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Dallas Police Ambush

Dallas Police Ambush
Micah Johnson Birth Chart

Dallas Police Ambush

July 7 (Day 189, Authority Counterattack):  During a protest against police shootings, five police officers were killed in Dallas by a sniper and seven were injured along with two civilians.  The sniper, former army reservist, Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, was later killed by a police robot delivered bomb after a standoff in a parking garage.   One of the officers killed, Brent Thompson, 43, had just gotten married.

The Chart of the planets overhead at the time of the shooting at 8:58 PM CDT (0158 GMT) contained the image of a police cruiser with front doors and trunk lid open.  The trunk was opened to retrieve police guns.

The shooting was on July 7, 2016, Day 189, where the numbers mean 7 categorical suffering, 2016 sanctification, and 189 an authority counterattack.  The protest was an authority counterattack, as well as the shooting.

Dallas PD Dallas PD


Dallas Shooting ChartThe Chart at the time of the shooting in Dallas contained a Mystic Rectangle, a Coffin, and two Plows.  The Mystic Rectangle symbolized a police cruiser, and the aligned Coffin within it produced the image of a hearse or wagon carrying a coffin.  The arrangement of the Plows corresponded to the open front doors of a police cruiser, for rapid response of the police (like a bird lighting).

The Red Planet was near Midheaven for a notorious mass murder.

The Last Adam in Sagittarius was on the Ascendant, for an enemy attack.

The Sun was setting in Gemini on the Descendant, for a Bridegroom, corresponding to the death of officer Brent Thompson, who had just gotten married.  The Bottom of Heaven was in Aries, for the death of a husband or leader, again corresponding to officer Brent Thompson.  And the Moon was in Leo, for a politician, corresponding to the protesters and politicians who will all have an opinion about the problem.

Micah Johnson Birth Chart

Micah Johnson Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Micah Xavier Johnson contains a Teeter-Totter with opposing interlocking families.  Spanning the opposition are a Kite, Coffin, and a Trumpet.  The Teeter-Totter attempts to balance two groups of planets on opposite sides of the chart.  The opposition of families led to confusion about Good and evil and resulted in racism.  Families could include group affiliations other than a person's immediate family.

The Kite signifies capacity for life with flexibility and maneuverability.  During the shooting, Johnson moved to different levels of the parking garage to shoot so that police on the ground thought there was more than one sniper.  The Kite turned on the Sun in Gemini, for a glorious marriage as the single most important way a person sees himself.  Two planets in Sagittarius were in close conjunction in opposition.

  1. Mediator mediation to save people or mediation in an army.  Johnson was killed after mediation with police failed.
  2. Redeemer rescued from war.  Johnson served in Afghanistan and returned safely.
The Coffin is for burying the dead, and the Trumpet is for broadcasting or heralding to get the message out.

There was a Stellium of three planets plus a fourth in Cancer corresponding to a very strong influence in the chart.  Cancer signifies safety, security, and taking spoils.

  1. Morning Star reaper.
  2. Red Planet suffering from a safety breach.  Johnson breached the security perimeter of the Dallas police.
  3. Almighty God captives of the mighty.  He took what he wanted.  A restraining order was requested against him in the army.
  4. Savior builder.  Johnson was a mason and carpenter in the army.
The Moon was in Aquarius, for being a disciple of a group, which for Johnson was the Black power group.

The God  of the Covenants was in Capricornus, for an antichrist.  Johnson was under the power of Satan, the murderer.  Capricornus corresponds to Texas, Johnson's home state.  A third opposition was between the God of the Covenants and the Savior in Cancer, indicating the conflict between a Good occupation (e.g. a mason) and an evil antichrist.


The ambush of Dallas police was the work of Satan, who is a murderer (Jn 8:44).  Satan inspires the Black racist antichrists, the men of lawlessness, who oppose and disrespect the authority of the police.  However, the image of the police cruiser with doors and trunk open in the astrological chart, was the Sovereign design of God.

The shooting exposed the hatred and venom in the Black racists.  Their bitterness is due to their failure under the Four Generation Curse.  The lies of the protesters and the lies of the murderers are from Satan.  The police were out to protect protesters who hated them and the establishment.  The police, like the leaders of government, got their wires crossed and didn't know who their enemies were.  It is stupid to protect people who hate the country and hate the police.

Sanctification of the country cannot be accomplished by the temporal establishment.  The government cannot stop sin or Satan.  The only solution to these problems is the Divine solution of Christianity.


1. "First Seconds: Protest Erupts into Gunfire," Screen capture, NBC 5 News,, July 7, 2016.

Released July 8, 2016

Author:  Larry Wood