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Ft. Lauderdale Airport Mass Shooting

Ft. Lauderdale Airport Mass Shooting

Ft. Lauderdale Airport Mass Shooting

January 6 (Day 6, Man):  A gunman armed with a pistol went on shooting spree at Ft. Lauderdale Airport and killed 5 and injured 8.  The alleged gunman, Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, 26, arrived from Alaska where he was a security guard.  He picked up his checked bag with a gun in it; went to a bathroom, took out the gun, loaded it, and went back into the baggage claim area and began shooting people.  After running out of ammunition, he dropped the gun, lay down, and waited for law enforcement to arrest him.

Santiago had served in the National Guard in Puerto Rico.  He was discharged from the Alaska National Guard with a general discharge four months ago.  He was born in New Jersey.  He spent a year in Afghanistan in 2010 where he began to have mental health problems.  He was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital in Nov. 2016 in Alaska after trying to report himself to the FBI.


The shooting was the work of Satan, who is a murderer.  Santiago's symptoms appear to be paranoid schizophrenia, although that is not an official diagnosis.  Satan causes schizophrenia.

The shooting was under another Bowl judgment.  The Moon was on the Ascendant in Aries, for Jezebel.  Aries is the region of New Jersey, where Santiago was born.  The Plow in the Bowl pointed to the Last Adam in conjunction with the Sun and Midheaven in Sagittarius, for a notorious enemy attack.  Satan is the enemy (Matt 13:39).

It was January 6, 2017, where 6 is for a man stripped of his power standing before the conquering king.  Santiago surrendered to the Sheriff's Office with the FBI standing by.  The year 2017 is for lawlessness, which characterized Santiago's actions.  The shooting was in Broward County, which is Florida County #10, for the Laws of Establishment, corresponding to the Ten Commandments, which Santiago violated.


It makes no sense for a person to travel all the way from Alaska to Florida in the middle of the winter for the sole purpose of killing a few people in 45 seconds with a pistol.  So what's the deal?  It was an angelic operation to symbolize the King of the North in the Tribulation (Rev 9:1, 2).   He came out of Russia on a white horse, and his navy came through the Bosporus in Turkey.  He put a holding force in Jerusalem and drove South into Ethiopia before he had to return to the final Battle of Armageddon.

Alaska corresponds to Russia.  Minneapolis corresponds to Israel, and Ethiopia corresponds to Florida, the destination of all the winter tourists.  Ethiopia is Cush, the son of Ham, the hot one (Gen 10:6).  It was sunny and warm in Florida in stark contrast to the cold, harsh North.  The warm South corresponds to lawlessness (antinomianism) of the Prostitute of Babylon and the cold North to legalism of the Evil King (Satan the murderer and Antichrist).

On the day of the shooting in Florida, President-elect Trump was receiving an intelligence briefing about alleged Russian hacking in the Presidential election.  Esteban Santiago flew South like a migratory bird along a path corresponding to the path of the King of the North.  The King of the North rode the white horse, corresponding to Sagittarius, which was at the point of the Plow in the center of the Bowl judgment.

The King of the North had a crown on his head.  Esteban means crown, and Santiago means St. James, or Jacob.  Jacob became Israel.  Israel with the crown is the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of David who will conquer at the Second Advent.  That's why Santiago had to yell, "I am not a Jew."  It was because he did not symbolize the return of Jacob from Haran over a similar path, but he symbolized the King of the North who opposed Israel.  His birth chart contains the Almighty God Planet in Gemini at the center of a Sling, for the Lord who will celebrate the Marriage Feast with His bride at the Second Advent.


Ft. Lauderdale Shooting ChartThe Chart at the time of the shooting contained another Bowl judgment, for cursing poured out by the Elect Angels.  All of the planets were on the Light side of the Chart except one.  This shooting was near noon (about 12:56 PM EST, 1756 GMT) in broad daylight (ref. Hos 4:5).  The Plow pointed to the Last Adam in conjunction with the Sun and Midheaven in Sagittarius.  The planets were part of a Family configuration, corresponding to the Four Generation Curse.  Mental illness that begins around age 20 is associated with the Cycles of National Cursing and the Four Generation Curse.

The Moon on the Ascendant in Aries symbolized Jezebel, who is Satan's representative.   Aries corresponds to the region of New Jersey, where Santiago was born.  The Sun was in Sagittarius, for an angelic army, corresponding to the army of Michael at the scene to take away the dead.

There were three planets in Aquarius, corresponding to Florida, where the shooting occurred.

  1. Red Planet bloody water, or blood running from the shooting.
  2. Redeemer Redeemed from the flood (those running away)
  3. Morning Star herald.


The Ft. Lauderdale shooting was the work of Satan, the "man of lawlessness," corresponding to the meaning of the year 2017, for lawlessness.  The shooting occurred under a Bowl judgment poured out by the Elect Angels (Michael).  The mental illness of the alleged shooter was apparently from Satan.  The busy airport was closed after the shooting.

The path of the shooter from Alaska to Minneapolis to Florida corresponds to the path of the King of the North from Russia to Israel to Ethiopia in the Tribulation.  The shooter symbolized the "man of lawlessness," who is the Antichrist in the Tribulation.  The shooter went South like the King of the North with a crown riding his white horse.

Esteban means crown, and Santiago means St. James, or Jacob.  Jesus Christ will return with the crown of Israel.  Santiago wanted to dissociate himself from Christ when he yelled, "I am not a Jew."  Santiago was Satan's symbol of the man of lawlessness in 2017.

Santiago's birth chart contains at the center of a Sling the Almighty God Planet in Gemini, for a Marriage Feast.  However, Santiago rejected the Marriage Feast of Jesus Christ and became Satan's symbol of lawlessness in opposition to marriage.


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Released January 6, 2017 - Revised Jan. 8, 2017

Author:  Larry Wood