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Election 2016 Horse Race Begins

Horse, 10-24-16 Horse, 10-24-16
Election 2016 Horse Race Begins

Election 2016 Horse Race Begins

October 24 (Day 298, Glory Departed):  Just before Sunrise this morning an angel drew the picture of a horse rising in the East over Florida.  The Moon was overhead just past Midheaven in Cancer.   The horse was symbolized by a horse's neck, like the island of Cuba, and the Moon was waning in the last quarter.  With the horse a male symbol and the Moon a female symbol, it was obvious that the angelic art in the sky was about the US Presidential election.  Although the Presidential election is November 8, early voting began today in Florida in 50 counties.

Now the angel already knows the winner of the Presidential election.  It was decided in Antecedent Grace.  So what is he trying to say?  Furthermore, pastors should stay out of politics per separation of Church and state.  However, in this case it appears that the angel has just called attention to the Presidential election and not predicted the winner.

The sign in Midheaven corresponds to glory, and the Ascendant sign corresponds to seizing the day or what the day will be like.  The actual sign on the Ascendant was Libra, the scales and symbol of the election.  The horse was rising a little higher up in Virgo.  This is all about the Presidential race, but not about a winner.


Dawn Horse ChartThe Chart at the time the horse appeared contains an interesting area from Sunrise to noon.  Libra is on the Ascendant, corresponding to the Presidential election.  The horse is in Virgo with the Almighty God Planet, for a woman ruler.  Thus, the horse contradicts this sign.  Vigo corresponds to Illinois and the woman.

Leo, the next sign up, corresponds to Washington, DC.  However, it is empty.  It has not yet been filled.

The Moon is in Cancer, for security over a congregation or group.  This could symbolize a group of voters.  Midheaven is in Cancer for notorious captives.  The Moon is waning in the last quarter, symbolizing judgment.  It is headed down toward the New Moon in Libra, but it will be in the first quarter and visible on November 8.

There are three pairs of planets in the Chart, for a flood.  There was heavy rain in the Pacific Northwest, corresponding to the region of Cancer.  Floods can also symbolize floods of people.


An Elect Angel saw fit to illustrate the beginning of the US Presidential election in Florida with the sign of a horse rising in the East to contrast with the Moon overhead.  The horse symbolized Donald Trump, and the Moon symbolized Hillary Clinton.  This appears to be the beginning of a serial in which the angel will post future updates.

Today was November 24, 2016, Day 298, where the numbers mean:  24 strategy; 2016 sanctification; 298 the glory has departed.


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Released October 24, 2016

Author:  Larry Wood