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Schizophrenic Dog Kills Mistress

Signifying Death of Jezebel

Schizophrenic Dog Kills Mistress
Sign of Death of Jezebel
Dog Attack Chart

Schizophrenic Dog Kills Mistress

March 31 (Day 91, Coup de Grace):  Sonda Dyan Tyson, 66, was mauled to death by her own pit bull at her home in Leesburg, Florida.  The attack occurred after her daughter-in-law left to pick up her daughter (Tyson's granddaughter) from school on March 31, 2016.  When the daughter-in-law returned, the 13-year old granddaughter ran to meet her grandmother on the back porch and began screaming.  The daughter-in-law called 911 at 4:53 PM to report that Tyson was slumped over a chair; her bones were exposed, and she didn't know if her dog had bitten her.

Leesburg police shot and killed the dog after is continued to show signs of aggression.   Tyson apparently died of blood loss.  The police reported that she had wounds before and after death.

The pit bull, named Brindle, was a pit bull mix that weighed about 100 pounds.  Tyson raised the dog since it was a puppy.  Tyson was no stranger to animal control.  Brindle had reportedly attacked a woman on a bike in 2008 and scratched a child in the face in 2012.  Small dogs had also been removed from Tyson's home.

The attack by the brindle (dark striped) pit bull, however, was Satan.  The pit bull was known to be a loving animal most of the time.  However, pit bulls are bred to kill.  They can love and hate like a schizophrenic.  The love-hate at the same time is not possible for a person, but it is the sign of Satan.

People may love their pets like children.  The woman in the Garden loved the serpent, which was indwelt by Satan.  Satan attacks pets and children all pets and all children.  Parents must learn to recognize Satan in the child or pet, and intercede.  For the child that means intercessory prayer.  For the pet that means resist the devil (Jas 4:7).  The pet owner must establish authority over the pet, not just be nice to it.  Even then, the pet can be possessed by the devil.

It was March 31, 2016, Day 91, where the numbers mean:  31 evil king, 2016 sanctification, and 91 coup de grace.  Leesburg is in Lake County, which is Florida County #12, for authority.

Sign of Death of Jezebel

The death of Sonda Tyson by her own dog is a sign of the death of Jezebel, who was eaten by dogs after she was thrown out of her castle (1 Ki 21:23; 2 Ki 9:10, 30-37).  Being eaten by dogs is the sign of an evil curse in death.  Dogs correspond to lawless Gentile unbelievers, and being devoured by dogs is a sign of being swallowed by Sheol, the grave.

Dog Attack Chart

Dog Attack ChartThe dog attack is assumed to have occurred around 4:30 PM EDT (2030 GMT).  The Chart contains a Skull and a Plow.  The Skull is a morbid symbol of death at the hands of Satan.  A Plow symbolizes intensified suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the God of the Covenants in Scorpius, for final judgment of liars and unbelievers.  There were also three pairs of planets in the Chart, corresponding to a flood.

The Red Planet and Bottom of Heaven were also in Scorpius.

  1. Red Planet Satan, bloody murderer
  2. Bottom of Heaven Death of Jezebel.
Midheaven was in Taurus, for royal fanfare.

Leo with the Almighty God Planet was on the Ascendant, for a ruler or king.  And Aquarius was on the Descendant, corresponding to Florida.  Aquarius contained:

  1. Redeemer redeemed from Sheol
  2. Morning Star a forerunner, corresponding to the granddaughter running to see her grandmother.
Pisces contained a pair of two planets and the Sun, corresponding to a family.  The family relationships of Sonda Tyson at her death included her daughter-in-law and granddaughter.  Pisces with two planets and the Sun was a strong influence in the Chart.  Pisces corresponds to Levi and Law Enforcement.  Law Enforcement and emergency responders swarmed over the house after the 911 call.

Birth Chart

Sonda Tyson Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Sonda Tyson contains a Sling and a Father and Sons Configuration.  A Sling is for slaying giants.  The focus of the Sling was the Almighty God Planet in Capricornus, for a Gentile empire.  Gentiles are lawless unbelievers.  The Father and Sons Configuration was in Taurus, for a King's royal majesty (like Christ at the Second Advent) and prosperous sons.

The Moon was in Gemini, for a family.  Also in Gemini was the Mediator Planet, for the mediator of marriage disputes.

The Last Adam was in Cancer, for scourging.  Being mauled by a dog corresponds to scourging.

The Red Planet was in Aries, for the devil as the father of murderers.  The devil executed Tyson.

The God of the Covenants was in Leo, for government powers.

The Redeemer Planet was in Virgo, for a redeemer son.


The death of Sonda Tyson by her own pit bull was the work of Satan.  Her bloody death by her own dog symbolized the death of Jezebel, who was eaten by dogs in her death.  The death of Jezebel was the result of a curse by Elijah (ref. Curse of Jezebel).  Being eaten by dogs in death is a very evil curse, corresponding to being taken down into Sheol to be with unbelievers in Hades.

Tyson loved dogs, but her dogs attacked other people.  She thus symbolized a woman who couldn't control her own dogs.  That's because her dogs were under the power of demons in the Cosmic System.  People who can't raise dogs can't raise children either because both must be protected from Satan.

Those who have a subjective attachment to animals may be enamored with Satan as was the woman in the Garden.  The country is full of people and government leaders who don't know that their subjective attitude toward animals is actually the love of the devil.  Cruelty to animals, for example, is immoral, but it is not criminal.  Animals don't have rights guaranteed by the Constitution.  They are property.  The mistress owns her dog like a slave owner his slave.  However, slaves have some human rights under God.

The death of Tyson by the pit bull will probably ignite the debate about banning pit bulls, who are bred to kill.  However, this is as wrong as banning guns.  Satan is the killer, not the dogs and guns.  Those people who do not know how to protect their family and pets from Satan are a menace to human freedom.

Every neighborhood has evil neighbors who have evil dogs, and every school has children who are full of the devil.  Those who leave their children and pets under the power of Satan do not love them.  They don't protect their children and pets because they are immature and full of the devil themselves.

The death of Sonda Tyson, 66, occurred in Leesburg, Florida on March 31, 2016, where 66 is for worldliness, or failure to be sanctified per the meaning of the year 2016, for sanctification.  Sanctification means keeping children and dogs out of the Cosmic System.  The number 31 is for an Evil King.  Jezebel, as the Prostitute of Babylon, was ruling like an Evil King after her husband died.  Her death and the death of the rest of her household was like the death of the Evil King (1 Ki 21:23, 24).

Leesburg is in Lake County, which is Florida County #12, for authority.  Authority must be enforced over children and pets.  Children and pets who are raised outside authority are in the Cosmic System where they are subject to Satan and his demons.  Only Christians can defeat Satan and his demons.


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Released April 2, 2016

Author:  Larry Wood