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Deadly Tornadoes Continue Up East Coast

Deadly Tornadoes Continue Up East Coast

Deadly Tornadoes Answer US Cuban Policy

February 25 (Day 56, Dropping):  Deadly tornadoes continued for a second day as a powerful storm system stretched from Florida to Massachusetts.  As strong winds pounded North Carolina and Virginia, three people were killed, including a 2-year old, when a trailer was ripped apart in Waverly Virginia.  The storm moved through Washington, DC with heavy rain and local flooding but no tornadoes.

Three tornadoes in South Florida carried a message from the region of Aquarius.  The tornadoes were in:

  1. Hillsborough County Florida County #3, for the Justice of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Charlotte County Florida County #53, for a large fish or ship, corresponding to a Coast Guard vessel that overturned while rescuing fisherman from a 76-foot fishing boat that ran aground off New York.
  3. DeSoto County Florida County #24, for strategy, corresponding to the Feb. 24, 2016 tornado.
All of the Florida tornadoes were at Latitude 27 N., where 27 stands for a horn or tornado, and Longitude 82 W., for a break point in history.

The image of a weather angel appeared over the northeastern US.  The strong winds were produced by the angel hovering overhead.  It appeared to be coming down on the head of someone, corresponding to a judgment of an authority figure of the nation.

As the storm system moved off the East coast, it appeared as an elephant with a long proboscis and narrow eyes.  An elephant symbolizes Baal, the enemy of Marriage and children, corresponding to the child that died in the Waverly tornado.  The narrow eyes symbolize narrow vision, and the long proboscis symbolizes being nosey.  US foreign policy is characterized by narrow vision.


The deadly tornadoes continued for a second day with three people killed in Virginia and many homes destroyed.  North Carolina and Virginia received the brunt of the strong winds.  The storm system passed through Washington, DC to indicate the reason for the wrath of God due to evil US foreign policy with Cuba and the Guantanomo Bay detention center.

It was February 24, 2016, Day 55, where the numbers mean:  24 strategy, corresponding to US foreign policy strategy; 2016 sanctification, corresponding to lack of sanctification of the uncircumcised male as the symbol of a tornado; and 55 Grace blessing in suffering.

The image of an angel hovered over the northeastern US to symbolize the angel who brought the Judgment on the USA.  Two days of killer tornadoes and destruction followed President Obama's speech on his plan for shutting down the Guantanomo Bay detention center.


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Released February 25, 2016

Author:  Larry Wood