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Presidential Winged Conflict

Presidential Winged Conflict

Presidential Winged Conflict

June 15 (Day 167, Giving):  Yesterday a red-shouldered hawk caught in an afternoon thunderstorm sat on a cable and spread its wings to dry out.  It seemed amenable to having its picture taken; so I took some photos.  Later, it became obvious that the hawk bore a striking resemblance to Donald Trump.

Hawk ChartThe Star Chart at the time was an even bigger surprise.  It contained two wings in direct opposition, a Grand Cross, and a Plow.  Two Wings pointed at each other with a Grand Cross through the center is the ultimate sign of suffering from conflict.  Al Capone had this sign.  The Wings corresponded to the wings of the hawk.

One Wing pointed to the Moon in Virgo, for a woman's retinue.  Virgo corresponds to Illinois, the birthplace of Hillary Clinton.  The other Wing pointed to the Mediator Planet in Pisces, for a pastor.  It was Donald Trump's birthday, and he was 70, the number for a pastor.

So, the two wings corresponded to the bitter conflict yesterday in which President Obama and Hillary Clinton counterattacked Trump about what Trump had implied about the President's remarks about the terrorist attack in Orlando.  The Plow pointing to the Last Adam in Sagittarius corresponded to the terrorist attack.


Pastors should never get involved in politics, but this is beyond politics.  The planets overhead were synchronized with a hawk and a Presidential debate.  Animals can symbolize people.  It can get so bad that some people think they are animals.  Angels cause the behavior of both animals and people.

The arrangement of the planets are part of Creation.  They are the Sovereign Design of God.  God didn't create the conflict, but He did create human history which allowed the Presidential candidates to vent their wrath at each other.


1. Alex Seitz-Wald, "Clinton and Obama Hit Trump With One-Two Combo," NBC News, June 15, 2016.

Released June 15, 2016

Author:  Larry Wood