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Inauguration of Donald Trump

Inauguration of Donald Trump

Inauguration of Donald Trump

January 20 (Day 20, External Gates):  Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the US.  After taking the oath of office at noon in front of the Capitol, he proceeded to deliver an inauguration speech such has not been heard in recent times.  As he began the speech, it started to rain.  Raining on an inauguration is a bad omen, like raining on a parade.  This was but one of several bad signs associated with the inauguration.Reptile, 1-20-17, UW

The rain came from a weather elephant that had morphed into the image of a reptile that was climbing onto a throne.  The reptile goes by various names, but corresponds to an alligator, dragon, or beast rising from the sea (the Antichrist) (Rev 13:1).  Thus, it symbolizes the "man of lawlessness," or Antichrist (2 Thess 2:3), who is restrained by the Church.

Inauguration ChartThe Chart at the time Trump took the oath of office contained a Bowl judgment.  All the planets were on the light side of the Chart except two.  This portrayed a dome, corresponding to the Capitol dome behind the President.  It also portrayed cursing at noon a bad sign (Jer 6:4; Hos 4:5).

Earlier in the day the same Bowl judgment dome was in the chart of a vehicular mass murder in Melbourne, Australia where a madman plowed his car through a pedestrian walk.  The driver wore a red cap like Trump supporters at the inauguration.

In his speech Trump presented himself as the servant of the people and announced a break with the past and a vision to put America first and make it great again.  He tore into bungling bureaucratic policies of the past and announced a break with foreign countries who are getting rich at our expense.  He promised historic change, even hinting at Millennial rhetoric.


Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the US, where 45 stands for victory over the stronghold.  The previous president was number 44, for suffering, which certainly came true.

Trump promised change and a break with the past.  But he was inaugurated under a Bowl judgment with the Bowl shaped like the US Capitol dome.  He has the conviction of Jehu, and he has the opportunity to govern after the Church has overcome the Four Generation Curse.  He will need the Church to protect him from Satan, who still runs the government and most institutions in the country.

There were bad omens associated with the inauguration.  It rained on Trump's speech.  The rain was from the image of a reptile overhead.  This symbol of the Antichrist and "man of lawlessness" has not previously been seen before on the weather map.  This sign along with the sign of the vehicular mass murder in Australia indicates that Satan is very angry.

The only hope for prosperity requires restraining Satan and his "man of lawlessness," who rules government institutions as the Evil King and Prostitute of Babylon.  Only the true Church can restrain Satan and his antichrists.  National prosperity comes through the "salt of the Earth" through doctrinal believers (Matt 5:13).  As goes the Church, so goes the nation.  Today the Church is sorely depleted.


1.  "I will be the People's President:," Daily Mail, Jan. 20, 2017.

Released January 20, 2017

Author:  Larry Wood