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Obama-nation of Gender Sanctification in 2016

May 15 (Day 136, Ai):  After the state of North Carolina passed a law that kept restrooms for males and females separate, the US Attorney General demanded that the law be abolished.  The state of North Carolina sued the federal government, and the Justice Department sued the state of North Carolina.  The US Attorney General held that the separate restroom policy was a violation of the Civil Rights of transgender students, who had a right to use the restroom of their choice.  There was also a threat of loss of federal funds for education amounting to billions of dollars if the North Carolina schools did not comply with the federal interpretation of the law under the Title IX Education Amendments of 1972 barring discrimination in education based on sex.

Then on Friday the 13th, President Obama decreed that transgender people should be allowed to use the restrooms and locker rooms of their choice.   This new federal policy, which has no credence in law, was from Satan.  This is the odious, stinker side of Satan.  The federal policy is supposed to be applied to kindergarten through college.  The policy is not only immoral, it is evil, and it is not even sane.  Transgender is a psychological identity disorder, such as dissociative identity disorder, like split personality and schizophrenia.

Approximately 88% of all transgender people are males.  Before puberty they are called transgender.  After puberty they may become homosexual or transsexual.  After puberty it is not just a matter of gender but of sexual preference.  Even if they don't become homosexual, they still face heavy abuse and have high suicide rates.  Homosexuals have a preoccupation with sex.  Putting homosexual males in restrooms with females is a prescription for rape and sexual abuse of course that is already happening outside the restroom.  But this is what Satan wants.  It is the barnyard, house of prostitution, and harem management scheme of Satan.  Just as the rooster, the bull, the head boar, do in the barnyard, so Satan does to manage his subjects.

Gender identity disorder is due to arrogance in the child.  It indicates a failure of the Divine Institution of Family under the Four Generation Curse.  When parents are reversionists, their children are one step worse than themselves.  Transgender children come from parents (or lack thereof) who do not enforce humility in the child.

The desecration of something sacred is called abomination.  The Presidential decree on transgender bathrooms is a homonym, Obama-nation.  While the issue may not deserve a Presidential Executive Order, it is a complicated legal and moral issue.  However, its sudden rise to national prominence in the last year can be attributed to Satan's attempt to desecrate the Divine Institution of the Family in 2016, the year of sanctification.


Satan was behind the sudden rise to national prominence of preferential treatment of transgender students and the President's Friday 13th decree.  The debate of the problem in the USA is quite complicated from the psychological, moral, and legal perspective.  However, Satan is stirring up the issue to create confusion and further his agenda, which is destruction of the Divine Institutions.

There is no known reason other than Satan as to why influential people in government and the media have espoused such blatant distortions of reality as the lies about gender identity disorder.  Satan is master of disguise, a counterfeit, and a liar.2  He attacks young children and their parents.  Satan is also the ruler of the world.  He runs the government.  Only those who obey the laws of Divine Establishment have freedom, and only Christians in the Divine Dynasphere have Spiritual freedom from the slavery of his Cosmic System.


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2.  Larry Wood.  Satan, the Super Creature, May 14, 2014.

Released May 15, 2016

Author:  Larry Wood