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Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew
What Happened?

Hurricane Matthew

October 10 (Day 284, Weakness of Church):  Hurricane Matthew became a hurricane on September 29, 2016 when it was north of Caracas, Venezuela.  The next day was a dark New Moon (called a Black Moon) in Virgo.  On September 29th a woman in Cocoa, Florida reported a large beehive hanging over her yard from a tree that belonged to the city.  The 6-foot long hive contained an estimated 100,000 bees.  The city sent a beekeeper, who assessed the problem and went back to retrieve his gear.  In the meantime, the bees suddenly swarmed and flew off toward the West.  When he returned, only a few stragglers were left.
Matthew Track, Navy
The exodus of the bees under command of their queen symbolized the evacuation of Merritt Island across the river from Cocoa due to Hurricane Matthew on October 5.   It also symbolized the evacuation of Brevard, Volusia, and Flagler counties in Florida and residents from the coasts of Georgia, North and South Carolina.  The mass evacuations were due to panic after Hurricane Matthew devastated parts of Haiti and eastern Cuba.

Hurricane Matthew 10-4-16, UWHurricane Matthew, 10-7-16Hurricane Matthew passed through the strait between Haiti and Cuba on October 4 as a strong hurricane.  It emerged in the Bahamas in a weakened state but regained strength.  The storm was headed up the coast of Florida, but the weather service did not know for sure how close, although they continued to issue dire predictions.  After the Governor of Florida had evacuated three counties and the President of the US had appealed to people to run for their lives, the weather service finally admitted their error at 11 PM EDT on October 6 as the storm passed Ft. Pierce.  The storm was only about a Category 1 (although they said Category 2), and it would stay off the coast of Florida.

Hurricane Matthew weakened as it passed up the coast of Florida and along the coasts of Georgia and the Carolinas.  It caused some damage, but it was not a major catastrophe.

What Happened?

Here is a very brief summary of what really happened.

1.  Matthew symbolized the Presidential race.  Matthew was a tax collector, and Donald Trump's tax return was leaked during the course of the storm.  The weather service wasn't very accurate in its predictions.  The bees with their queen symbolized Hillary Clinton.
2.  The storm was a referendum on the Doctrine of Grace and the Four Generation Curse that were recently posted and rejected out of hand.  If you are a Christian and you don't know these two doctrines, you are apostate.  The Doctrine of Grace even had a picture of Hurricane Matthew as an example.
3.  God poured out his Grace and delivered Florida and the eastern US from the wrath of the storm.
4.  Four Generation Curse:
    a.  Passage through the strait between Cuba and Haiti symbolized the breeding of horses.  One was Ahab (Cuba) and the other Jezebel (Haiti).
    b.  The storm that emerged symbolized the daughter of Jezebel like Athaliah, who is under the Judgment of Jezebel (ref. Rev 2:20-23).
    c.  The storm that continued off Georgia and the Carolinas symbolized the third and fourth generation descendants.
5.  Satan was behind the lies of the weather service, the government, and the media.  Satan rules the world.  He puts candidates on the ballot.  However, Satan lost to the Grace of God.


Hurricane Matthew symbolized the 2016 Presidential race.  It was also a test of the Doctrines of Grace and the Four Generation Curse.  God promises Logistical Grace with food, clothing, and shelter.  Beginner believers should believe this.

What made the storm track?  Why did it go through the strait between Cuba and Haiti?  The weather service could not predict this until after the hurricane changed course and aimed directly in that direction.  The answer is that the angel who flew the storm did this to demonstrate the breeding of horses and the Four Generation Curse.

Hurricane Matthew Post Storm Report East Central Florida


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Released October 10, 2016 - Revised Oct. 24, 2016

Author:  Larry Wood