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Bowl Judgments

Bowl Judgments
Nov. 24, 2016 Hurricane Otto and Earthquake
Nov. 25, 2016 Death of Fidel Castro
Nov. 27, 2016 Fires in Tennessee
Nov. 28, 2016 Ohio State U. Attack and Flight 2933 Crash
Nov. 30, 2016 Tornadoes Devastate Rosalie, AL and Florida Biker Killed
Dec. 2, 2016 Oakland Fire
Dec. 7, 2016 Day of Infamy
Dec. 10, 2016 Nigeria Church Collapse
Dec. 22, 2016 Aleppo Falls
Dec. 26, 2016  Mall Brawls
Dec. 28, 2016 Celebrity Deaths

Bowl Judgments

November 30 (Day 335, Rest from Enemies):  Bowl judgments like those in the Tribulation are now occurring.  This isn't the Tribulation, but the angels are pouring out Bowl judgments just as in the Tribulation (Rev 15:7; 16:1-21).  The Bowl judgments began on November 24, 2016 with the hurricane in Nicaragua.  They will continue until December 10, 2016.

Nov. 24, 2016 Hurricane Otto and Earthquake

Hurricane Otto Chart
Hurricane Otto
Earthquake Chart

A Bowl of judgment was poured out in Nicaragua in the landfall of Hurricane Otto.  Another Bowl was poured out with the Earthquake that struck off El Salvador an hour later.  The Bowl judgments of the hurricane and earthquake correspond to the seventh Bowl judgment of the air and land (Rev 16:17-21).

Nov. 25, 2016 Death of Fidel Castro

Castro Death ChartThe death of Fidel Castro was a Bowl judgment.  He was an evil antichrist.  All of the planets were on the Temporal side of the Chart, and a Family Configuration was setting in Scorpius, corresponding to the Four Generation Curse upon the nation.  Castro had diverticulitis, an intestinal ailment in which pouches form in the large intestine and become infected.  This corresponds to the malignant abscesses from the bowl poured out by the first angel on those with the mark of the beast (Rev 16:2).  Castro was an antichrist, like the beast.  This is also like the angelic curse of Herod Agrippa I (ref. Acts 12:21-22).

Nov. 27, 2016 Fires in Tennessee

Forest fires in Tennessee have been out of control for days.  This is like the fourth Bowl judgment of fire (Rev 16:8-9).  This is Fire Testing, which symbolizes the Holocaust.

Nov. 28, 2016 Ohio State U. Attack and Flight 2933 Crash

OSU Attack Chart
Ohio State Attack
Flight 2933 Crash Chart
Flight 2933 Crash

In the morning a Bowl judgment was poured out in the terror attack on the Ohio State University campus.  In the evening a Bowl judgment was poured out in the crash of Flight 2933 in Columbia.  The plane was carrying a champion soccer team when the plane ran out of fuel.  The two Charts symbolize two halves of the Right Man Right Woman system.  One was in North America, and the other in South America.  The two Bowls turned on end symbolized the break up of the first Marriage in the Garden due to sin.

Fires in Tennessee destroyed over 700 homes and businesses with nearly half of them in Gatlinburg.  This was Bowl judgment by fire angels.

Nov. 30, 2016 Tornadoes Devastate Rosalie, AL and Florida Biker Killed

Tornado AL Chart
Henagar, AL Tornado
David Kervin Death Chart
David Kervin Death

SPC Storms 11-29-16A Bowl judgment poured out tornadoes across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.  The town of Rosalie, Alabama was devastated.  Three people were killed in Henagar, and the Macklin Baptist Church in Pisgah was destroyed.  Pisgah is the name of the mountain range from which Balaam tried to curse Israel.  The tornado struck just after midnight in the darkness, corresponding to the plague of darkness poured out by the fifth angel (Rev. 16:10).  The tornadoes were produced by a giant weather elephant, which symbolized Baal.

Elephant, 11-30-16, UWAt 3:15 AM EST (0815 GMT) a man on a motorized bike in Florida hit a box turtle and was killed when he fell on his head. This was another Bowl judgment that was carefully orchestrated by the angels.  David Kervin, 51, was killed in a residential neighborhood in Indian Harbor Beach.  He was a server at the Eau Gallie Yacht Club for 17 years.  The Bowl in the Chart at the time was perfectly aligned in the bottom hemisphere of the Chart.  It was the darkness in the middle of the night, corresponding to the plague of darkness poured out by the fifth angel (Rev. 16:10).  A turtle is the symbol of Baal.  The turtle shell is shaped like a bowl and corresponds to the skull (ref. Eccl 12:6).  The turtle was a stumbling block (Matt 18:6; ref. 1 Pet 2:8).  The number, 51, stands for arrogance.

David Kervin Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of David Kervin contains a Castle or a ship's hold or a pit, since the time of birth is not known.  A Castle corresponds to his loyal following as a waiter.  A ship's hold corresponds to his job at the yacht club, and a pit corresponds to his sudden death by falling on his head in a way that symbolized going down to the pit, or grave.  The Sun was in Sagittarius, corresponding to a biker.  He liked to ride bikes and motor cycles.  The Moon was in Virgo, for a waiter.  He worked as a waiter.

He had two planets in Scorpius, corresponding to his conflict with Satan.  He died near the new Moon in Scorpius from a turtle, corresponding to Baal.  The planets in Scorpius also correspond to the demons of the sixth Bowl judgment that gather the nations to Armageddon (Rev 16:12-16).

He had three planets in Leo, corresponding to his failure in his relationship with the nation under the Four Generation Curse.

The Redeemer Planet was in Libra, for the fines he paid for his various traffic violations.

Dec. 2, 2016 Oakland Fire

Fire engulfed a music party in an Oakland warehouse near midnight.  Nine bodies were initially found, but 25 were reported missing.  The final death toll rose to 36 on Dec. 5.  The fire started on the ground floor at 11:24 PM PST (0724 GMT) on Dec. 2, 2016 and quickly went up.  It caught many by surprise before they could escape.

The building housed an artists collective.  It was named the "Ghost Ship" and decorated with a skull and three eyes in an occult theme.3  The front windows had three groups of six panes, corresponding to 666.

Oakland Fire ChartThe Chart at the time of the fire had the Sun near the Bottom of Heaven and the God of the Covenants in Scorpius.  This is a morbid sign of death associated with Satan like the skull, occult symbols, and the name Ghost Ship on the front of the warehouse.

  1. Sun Satan, as an angel of light (like the Pied Piper)
  2. Bottom of Heaven violent death at the hands of Satan
  3. God of the Covenants final judgment.
The Redeemer in Aquarius was on the Descendant, for being redeemed from Sheol.  This corresponded to digging out bodies from the ashes and rubble.

Dec. 7, 2016 Day of Infamy

Earthquake USGSDec. 7, 2016, Day 342:  A 6.5 Magnitude earthquake struck near Sigli, Indonesia at 5:03/32 AM local time (2203/32 UTC, 12-6-16).  The death toll soon reached 97.

About 4:22 PM local time (1122 GMT) Flight PK-661 crashed near Havelion, Pakistan.  All 48 onboard were killed.  There were 42 passengers, 5 crew, and one ground engineer onboard.   The plane was an ATR-42 turboprop, where 42 is for Baal.  Junaid Jamshed, the former pop singer who became an Islamic preacher, was killed.  He was traveling with his wife, brother, and other members of his religious preaching group of false teachers.

An U.S. Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornet crashed east of Japan after the pilot ejected at 6:40 PM local time (0940 GMT).  The SNAFU (Situation Normal All Fouled Up) was the ultimate curse on the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  The pilot was not immediately found.

Earthquake Chart
Earthquake Indonesia
Flight 661 Chart
Flight 661 Crash Pakistan
FA-18 Crash Chart
FA-18 Crash Japan


The Charts for the earthquake and the plane crash in Pakistan were mirror images of each other.  The earthquake was judgment of the land, and the plane crash was judgment in the air.  The first Bowl in the East and the next on in the West symbolize the beginning and the end.

The Chart for the crash of the FA-18 off Japan was an even stronger statement of the end with the Bowl perpendicular to the horizontal axis.  The Plow in the center of the Bowl pointed to the Last Adam on the Descendant in Sagittarius, corresponding to the end of the enemy attack.  An anniversary celebrates something that has previously ended.  Sagittarius corresponds to Pakistan.  So the crash of the FA-18 was related to the crash of Flight PK-661 in Pakistan.  Both were near the same Latitude.

The Bowl judgments of the plane crashes and earthquake correspond to the seventh Bowl judgment of the air and land (Rev 16:17-21).  The repeating of the number 42 was a reminder of the curse of Baal.  It was Day 342.  Flight 661 was an ATR-42 turboprop with 42 passengers.  The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Day 342 Japan time.

Dec. 10, 2016 Nigeria Church Collapse

During a ceremony to promote the church founder Akan Weeks to Bishop, the Reigners Bible Church International in Uyo, Nigeria collapsed.  The blue corrugated steel roof of the new church that had just been completed crashed down on the congregation.  Weeks, who teaches that God will make the congregation rich, and the local governor escaped without injury.  The death toll was estimated at 160.

Nigeria Church Collapse ChartThe Chart at the estimated time of the collapse was a Bowl of cursing on the Spiritual side of the Chart.  Three pairs of planets symbolized a flood, for the flood of bodies.  The Mediator Planet was in conjunction with the Moon in Aries, for a pastor and Jezebel (Rev 2:20).  The Sun was in conjunction with the God of the Covenants in Scorpius, for Satan as an angel of light and final judgment.  This indicates that Satan was running the church as a false teacher.  The love of money is a root of all evil (1 Tim 6:9-10).

There were two planets in Capricornus.

  1. Red Planet suffering in the flesh
  2. Morning Star the Lord, destroyer of His enemies.
Regardless of the human reason for the roof collapse, the angels orchestrated the sudden cataclysmic judgment, corresponding to the Bowl of cursing.  Satan is behind those who pervert the Gospel into a means of prosperity (1 Tim 6:3, 4, 5).

Dec. 22, 2016 Aleppo Falls

Aleppo Fall ChartWhen the Bowl judgment returned as the Moon reached Virgo, the city of Aleppo fell to Syria.  The last rebels and refugees were bused out of eastern Aleppo, allowing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to regain full control over the city.  Aleppo, the country's largest city and symbol of rebel power, was reduced to rubble in the six-year civil war.  The evil trinity of Russian air power, Syrian military and political power, and Iranian militia combined to destroy the rebel opposition in Aleppo.

The Chart of the fall of Aleppo contained another Bowl judgment poured out by the angels.  The Plow inside a Bowl can symbolize sex, rape, or the fall of a city, like Babylon (Rev 14:8; 18:2, 8, 21).  The Bowl with a Plow pointed to the Last Adam in Sagittarius can symbolize the rape of an invading army (Isa 13:16; Lam 5:11; Zech 14:2).

The Chart contained three pairs of planets, for the floods of refugees fleeing Aleppo.  There was a Family Configuration in Sagittarius, for military destruction of the Four Generation Curse.  Aleppo fell on December 22, 2016, Day 357, where 22 is for cursing.

Dec. 26, 2016  Mall Brawls

Brawls broke out in about 15 shopping malls across the country on the day after Christmas.  Groups of frustrated teenagers converged on local malls after fights were advertised on social media.  Once the fights began in one city, fights popped up in other cities.  The spontaneous combustion of chaos caught government leaders by surprise and without an explanation.

Mall Brawl ChartThe bawls occurred the night of December 26, 2016, Day 361, where 26 is for Political Babylon, and 361 is for income tax associated with the materialism of Christmas symbolized by the malls.  Another Bowl judgment had been poured out by the angels.  The Moon was in Scorpius, for Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon.  The brawls were inspired by Satan, who lured mobs of frustrated teenagers with a promise of a fight.  The snake on the weather image over Memphis, Tennessee was the sign of Satan.  The brawls began in Memphis about 6:30 PM CST (0030 GMT).

Snake, 12-26-16, UWThe Plow inside the Bowl pointed to the Last Adam in Sagittarius, for rape of an army.  The army of teenagers were sexual predators under the control of demons.  They had just celebrated Christmas with their families and acted like nice little girls and boys, but inside they were ravenous wolves (Ezek 22:27).  They had listened to the holiday message from false teachers, who were themselves wolves in sheep's clothing (Matt 7:15).  Malls do more business than Churches at Christmas.  The Bowl was on the Temporal side of the Chart, for a temporal problem, such as a lawless attack upon the establishment.  Mobs are incited by Satan, the god of chaos.

Dec. 28, 2016 Celebrity Deaths

On December 23, 2016 Carrie Fisher, 60, went into cardiac arrest 15 minutes from Los Angeles on a flight from London.  She was revived and died December 27 at 8:55 AM PST.  She was a former drug addict.  The Moon was in conjunction with the God of the Covenants in Scorpius, for the final judgment of Jezebel.  She was an unbeliever who espoused the Jewish religion.  The autopsy found no conclusive reason for death.

On December 28 Fisher's mother, Debbie Reynolds, 84, was planning her daughter's funeral when she was struck with a stroke and taken to the hospital.  She became sentimental and said, "I want to be with Carrie."  Debbie Reynolds was an apostate from the Church of the Nazarene, but she was saved.  However, when she chose family over the love of Christ, she was struck dead under the Four Generation Curse (ref. Matt 10:34-35).

George Michael, 53, died in his sleep on the morning of December 25, 2016 at his home in Goring-on-Thames, England.  He died of cardiac arrest.  Although he was a drug addict, the autopsy could find no conclusive cause of death. He loved liberal Christians but hated fundamentalists who disagreed with his homosexuality.

In all these deaths the Red Planet was in conjunction with the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius, for bloody water or false teachers.  These people were all vocal false teachers.  Their deaths from heart failure and strokes were the signs of being cut down by the sword of the Angel Michael with strokes to the head and heart.  A sword punctures the heart and slices the head.  The head and heart symbolize the left and right lobes of the soul, corresponding to the temporal (left) and spiritual (right).  Bloody water is a sign of death (Jn19:34).


Bowl judgments are being poured out by angels just as they will be during the Tribulation.  Behind all these curses are angels, who are causing them.  Michael and his army are executing judgments.  They are cutting down people with their swords drawn.


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Released November 30, 2016 - Revised Jan. 2, 2017

Author:  Larry Wood