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Great Britain Votes to Leave European Union

Great Britain Votes to Leave European Union
Supreme Court Stops Obama Amnesty

Great Britain Votes to Leave European Union

June 23 (Day 175, Soveereignty):  In an historic vote Great Britain voted to leave the European Union.  In a wave of patriotism Great Britain voted 51.9% to 48.1% to leave.  Prime Minister David Cameron who staked his political future on the EU, announced that he would step down.

The vote was a sign the people of Great Britain wanted establishment freedom.  They were fed up with the lies of their leaders.  They didn't believe exit from the EU would cause economic collapse, and they didn't want to be forced to accept waves of immigrants.

The vote was a defeat for Satan, who invented the European Union to counterattack the Divine Institution of Nationalism.  The EU is the Tower of Babel of Europe.  The UK exit will reduce the number of nations in the EU from 28, for a cosmic stronghold, to 27, for a horn.  In the Chart at the time the polls closed two Horn Configurations were in opposition to form a large double yoke.  The yoke symbolized slavery to Satan under internationalism.

Supreme Court Stops Obama Amnesty

A tie vote of 4-4 in the US Supreme Court let stand a lower court ruling against President Obama's executive orders to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.  Satan is also flooding the US with illegal immigrants.

Floods in West Virginia symbolized the flood of immigrants that are being kept in the US illegally and not deported.  In the Client Nation model West Virginia corresponds to the prison system.  A high percentage of immigrants are criminals.  Prosecution is hampered due to language barriers and lawless politicians.  Evangelism is also hindered.


Brexit ChartThe Chart at the time the polls closed in Great Britain at 10 PM BST (9:00 PM GMT) contained an overturned yoke, a Grand Cross, and a Catwalk.  The overturned yoke was composed of two Horns as a symbol of slavery from internationalism.  The Grand Cross symbolized the most intense suffering from the slavery to Satan.  And the Catwalk symbolized a transition across a chasm departing from the European Union.

The Last Adam was on the Ascendant in Sagittarius, for an enemy attack against Satan's EU.  The Descendant was Gemini, corresponding to France, the second most populous state in the EU.  The Sun in conjunction with the Morning Star had gone down in Gemini.

  1. Sun glorious marriage of UK with the EU.
  2. Morning Star became the evening star, for the herald of full assembly, associated with the EU and UK sorting things out as the UK takes its money and leaves.
The conjunction of the Sun and Morning Star with the Savior Planet nearby in Taurus was the sign of a family, corresponding to the EU as a family of nations.  The Savior Planet symbolized a prosperous son, corresponding to Great Britain.

The Red Planet was in conjunction with Midheaven in Libra, corresponding to historic suffering in Germany due to exit of the prosperous state of Great Britain from the EU.

The Moon was in Capricornus, for a Gentile congregation, corresponding to the UK voters who rejected the EU.

The God of the Covenants was in Scorpius, for final judgment, corresponding to the final decision of UK to exit the EU.

The Almighty God Planet was in Leo, for a Sovereign ruler.  The consequence of the UK vote was that the Prime Minister, in spite of backing from President Obama in Washington, DC, was doomed and would step down.


The UK vote to leave the EU was a rejection of Satan's internationalism and a choice for establishment freedom under nationalism.  This was a backlash of people fed up with Satan ruining their lives through the lies of politicians and the press.

The vote was on June 23, 2016, Day 175, where the numbers mean:  23 historical uptrend, 2016 sanctification, 175 sovereignty.  The UK was sanctified from the EU.


1. "Eight reasons Leave won the UK's referendum on the EU," BBC News, June 24, 2016.

Released June 24, 2016

Author:  Larry Wood