumcised male.  The tornadoes were spawned by a cloud formation in the shape of a bull moose.  Mississippi is in the region associated with Levi, Pisces, and law enforcement.  The tornadoes and heavy rain accompanying them symbolized lawlessness, corresponding to the meaning of the year 2017.

The bull moose tornadoes were the herald of the women's protest of President Trump in Washington, DC.  The weather angels put the bull moose picture in the sky for a reason.  One reason appears to be that the women who were reacting to Trump by marching on Washington were reacting because they saw him as a bull moose.

Satan was behind the march on Washington.  By stirring up the women, he was attacking both the Divine Institutions of Nationalism and Marriage.


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Released January 21, 2017

Author:  Larry Wood