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Orlando Day of Lawlessness

Orlando Day of Lawlessness

Orlando Day of Lawlessness

January 9 (Day 9, Plagues of Egypt):  With the Governor in town on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Orlando was stomped by the "man of lawlessness."  It began at Sunrise when fugitive Markeith Lloyd, 41, was shopping at Walmart.  He was wanted for the December 13, 2016 murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, 24.  He talked to the cashier about God and family.  Someone recognized him and reported it to Orlando police Master Sergeant Debra Clayton, 42, who was in the store on duty.

Clayton confronted Lloyd in the parking lot, and he started shooting.  She was outmanned and outgunned by the "man of lawlessness."  He shot her multiple times.  She was wearing body armor and returned fire, but never hit him.  She died shortly thereafter.  Clayton was a 17-year veteran of the Orlando Police Department.

In the manhunt that followed Lloyd shot through a deputy's windshield, carjacked a car, and got away.  Two deputies on motorcycles crashed, and one of them was killed.


Satan as the "man of lawlessness" (ref. 2 Thess 2:3) was allowed to prevail over Orlando Law Enforcement on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.  Michael stood down and allowed Satan, the murderer, to have the day.  Even the Governor of Florida was on hand.  It was January 9, for the Plagues of Egypt.

Police officer Debra Clayton, 42, a 17-year veteran, was killed.  The number 42 is for the Prostitute of Babylon, which Clayton symbolized as the police woman, and 17 is for lawlessness, per the meaning of the year 2017.  The Plan of God called for Satan as the "man of lawlessness" in fugitive Markeith Lloyd to murder the symbolic Prostitute of Babylon.


Shooting ChartThe Chart at the time of the shooting contained a Plow pointed at the Last Adam and Sun in conjunction on the Ascendant in Sagittarius, for an enemy attack and angelic army.  Satan, the enemy, attacked through Markeith Lloyd, and the angelic army of Michael stood down.  Also a Locomotive indicated the strategic objective of the Almighty God Planet in Virgo, for a powerful woman, corresponding to promotion of women in traditional male roles, such as the military and law enforcement.

There were three pairs of planets in the Chart, for a flood, which was occurring in California.  Gemini was on the Descendant, corresponding to California going down in the flood.

The Moon was in Taurus, for a prosperous group.  Orlando is prosperous, but much of the prosperity is due to worldliness.

The three planets in Aquarius symbolize Satan's response to National Police Appreciation Day in Florida.  The three planets can be grouped as a family, for the police family or the Four Generation Curse.

  1. Morning Star exposing the mystery of lawlessness of Satan (2 Thess 2:7).
  2. Redeemer redeemed from Sheol or the flood (in California).
  3. Red Planet a martyr or the curse of lawlessness (Ecumenical Babylon)


Satan seized the day in Orlando when the "man of lawlessness" murdered police officer Debra Clayton, and a motorcycle deputy was killed in a crash orchestrated by angels.  Governor Scott was on hand as he was for the news conference after the Pulse homosexual nightclub massacre.  He shared in the infamy.  His background is healthcare (after the fact).

Clayton was 42, for the Prostitute of Babylon, and a 17-year veteran, where 17 is for lawlessness.

All this happened because it was 2017, the year of lawlessness, and God let Satan rule the day.  The destruction of law enforcement and the criminal justice system always precedes the fall of a nation.  It was January 9, for the Plagues of Egypt, which is a type of the world.  Orlando with its Disney World symbolizes the world with its lawlessness.  The "mystery of lawlessness" (2 Thess 2:7) was exposed in Orlando.


1.  Rene Stutzman, Stephanie Allen, "Orlando police still hunting for man who killed officer," Orlando Sentinel, Jan. 9, 2017.

Released January 10, 2017

Author:  Larry Wood