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Satan's Attacks in Florida and Istanbul

Satan's Attacks in Florida and Istanbul
Orlando Hyatt Floor Collapse
Istanbul Attack Chart

Satan's Attacks in Florida and Istanbul

June 28 (Day 180, Pillar):  Around 3:15 AM EDT (0715 GMT) the fifth floor of a hotel under construction in Orlando collapsed and injured five workers.

Two 15-year old girls were running around in Oak Hill, Florida under the power of Satan spray painting pentagrams, Satanic slurs, and graffiti on buildings, churches, and cars.

A hearing in Florida court over news organizations demand for the 911 tapes from the City of Orlando was interrupted by an attempted hostile takeover by the US Department of Justice, which demanded the venue be changed to federal court.

Around 10 PM local time terrorists attacked the airport in Istanbul, Turkey.  They shot their way in and blew themselves up, killing at least 42 and injuring over 200.

It was June 28, 2016, Day 180, where 28 is for a cosmic stronghold, 2016 is for sanctification, and 180 is for a pillar.  In all of the events of the day Satan was there and actively pushing his agenda.

Orlando Hyatt Floor Collapse

The fifth floor suddenly collapsed into the fourth floor of the Hyatt World Hotel under construction on International Drive in Orlando.  Five workers were injured when they fell to the floor below around 3:15 AM EDT (0715 GMT).  Orlando firefighters had to rescue the workers with a bucket truck.  Three of the injured were taken to the hospital.  Two with broken bones had to be carried out.

The floor collapsed due to an overloaded beam that broke as concrete was being poured during construction of the hotel at 5374 International Drive in Orlando.  The collapse of the fifth floor into the fourth is a sign of the Four Generation Curse on a house, corresponding to the government administration.  Under the Four Generation Curse the Lord will tolerate sins of the fathers for three or four generations and will then destroy the nation or government administration in the fifth generation (Ex 20:5).

Hyatt Collapse ChartThis message was also conveyed by the Star Chart.  The Chart contained an undermined Castle with a Plow, a Carafe, and  a Trumpet.  The Castle symbolized the government administration, and the Plow through it symbolized the Four Generation Curse upon it.  The Plow pointed to the Moon in Pisces, for the Church.  The local church was unable to defend the government from Satan's evil.

A Trumpet is a signal of judgment or a herald that corresponds to the news organizations that are suing the City of Orlando for the 911 tapes so they can broadcast terrorist propaganda.  The US Justice Department is trying to hijack the case to spin it their way.

Istanbul Attack Chart

Istanbul Attack ChartThe Chart at the time of the Istanbul Airport terrorist attack is the same as the Hyatt World Hotel floor collapse except that the Carafe changed into a Horn pointed at the Moon in Pisces.  The Moon symbolizes the Church or a congregation of believers, and a Horn is a power symbol.  The power of Satan was brought to bear against the Church.  The flag of Turkey is a crescent Moon and a star (pentagram) on a red background, for blood and suffering.

The Red Planet was in conjunction with Midheaven in Libra, for a notorious mass murder or bloody judgment.  Libra corresponds to Russia.

The Ascendant was Capricornus, for Gentile lawlessness.  The Descendant was Cancer, for Turkey.  Cancer is associated with security and safety.  Thus the beam that failed in Orlando was a symbol of the security breach in Turkey.


1.  The fifth floor collapse into the fourth floor at the Hyatt World Hotel in Orlando symbolizes the Four Generation Curse upon the government administration.  Five workers were injured corresponding to the five fingers of the hand where the thumb is a symbol of the curse that follows four generations of negative volition in government.  The floor collapse was also a sign of the US Justice Department taking over the Pulse Bar attack case in Orlando.  However, the ultimate meaning is that God will judge the government administration.

Satan is part of this because Hyatt World is a hotel for those who bring their children for indoctrination in Baal in Satan's world (cosmos).  The attractions in the area are named "world," e.g. Disney World, Sea World.  Hyatt means high gate, referring to the main gate of a city where trials were held.

The safety failure with the broken beam at the Hyatt World Hotel corresponded to the security breach in Turkey, which is in the location associated with Cancer.

2.  The two 15-year old girls in Oak Hill were running around under the power of Satan, corresponding to the Prostitute of Babylon.

3.  The Istanbul airport terrorist attack was mass murder by Satan, who is worshipped as Baal by Islam.  Satan carried out the attack.


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Released June 29, 2016

Author:  Larry Wood